It's Time to Move On [Leaving Country]

When people in other countries speak at length about "Tea Country" it is often a safe assumption that they are speaking in particular about Kurosawa City as it is indisputably the beating heart of the country's bustling industry and strong trade economy. Built at the very southern tip of the country into a natural bay area, Kurosawa City, this city is densely populated surrounded by an idyllic countryside on three sides and the bay along the western aspect. In the distant horizon a mountain-range can be seen. Most of the area beyond Kurosawa's walls is farmland with sparsely populated small towns and winding dirt roads which contrasts with Kurosawa's narrow, cobblestone streets and neatly lined up rows of houses. The city is quite modern, money appears to be a source of power here. The streets are flanked with vendors, even in the residential areas, selling their wares but once night comes these streets are empty.

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It's Time to Move On [Leaving Country]

Sat Feb 02, 2019 6:16 am

After the long duration of this tournament and the many experiences and memories that we had made and experienced, it was time for Lady Hinoka and I to depart from this country and move along with our plan. As stated some time in the past, she would head home to Wind Country with the Byakko Guards and report to the Byakko Clan and the village the results of the tournament. I, on the other hand, would be heading to Earth Country as I had some things that I needed to do before heading back home that were pre-approved prior to the tournament; the main one was simply paying my respects to my parents as it had been years since I last visited them and it was long overdue. While going alone was likely not the best thing to do especially with the news likely spreading of me winning the tournament like wildfire, I needed the alone time for myself to relax and reflect on things. Besides, Lady Hinoka and my guards would be perfectly fine going back to Wind Country without me and they could take all the souvenir and other purchases with no problems.

It had been fun and enjoyable vacation in this country, but it was time to close the book on this chapter and write a new one.

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