Rules of Engagement

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Rules of Engagement

Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:11 pm

Rules of Engagement wrote:
  • Once a battle mod has been called within a thread:
  • All those inside the thread are immediately treated as involved in the battle and all must send their details to the battle mod. Any training or build changes whose requests were made BEFORE the battle mod call was made are allowed to be included.
  • All jutsus/items need to be shelved by a user to be used in a battle. If a player has an jutsu/item but it is not on a their shelf and the player attempts to use the jutsu/item in a modded battle, the mod will deny their use of the jutsu/item in battle.
  • Players involved in the thread who do not wish to take part in the battle Must decide who is their enemy and ally before the first round.
  • Anyone not inside the thread cannot join the thread before the first round has been modded.
  • The player that created the topic has the ability to name the conditions of battle (As in Terrain and Visibility), if there is an issue/dispute over this then the bmod will need to read the thread and make a decision, both for Terrain and Visibility.

    Denying a Battle Mod:
  • A battle mod may be denied provided there is a legitimate cause for concern, such as an IC or OOC investment in the outcome of the fight which can lead to conflict of interests. Legitimate reasons would include the aforementioned conflict of interest or evidence showing a bias in the past from them. Non-legitimate reasons would be a personal dislike of the mod or unfounded accusations of bias against them.
  • If you wish to deny the mod who has taken your fight, you may first post in the thread doing so, then pm a member of the administration team with your reasoning.
  • If the reason is found to not be a legitimate reasoning by admin, then your denial will be vetoed.

    After a round has been modded:
  • Players have 48 hours to post and send actions to the battle mod or be treated in defensive stance, the ap cost will be deducted at the start of the round. Any maintains active will continue to be maintained.
  • If an issue with the round has been noticed then a Player may report their concerns to their battle mod.
  • The wait period for actions is halted once an issue has been spotted and will resume once the issue has been resolved.
  • The B-Mod may wait up to 5 days for a player to post/send actions so long as the player has made NO OTHER POSTS ON THE SITE. This is a grace period for those with busy lives but also to keep fights from being intentionally dragged out.
    Note: If ALL combatants agree, the wait rule may be waived for a single round.

    If a round has been reported:
  • The Player reporting must still post in the mod within the restricted time given to posting 'after a round has been modded', they should include a [Reported] tag in their post
  • A report post does not need to be a roleplay, simply must notify all involved that a report has been made.
  • once the report has been dealt with, any changes to the mod made, then the battle mod is to post in the battle with a new reply informing the players of any changes. Players have 48 hours to send their actions from this post.
  • If at the end of battle a Player believes that there are issues in the mod they can report them. The mod should be reviewed and only if there is an error which would have changed the outcome of the battle should it be corrected. (Eg. The mod had bleeding damage occur immediately and the player was only KO'd by a value less than that amount, then another round would be modded with this being corrected.)
  • Once a ruling has been made on an issue, the B-Mod has the right to ignore any complaints about the same issue and continue modding. Players will continue to be held to all wait periods and rules.

    Entering a battle:
  • Takes 3 full rounds. If a player has been called 3 seconds into Round 1, they are involved in battle 3 seconds into Round 4
  • Players must be in either the Outer Village zone or the Inner Village zone at the time that the first post of the battle thread took place and in the same Country.
  • Must either be called in specifically using the headset item, or must be one of the first to post after a signal flare has been used.

    Exiting a battle:
  • Takes 3 full rounds. If a player attempts to flee after Round 1, they are involved in battle until the end of Round 4
  • A player must not suffer more than 25% of their maximum HP during these 3 rounds.
  • A player may use any Non-Offensive techniques they have to help them escape. (Non-Offensive techniques are any techniques that are not initiating an attack at a target in an attempt to harm the target in some way.)
  • If the running player uses an offensive action they no longer count as running.
  • If a player is in Stealth (must be in stealth to all actively chasing the runner) only take 2 full rounds to leave a battle while running, but only if they maintain stealth for the allotted time.

    End of Combat:
  • Can be due to both players deciding to end the fight.
  • Can be due to one side of the combat KOing the other side. Once all enemies are KO'd the fight is considered done (unless there are people entering in 3 rounds or less)
  • If combat ends due to one side being KO'd then the 'winning' players each can choose one of the following:
    • Kill the opponents. Doing this takes a full round per kill and you are treated as still being in combat at the beginning of the next round should people be joining the combat. (The Action of killing through roleplay takes 1 full round to accomplish. If anyone attempts to stop at anypoint the 'kill' is nullified)
    • Stop an opponent being killed. Doing this can either stop the death of a chosen opponent, or can stop a chosen ally from killing. A player may swap from Leaving the battle, or Remaining to perform this action.
    • Leave the battle. Doing this allows you to instantly leave the combat zone, you cannot be stopped leaving the topic.
    • Remain. You choose to do neither of the above, remaining in the topic, but not killing your opponents. If you have agree'd OOC to instead inflict a lasting scar/wound on your opponent for them to remember you by then this is the option to take.
  • If a player chooses an option that has them remaining in battle while others are entering, they may receive bonuses equal to spending 2/4 their AP for resting. Rules listed here.
  • If you have been killed then follow the rules found in the OCR Forum to create your new character.
  • Note: Players with the Combat Medic ability may only revive 'dead' players if they are present in battle or have been previously called into battle and answered said call through Roleplay.
K.O, Death and Revival
  • K.O Status - Once a player's HP reaches 0, they are placed under this status and all active Jutsus being maintained and all Abilities are automatically disabled. A K.O'd may be targeted by attacks as normal as long as there are other active participants that can continue the fight, dealing damage to the K.O'd person and bringing them to negative HP.
  • Dead - Once a player reaches -100% max HP, they are considered dead and may no longer be interacted or attacked whatsoever.
  • Revival and Reviving - Any players may attempt to heal a K.O'd Player using Medical Jutsus, although healing only half of the usual amount. Upon reaching 20% of the K.O'd Player's max HP, only then the K.O Status is removed and the player may join the battle once more.
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Re: Rules of Engagement

Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:38 pm

Spectating A Fight wrote:Spectating
Spectating a fight is when people not directly involved in the fight are able to see the action and know what happened. There are some rules to spectating in order to maintain fair play for all parties.
  • Spectators must be viewing the fight in a different thread, and cannot interact in any way with those fighting.
    • This includes verbalization between the spectators and the fighters such as heckling or words of encouragement.
    • Spectators do not get a different copy of the mod or have any rolls done with them being considered. Why? It is extra mod work and players can use that information to share it with one or more of the combatants giving them an unfair advantage.
  • Spectators are only allowed to see/hear/feel what ALL participants of the fight agree they can. This must be agreed on before the spectators make a thread, and the agreement must be posted by all fighters.
  • If a fighter does not agree to one of the terms, harassing them for approval will result in all spectating to be voided.
  • Spectators are considered aware of the fight, and may enter combat if called in via a headset or signal flare. This does not bypass the limit of how many people said items can call in. Doing so still warrants waiting three rounds from their post in the fight thread entering it. Waiting as a spectator only does not bypass this limit.
    • This means that a flare or a headset item needs to be used (but this can be reflavored to yelling for help for example) and they need to spend the AP required to use the item(s).
  • Spectators are not considered part of the fight, and therefore cannot be targeted. They also cannot interfere in the fight in any way.
  • Once the fight is over, spectators may freely enter the main thread to continue RPing.

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