Kazame Saizo

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Kazame Saizo
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Kazame Saizo

Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:22 pm

Name: Kazame Saizo
Age: 9
Physical Description: Saizo is a young, dark-skinned ninja with short, spiky, white hair and gold eyes accentuated with eyelashes curving upwards from the corners. He wears a mesh shirt under his sleeveless dark blue hoodie and black baggy pants that stop and hug the middle of his shin. He also dons a white cat tail, attached to his waist. // 134 cm/31 kg
Mental Description: Saizo has a very calm and playful demeanor. He does not like to try hard and if he is given the chance he would rather goof off then train. // Outgoing, Charismatic, Self Confident, Enthusiastic, Passionate, Direct, Reckless, Self Absorbed, Bored Easily, Impatient
History: As an only child, he took a fondness to his parent's careers as animals trainers. Seeing as how he had a natural talent with that ability, he has ever since been training and taming animals. Saizo joined the academy because his parents pressed him.
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Re: Kazame Saizo

Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:38 pm

This one would need work on the History. Your character history has to be a minimum of 100 words. Please expand on the history and let us know when the correct edits have been made. Thank you.

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