Starting Characters

Joining the site and want to make a character? This is the place to do so! Please indicate which village you are wanting to join in your topic title!
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Starting Characters

Wed Mar 13, 2013 6:56 pm

All starting characters receive, once accepted into a village, the following:
  • A Student Banner - Students request them in this topic!
  • 500 Yen as seed money from their Village Council.
  • Starting Stats (posted by Council after the student has posted their accepted profile in their new village's profile subforum):
    • Stamina: 5
    • Agility: 5
    • Taijutsu: 5
    • Ninjutsu: 5
    • Genjutsu: 5
    • Chakra Control: 0%
A character is also given the custom class - Rookie Class upon joining the site.
Rookie Class wrote: Rookie Class
HP: (38+lvl) x Stamina
CP: (38+lvl) x Chakra Control
Class Feature: None
High: None
Average: All
Low: None

As of 4/26/16: New players can opt out of starting as students and may start as Genins. This is up to the Council's (Sand, Cloud or Stone) discretion of course. As a newly created character (and also Genin) the new player would not receive any additional stat bonus' or starting yen. So basically they start off with a higher level banner and skip the student process entirely.

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