Mystery Monk Hour [Lesson][Open]

Beware of hallway monitors, being late to class carries a stiff punishment and even could even cost you passing marks for the exams.

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Mystery Monk Hour [Lesson][Open]

Tue Apr 17, 2018 8:43 pm

It was a clear wake-up call for him to cut back on the theatrics: Not only had he went through the trouble of preparing a disguise beforehand, but this time for the all-time lowest of turnouts he had actually bothered himself with fabricating a backstory and memorizing the mannerisms for whatever his dedicated role of the day was. True to his character he just carried on as per usual, simply staring down the students for a good half minute, the piece of chalk used to write down his ‘name’ (如拙/Josetsu) on the blackboard behind him crushed in his tightly clenched fist.

”Youngsters these days either are in a big hurry for them not to show up to their classes or they simply have gotten too full of themselves. I should not have bothered volunteering my time.” Despite his harsh words, the tone accompanying them would be rather mocking, a point only hit home by a full toothed grin just as menacing as it would be challenging the students present to beg to differ. “Past that, you’ve both come here today in order to learn more advanced ninjutsu from one of Konoha’s greatest? Techniques so taxing that they could drain your current chakra reserves to the point of instant death?” He was just barely done giving another rant thickly laced with mock disgust or his arm came sweeping down hard on the desk. An intensely strong gust rushed through the classroom, blowing aside all the student desks in such a fashion that there would now be moving space aplenty. As the dust settled, it would appear that there was little to no collateral damage. “While the inexperienced are struck in awe by what might seem flashy, know that the master can beat the novice with inferior means.”
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