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Manzo --> Hisakawa Saito

Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:27 pm

Old Character Name: Manzo
Old Village/Missing: Leaf
OCR Type: Turning Manzo into a NPC
Last Known Where-abouts: In the ANBU compound
Old IC Rank: ANBU Captain

New Character Name: Hisakawa Saito
Preferred Username: Saito
New Village/Missing: Sand
New BL/CA: Exalted
Custom Class:
Class NameHoly Exorcist
HP: (55+lvl) x stamina
CP: (45+lvl) x chakra control
Class Bonus:Kinjutsu, +Dodge(ASP)
High: Ninjutsu Acc
Average: Genjutsu DC, Evasion, Genjutsu Save
Low: Taijutsu Acc, Ranged Acc

Main Branch/ANBU/Med-Nin: Main Branch
IC Rank: Genin

Character Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Character's Physical Description: Describe their general appearance. A picture (no larger than 300x300) is also acceptable alongside a written description.
Character's Mental Description: Describe your character's mental and emotional states.
Multiple Personality Application: If applicable. If your character has multiple personalities, please state the nature of each personality
Character History: Along with a brief history, you HAVE to state whether or not your character is associated with any other PC here, and that PC has to post to your OCR with his/her approval. Also be sure to notate your CA/BL:
Saito sat at the fire staring into the crackling flames. It was a yearly tradition for him and his father to come out to the desert and spend a few days away from the village. It was peaceful, a luxury that most Shinobi did not get so he relished every opportunity he could take. He had recently graduated from the academy and this was the first time he had a chance to spend some time with his father since being named a genin.

The sun was starting to dip below the horizon and he was starting to worry his father had not showed up yet. He had faith that his father could handle himself in the desert, and as such he did not leave the camp to look for him but it did leave him with his head swiveling around to see him.

It was fortunate that was the case because he saw several figures shambling towards him. With the fire at his back he drew his sword and called out to them.

“Hello there, can I help you?”

There was no answer they simply continued to shble towards him, though when he looked closer he saw that there were more than he originally suspected.

He waited patiently for the figures to get closer. This was not like some of the other villages that he could hide in the trees, here he only had the open desert and had to make his stand if they were hostile.

In no time the figures, and they were quite a few almost enough to be called a horde arrived at Saito. They were a mess, wounds all over their bodies, limbs hanging at unnatural angles. Their eyes held no intelligence but they did seem to have a hunger for Saito.

Without waiting Saito exploded into action, moving with the speed and precision that his father and the academy had drilled into him. His sword moved as an extension of himself, slicing body parts off the shambling horde, though they did not slow down nor stop coming.

Saito tried to remove their heads from their bodies, but while it did slow them down even more it did not stop them from coming.

Then the unthinkable happened, he managed to hit one of the horde at just the wrong angle and his sword broke. He tried to backpedal while still using his broken sword to try and cut an opening for himself. The broken sword was not doing him much good though. The balance and weight was so far off that it was starting to become more of a hindrance for him.

Just as he was about to throw his sword at the nearest shambling creature his foot hit something. Taking a quick glance down he saw that it was a sword, in fact it was his father's sword. Not taking the time to question why it was there he dropped his broken sword and picked up his father's sword. As his hands wrapped around the handle he could feel something shift. An acceptance coming from the sword. As he cut with it he realized that there was a white glow that had started to come from him, originating from the sword but enveloping all of him.

It seemed that the right weapon made the difference from these creatures, for as he swung the sword now the creatures did not get up and he was able to make short work of them.

Panting, out of breath he took deep gulps of air as the last of the creatures fell. He looked around to see his father walking towards him.

“Very good my son. You have passed your test”

Confused Saito looked to his father. “What are you talking about Father, what test? And how did your sword end up here?”

His father waved his hand indicating that they should sit by the fire. When Saito offered the sword back to his father he raised hand to stop him. “Our story goes back many generations, as does that sword. We have been given a holy mandate by the goddess of death herself. The problem is the dead do not want to stay in the underworld. They will do whatever they can to claw their way free. It does not help that the dark sages that some shinobi try and become dabble in the necromantic arts. It is our sacred duty to prevent the dead from walking free. Each generation is tested and chosen by the sword to pick up the mantel and fight, and each generation adds a bit of their chakra to the sword making it stronger.”

Saito could only look at sword, a sword that had been given to him as a birthright, and answered in the only way he could think of. “Father, Father i have always looked up to you. If this duty is being passed down to me then honor dictates that I accept with all my heart.” With those words Saito was bathed in a holy light.

His father could only smile at his son instinctually saying the correct words.
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Saito walked into the cave not knowing what to expect. He had been hunting this necromancer for three days, always staying just out of Saito’s reach but today it seemed that Saito was able to catch up to her.

This could only be a trap. Knowing that was a trap did not stop him though. He had to stop his prey. She had been raising the dead and causing havoc on nearby towns. The dead deserved their rest.

He cautiously walked through through the cave, his sword was out of it sheath and at a low guard. With his sword drawn Saito emitted an aura about him. Strangely enough the aura soothed him and made him stronger.

Just as he was about to put weight on his left foot with his next step, his instincts took over and he dove forward into a roll, just narrowly missing the spike that shot out of the floor.

It seems that this cave has been prepared. A trap like that could not have been set up so quickly Saito thought to himself.

Knowing there were traps about, Saito moved forward with even more caution than before. He trusted his armor it was specially built and embedded with his prayers to his god. But it was always better to not have to test your defenses before they were needed.

Slowly he made his way through the cave until he reached what appeared to be a large ampathere inside the cave. It was there that he spotted his quarry. She sat upon a stone slab that could be an altar but he wasn’t sure. From what he was told about her, he would not put it past her.

