Village Councils

Joining the site and want to make a character? This is the place to do so! Please indicate which village you are wanting to join in your topic title!
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Village Councils

Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:48 pm

Welcome to Ninpocho Chronciles and thank you for choosing to become a member of our community! We understand that finalizing a character is often a bit of work and sometimes will result in minor corrections asked by the village council you, the user, are wishing to join; however to aid you in joining our community even quicker the links below will allow you to become familiar with the current members of each village council.

Cloud Council

Leaf Council

Sand Council

Administration Team

If you wish to ask any questions within a character thread feel free to do so or through the use of a private message! Once more, thank you for choosing Ninpocho Chronicles and we hope you stay with us for the days to come!

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