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Making a new character after yours has retired or passed away? Bringing back an old character? This is the place to do so!
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OCR Forums -READ ME-

Sun Apr 26, 2015 10:53 pm

If you look above in the OCR forum, there are multiple forums for each village/faction.

USE THOSE! Your stuff will be noticed and worked on much faster if you post it in the PROPER area instead of just throwing it at OCR and waiting.
Sun Apr 26, 2015 10:53 pm
Players should not be posting in other players' OCR topics, and especially not in other villages' OCRs, unless the player is approving or denying the inclusion of their own PC or NPC in that player's character history. Repeated violations will lead to temporarily losing all posting privileges in OCR.
Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:12 pm
Unless stated otherwise, all players returning from the old site will receive the following:

2100 ASP and 75,000 yen.

You can use those 2100 ASP as you see fit. Distributing them to your stats, jutsu masteries or retaining them as ASP.

This replaces the old site profile refund.
If you are a returning player, and you were previously in Mist;
The following are your options upon returning:
You can choose a free Rebirth into other Village of your choosing.
  • Become Missing/Mercenary.
    • Functioning like a Rebirth, but like the old OCR's when the site reopened. Meaning listing up all the necessary things mentioned in the OCR formula found HERE with your current character, and then getting all your Training, Dojo and Profile transferred to the Missing/Mercenary area.
  • Transfer your Character to Stone, Sand or Cloud
    • Functioning like a Rebirth, but like the old OCR's when the site reopened. Meaning listing up all the necessary things mentioned in the OCR formula found HERE with your current character, and then getting all your Training, Dojo and Profile transferred to the chosen village.
    • For Further Clarification: All build mechanics are transferable to the new character, free of need to reapply for them.
Edit: Both NPCs and PC characters are allowed these choices individually
Q) Are we allowed to use Leaf and Mist in our Character Histories?

A) Yes!
  • Mist requires permission from a member of the Admin team.

Q) But what happened to the villages In Character?

Future History – The End of a Village
56 SE wrote:
Kirigakure is known for its tropical climates and tourist attractions. It’s sunny days and pure waters. At least, it was. Kirigakure recently began to change. People began leaving, and the population itself decreased. People were seen indoors more, as temperatures started to get colder and colder. Soon, there was snow in Kirigakure. People took this as a sign of bad fortune to come and started to leave the village, in search of warmer climates and in hope of saving themselves for a danger to come. Those that chose to stay, in hopes that waiting it out would mean it would eventually pass, weren’t so lucky. There was a shortage of food as rivers, ponds, lakes, and even the ocean started to freeze over. The ground was not fit for crops. Animals, used to living in warm climates, either migrated away or died off.

Kirgakure was on a plummet to starvation and hypothermia. Many developed illnesses from their weakened immune systems and died off. Some died in their sleep as the cold chilled them to the bone. Silence overtook Kiri. The temperatures were too cold for even Kumo nin to survive in. Temperatures were around -273 degrees Celsius. No human, animal, or vegetation could survive in this kind of climate. The entire village was covered in thick layers of ice, and on top of that was snow. Had you not known there was a village there, you would never have guessed one was there to begin with. Even those with the affinity for fire jutsu, with jutsu that could warm them to the very core, or Haku that were used to such icy, snow ridden conditions died in these conditions and could not walk amongst it. The ice and snow itself seem to be made of some new chakra source that did not conform to normal types of jutsu. And even if it were possible to remove the ice and snow, and maintain a constant thermal heat, the plants would not grow, and the animals had all left. Kirigakure seemed to be no more.

Many tried to reawaken the volcano in hopes that perhaps the heat from the core would melt this polar tragedy, but none could tolerate the cold or get through the thick layers of ice enough to even remotely do anything about it. As for the members that migrated early, many took refuge in Iwagakure, as it most maintained a similar climate, though not exact, to Kirigakure and the shinobi there willing to welcome them to their civilization and share in the culture. Some of the Kiri nin went elsewhere, or nowhere at all, but for those that were lucky enough to survive, they would live another day, and perhaps with more purpose than ever. Many just hope that one day, the temperature of Kirigakure would return to its once tropical state. But for now, Kirigakure was no more than a frozen wasteland. A lost village hidden in ice and snow.
Ice and Snow have begun to overtake Kirigakure. Animals are quickly leaving the area and plant life is dying. There is no sound. Running waters have frozen, people remain indoors, no life seems to fill Kiri anymore. The time has come. Many of the village have chosen to leave, but some have chosen their path to stay. The village was put on lockdown in this period of panic. Temperatures this low had not been seen ever in the history of Kiri. Citizens gather at the gates, waiting to leave and seek refuge elsewhere. Many others simply shrug at the display and believe that, while unfortunate and strange, the climate would get better. A choice has presented itself to the members of Kiri, and now is the moment that each decides their fate.
Mon Jan 20, 2014 10:51 pm

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