Rebirth from Inactivity: Ie [Cloud] ---> Mako [Mercenary]

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Rebirth from Inactivity: Ie [Cloud] ---> Mako [Mercenary]

Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:01 am

OCR Form wrote:Old Character Name: Ie
Old Village/Missing: Cloud
OCR Type: Inactivity Rebirth. Never declared officially inactive but it's been more than 3 months by now.
Last Known Where-abouts: The Nimbus Delectatio
Old IC Rank: Chuunin

New Character Name: Sachi A. Mako
Preferred Username: Mako
New Village/Missing: Mercenary

Death/Retirement Thread: n/a; Inactivity Rebirth
Old Profile: Here!
Old Training: Hyah!
Old Dojo: Hear ye!
ASP: 371

Special Usergroups: List all of your special usergroups you wish to keep. This is generally used for OOC teams such as Development, B-Mod, Plot, Contract, etc. All other usergroups not listed will be removed.

Old Stats:
Stamina: 600 / 600
Agility: 600 / 600
Taijutsu: 600 / 600
Ninjutsu: 600 / 600
Genjutsu: 600 / 600
Chakra Control: 600 / 600
Power Level: 3600

Old OOC Rank: S
Stat Cut: n/a

New Stats:
Stamina: 600 / 600
Agility: 600 / 600
Taijutsu: 600 / 600
Ninjutsu: 600 / 600
Genjutsu: 600 / 600
Chakra Control: 600 / 600
Power Level: 3600

New OOC Rank: S

Jutsu Mastery Swaps:
Taijutsu: Unarmed / Bludgeoning / Thrown / Ranged / Piercing / Buffing
-The One-Two (E-rank:Mastered)
-Low Sweep (E-rank:Mastered)
-Janken (E-rank:Mastered)
-Uncalled For Shot (E-rank:Mastered)
-4-Hit Combo (D-rank:Mastered)
-Spinning Wind (D-rank:Mastered)
-Dynamic Entry (D-rank:Mastered)
-Dynamic Finish (D-rank:Mastered)
-Nut Buster (D-rank:Mastered)
-Dragon Assault (C-rank:Mastered)
-Tiger Hook (C-rank:Mastered)
-Step-In Flash (C-rank:Mastered)
-Shoryuken (C-rank:Mastered)
-Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (C-rank:Mastered)
-Roaring Combination (C-rank:Mastered)
-Grapple (C-rank:Mastered)
-Suplex (B-rank:Mastered)
-Primary Lotus (B-rank:Mastered)
-Shadow Step Strike (B-rank:Mastered)
-Seismic Toss (B-rank:Mastered)
-Submission (B-rank:Mastered)
-Spear Hand (B-rank:Mastered)
-16-Hit Combo (B-rank:Mastered)
-Eagle Drop (A-rank:Mastered)
-Falcon Punch (A-rank:Mastered)
-Dance of the Waxing Moon (A-rank:Mastered)
-Fist of Sin (A-rank:Mastered)
-Fist of Virtue (A-rank:Mastered)
-Bunt (E-rank)
-Broad Slap (E-rank)
-Pound (E-rank)
-Smash (E-rank)
-Volley (E-rank:Mastered)
-Full Toss (E-rank:Mastered)
-Trick Launch (E-rank:Mastered)
-Mad Toss (E-rank:Mastered)
-Scatter Shot (C-rank:Mastered)
-Counter Shot (C-rank:Mastered)
-Snipe (C-rank:Mastered)
-Flurry Shot (B-rank)
-Pierce Shot (B-rank)
-Homing Shot (B-rank)
-Stab (E-rank)
-Thrust (E-rank)
-Multi-Impale (E-rank)
-Piercing Rain (E-rank)
-Cross Pierce (D-rank)
-Impaling Counter (D-rank)
-Dynamic Poke (D-rank)
-Dynamic Pierce (D-rank)
-Defensive Thrust (D-rank)
-Outcry (C-rank:Mastered)
-Iron Point Prison (C-rank:Mastered)
-Clip Downpour (C-rank:Mastered)
-Pressure Pierce (C-rank:Mastered)
- Pressure Thruster (B-rank)
-Fake Out (B-rank)
-Fillet-O-Flesh (B-rank)
-Finisher (B-rank)
-Ultimate Counter Measure (A-rank)
-Giga Star Breaker (A-rank)
-Block (E-rank:Mastered)
-Grip (E-rank:Mastered)
-Fleeted (E-rank:Mastered)
-Basic Safeguard (D-rank:Mastered)
-Dynamic Art (C-rank:Mastered)
-Chakra Extension (C-rank:Mastered)
-Shadow Dance (C-rank:Mastered)
-Gather (C-rank:Mastered)
-Barrage (C-rank:Mastered)
-Expel (C-rank:Mastered)
-Feint (C-rank:Mastered)
-Unbound (B-rank:Mastered)
-Cover (B-rank:Mastered)
-Endure (B-rank:Mastered)
-Counterstrike (B-rank:Mastered)
-Devastating Aura (A-rank:Mastered)
-Awakening (A-rank:Mastered)

