Love is in the Air! [Event]

When people in other countries speak at length about "Tea Country" it is often a safe assumption that they are speaking in particular about Kurosawa City as it is indisputably the beating heart of the country's bustling industry and strong trade economy. Built at the very southern tip of the country into a natural bay area, Kurosawa City, this city is densely populated surrounded by an idyllic countryside on three sides and the bay along the western aspect. In the distant horizon a mountain-range can be seen. Most of the area beyond Kurosawa's walls is farmland with sparsely populated small towns and winding dirt roads which contrasts with Kurosawa's narrow, cobblestone streets and neatly lined up rows of houses. The city is quite modern, money appears to be a source of power here. The streets are flanked with vendors, even in the residential areas, selling their wares but once night comes these streets are empty.

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Love is in the Air! [Event]

Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:40 am

Love is in the air literally. The air smells of sweet vanilla and pomegranate. The people of Kurosawa, even some of our mousy peers look lovelier than they have ever looked before. You never noticed how big, expressive and bright her eyes were. You never noticed how hard and defined his biceps were. Not before today that is. As you draw closer you notice all of the things that you had missed before. Their smile that might have once repulsed you. Their lack of height that might have been a humorous anecdote at their expense but now it was one of their most attractive features. What is going on with your head! You're so enthralled that you do not even notice the public service announce blare over the speakers: ATTENTION LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... THERE HAS BEEN A TERRIBLE ACCIDENT. AN EXPERIMENTAL PHEROMONE HAS BEEN RELEASED ACCIDENTALLY. PLEASE VACATE THE STREETS AND SEEK A BASIC ANTIDOTE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Many of the people heard the speaker's words. Well, most of them anyways. Did you? Was there enough sense left in your mind to remind you that you had been poisoned? That you need to get out of the streets immediately and seek an antivenom to combat this disorienting poison. Yes, you know. You just need to get indoors before it is too late. Before you get distracted or someone gets distracted by you.

Yes, this is a Valentines Day mini event. An aerosolized form of the poison 'beloved' has afflicted the city. Get your gas masks on and stop that feeling of love. Save your friends from making the worst mistake of their lives. Or... finally get that chance with the cutie that would never give you the time of day. It is your call!

  • If you are using the poison in your thread, tag it as [Beloved] so the other players know that this poison is intended to be in play.
  • Use common sense here -- do not pressure someone into making a thread with you while beloved is in use. No means no out of character.
  • We still have site rating rules. Know when to use FTB (Fade to Black).
  • Have fun with this.

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