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Discord and Rating

Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:55 am

NC Discord is considered to be "safe for work."
  • Do not pick sexually charged names.
  • Do not pick pictures that are considered to be sexual for your avatar.
  • Do not post in chats material that is sexual in nature, especially pictures and links.
  • Do not post anything that is overly gory.
We are for the most part adults here so we should not have to even remind people of this and for the most part we all should know what is considered to be safe or appropriate for work, please respect this. We understand that crude humor is sometimes used and that topics can turn graphic in nature but if you take it too far you will make people feel uncomfortable or place them in an unfortunate situation and the staff will not support your behavior. Nobody will necessarily stop you before you step over the line and once you step over that line you will be held responsible for your behavior. Your avatar, the pictures you post, the name your account is under, etc. is expected to be respectable. If you feel that an avatar, picture or name might be questionable, don't use it. Don't message users with your borderline (or actually crude) picture, name choice or comments, if we do not want you to do these uncomfortable things in public we certainly do not want you to harass users in private over this.

Testing the boundaries on these expectations will result in your Discord privileges being removed.

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