Ninjutsu: Non-Elemental / ANBU / Lightning
-Transformation (E-rank:Mastered)
-Body Switch (E-rank:Mastered)
-Cancel (D-rank:Mastered)
- Contract Summoning (D-rank)
-Combination Transformation (D-rank)
-Elemental Clone (C-rank:Mastered)
-Stunt Double (C-rank)
-Barrier (C-rank)
-Critical Exposure (D-rank)
-Chakra Sense (C-rank)
-Active Camo (C-rank)
-Flock of Shadows (A-rank:Mastered)
- Storm Bolt (E-rank)
-Thundefist (E-rank)
-Thunderclap (D-rank:Mastered)
-Electroshock (D-rank)
-Electrocution (D-rank:Mastered)
-Zeus Flash (C-rank:Mastered)
-Lightning Torrent (C-rank:Mastered)
-Thunderstruck (C-rank:Mastered)
-Volt Charge (C-rank:Mastered)
-Gigavolt Cannon (B-rank:Mastered)
-Chidori (B-rank:Mastered)
-Lightning Beast (B-rank:Mastered)
-Amp Field (B-rank:Mastered)
-Raijin's Vengeance (A-rank:Mastered)
-Chidori Control (A-rank)
-Kirin (A-rank)
-Thunderdome (A-rank)

Genjutsu: Visual
-Basic Clone (D-rank)
-Blur (D-rank)
-After-Image (C-rank)
Taijutsu: Thrown / Slashing
-Projectile Sealing (D-rank:Mastered) ---> Dynamic Bash (D-rank:Mastered)
-Sudden Shot (D-rank:Mastered) ---> Dynamic Charge (D-rank:Mastered)
-Shadow Projectile (D-rank:Mastered) ---> 7-Hit Combo (D-rank:Mastered)
-Blood Grinding (D-rank:Mastered) ---> Double Slam (D-rank:Mastered)
-Instant Fall (D-rank:Mastered) ---> Concrete Blast (D-rank:Mastered)
-Silver Crows (C-rank) ---> Render Blitz (C-rank)
-Buzzsaw (C-rank) ---> Blast Rush (C-rank)
-Full Impact (C-rank) ---> Skull Buster (C-rank)
-Spread Counter (C-rank) ---> Set-Up (C-rank)
-Sly Silver (C-rank) ---> Blackjack Attack (C-rank)
-Sinister Steel (C-rank) ---> Carpe Noctem (C-rank)
-Silver Stream (C-rank) ---> Carpe Diem (C-rank)
-Slash (E-rank) ---> Lethargy (E-rank)
-Arcing Slash (E-rank) ---> Tourniquet (E-rank)
-Dynamic Slash (E-rank) ---> Intimidation (E-rank)
-Overhead Strike (E-rank) ---> False Surroundings (E-rank)
-Full Circle (D-rank) ---> Amnesia (D-rank)
-Cross Rip (D-rank) ---> False Success (D-rank)
-Crimson Flash (D-rank) ---> Leaking Mind (D-rank)
-Gasher (D-rank) ---> Sear of the Mind (D-rank)
-Heavy Tow (D-rank) ---> Influenza (D-rank)

Ninjutsu: Water / Storm
-Pressurized Mist (E-rank) ---> Infernal Ember (E-rank)
-Water Gun (E-rank) ---> Thermal Maw (E-rank)
-Water Whip (D-rank) --->Fireball (D-rank)
-Aqua Fang (D-rank) ---> Immolation Armor (D-rank)
-Rinse Off (D-rank) ---> Combustive Seal (D-rank)
-Grand Waterfall (C-rank) ---> Dragon Fire (C-rank)
-Impaling Hydro Jet (C-rank) ---> Searing Eruption (C-rank)
-Water Prison (C-rank) ---> Scalding Ash Cloud (C-rank)
-Rain Dance (C-rank) ---> Heat Wave (C-rank)
-Torrential Vortex (B-rank:Mastered) ---> Infernal Hellfire (B-rank:Mastered)
-Hydro Tidal Shockwave (B-rank:Mastered) ---> Firestorm (B-rank:Mastered)
-Water Shark Bomb (B-rank:Mastered) ---> Spontaneous Combustion (B-rank:Mastered)
-Mystical Pond (B-rank:Mastered) ---> Ring of Fire (B-rank:Mastered)
-Grand Hydra Excavation (A-rank) --->Dragon Flame Bomb (A-rank)
-Water Dragon Bullet (A-rank) ---> Sol Fire Tempest (A-rank)
-Squall (C-rank: Mastered) ---> Scorched Land (C-rank:Mastered)
-Shielding Tempest (C-rank:Mastered) ---> Dehydration (C-rank:Mastered)
-Laser Prison (C-rank:Mastered) ---> Rushing Burst (C-rank:Mastered)
-Fissure Slash (C-rank:Mastered) ---> Unstable Release (C-rank:Mastered)
-Barrage of Storms (B-rank:Mastered) ---> Scorching Devastation (B-rank:Mastered)
-Voltaic Flash (B-rank:Mastered) ---> Arid Land (B-rank:Mastered)
-Storm Release: Black Panther (B-rank:Mastered) ---> Convection Spheres (B-rank:Mastered)
-Storm Mail (B-rank:Mastered) ---> Heatblast (B-rank:Mastered)
-Laser Chaos (A-rank:Mastered) ---> Vaporization (A-rank:Mastered)
-Infinity Rain (A-rank:Mastered) ---> Updraft (A-rank:Mastered)
-Storm Guider (A-rank:Mastered) ---> Searing Whirlwind (A-rank:Mastered)
-Gates of Babylon (A-rank) ---> Amplifier (A-rank:Mastered)

Other Refunds:
Vanguard (x2)
Steady (x2)
Free Flow
Trick Weapon
Dual Weapon (x2)

Light Armor

Discovery of Contract of Choice

Pouch (x2)
Name of any Contract you currently own:
- Lizard owned by Mako; here
Name of Kinjutsu you own:
- Chimera owned by Mako; approved in Mist waaaaay back when.

Still actively roleplaying in any other threads?

Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in! Retiring my current PC Ie and bringing the old genius out of retirement. I assume Mako's old profile is floating around somewhere. If this needs any work just PM me or ding me on Discord!
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Re: Rebirth from Inactivity: Ie [Cloud] ---> Mako [Mercenary]

Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:27 am

It's an unretire! I barely have to do anything! It's all approved already!

Usergroups changed. Username changed. Banner changed.

Your refund total comes to, as best as I can guess since I can't find the cost of a Pouch anymore, 900 yen. Added.

Old profile/etc moved to old Cloud stuff. Retrieving Missing stuff...done.

Welcome back!

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