Stealthy he walked in, he wanted to catch her by surprise but either he was not as good as he thought or she was more perspective because she turned to look at him. ”It took you long enough.” She said to him. Staring deep into his soul with her strange eyes. It was the first chance had to see them, and he had never seen anything like them. They were covered in concentric circles. What was special about those eyes , he briefly wondered to himself, Because nothing that strange existed in this world of shinobi without coming with some kind of power.

”Of course I have come, you think I can let you continue to raise the dead? The dead deserve their peace.” Saito responded. Then without waiting another moment he charged her.

Or he would have if his feet would move. Looking down he saw that there was a shadow connecting the two of them. ”always so predictable, you would think being hunted for as long as I have you hunters would come up with some better tricks, I know I have.” She said as she slowly started to walk toward Saito, pulling a short black rod out from inside her clothes. ”The dead do not deserve anything, they are dead. But it isn’t the dead that have been my puppets just those people assume are dead because they are under my control”

Saito watched unable to move as she slowly pierced his chest with the black rod. It slowly went through his skin then ribs and finally into his heart.


Consciousness slowly started to return to Saito but it was not a consciousness he recognized. It felt more like a dream. He watched as his body drew forth his sword and started to cut down unarmed people. His aura once a clean holy aura now seemed sickly and corrupted. As he felt the blood spray across his face he could only think This is wrong for a dream


The dreams keep coming. Each time he found himself doing things he would never do. He would find his limbs moving without his control. He would never raise his sword to harm an innocent. It was a holy relic and that would defame it like that. Why was he having these dreams they were so unlike him. Was his subconscious so dark, and why could he not wake up?


As the disturbing dreams kept coming, he watched his surroundings. He was a one man army laying waste to towns. Though the the towns that he razed did not require much of an army. They were defenseless towns. He saw himself looting the towns, he could tell he was looking for something in particular but he could not tell what it was.

During one of the raids he managed to see his reflection. The sight was disturbing, seeing his body covered in the blood of the innocent was a sight that would haunt him for the rest of his life even if this was a dream, but the strange part of the image was the eyes. His eyes were no longer the eyes that had started back at him all of his life but instead were the eyes of the woman he hunted. The strange concentric circles in the eyes.

The mystery of why he had such eyes in his dreams ate at him as long the dream lasted. Was his subconscious telling him that the darkness inside him was like that of what he hunted?

Just as his dream was ending he had a distinct memory of a metal spike slowly piercing his heart. The pain he had felt reverberated once again as he once again slipped into oblivion.


As the next dream started, Saito started to focus. There was to much that was strange with his dreams. As his body started to move, he concentrated, trying to feel how this was happening. He was becoming more and more convinced that this was not a normal dream. How could he be dreaming if he remembered dying by having a spike shoved through his heart.

As his sword was raised to cut down someone Saito finally found what he was looking for. A tendril of chakra linking to a point outside his body. Each pulse of the tendril seemed to cause his body to react in a specific way. Was it possible that he was still alive, just his consciousness shoved aside?

Treating that chakra tendril as a lifeline he sent his consciousness along it until he found what waited for him on the other end.

Eventually he found himself in a dark forest, the trees looked like they had been dead for years. He looked around trying to find why tendril of chakra had lead him here. His mind felt a bit sluggish but with each step he took he felt more and more like his old self.

Then he saw her, lounging on a throne made out of the dead wood.

What are you doing here. How did you get here? she asked him, her voice a bit shrill.

”Where is here?” While he felt himself getting stronger, he did not have his sword and he still didn’t know what was going on.

”You are in our mind” her voice less shrill but said with a bit of an exasperated sigh.

”How can it be our mind?” Keep her talking

”Our minds are joined, though yours is slaved to mine. I control everything about yours. In fact it is time to send you back to your cage.” As she said this black tendrils snaked out and wrapped around him. They reminded him of the shadows that had ensnared when he had first met her.

As the black tendrils dragged him away he struggled like a man possessed. The more he struggled the tighter they got. Slowly darkness covered his sight until he remembered what she had said Our Mind If he shared a mind with her then should he also share powers with her?

Calling on his disciple and will that he had trained in he stopped to struggle

”Good you are finally accepting the inevitable” He stopped seeing the tendrils that enveloped him as black and saw them as white. Teh same color as his aura. He would not let someone else invade his mind without a fight.

The tendrils sloughed off him. The look of shock that crossed her face was a moment he had hoped for. He felt the pressure lesson on him as she was distracted. The trees in the forest stopped looking dead and began to show signs of life.

”How are you doing this?” Once again her voice was shril. The shock and indignation clear in her voice. As he slowly started to walk towards her.

Without saying a word he reached out with his mind and used the same trick to envelop her in white tendrils, chaining her to her throne. He then changed the throne into a simple chair protruding spikes in every direction, impaling her on them.

Her screams did nothing for him. He was not one for torture but he needed to find out what was going on.

As he was about to start to ask her questions, he realized that he had control of his body. It was standing in the middle of a town, pockets weighted down with things it had stolen. He quickly emptied his pockets and took off running away. He needed to get his body to a safe place.

With a surprise he realized he could feel another body. She was sitting in the cave that he originally found her, surrounded by items of wealth that his body had likely gotten from her.

Not wanting to split his concentration to much he instructed her body to go to sleep. He wasn’t sure how he knew how to do it but that was something he would have to find out latter.

”Now we need to have a conversation about what has happened here”

”The spike I placed in your heart links us together. It is a modified version of the sage of the six paths. Why am I telling you this?

”It seems that I have gained control making you my puppet instead of the other way around. Perhaps we can come to an understanding, fighting you every step of the way will become tiring. ” He would not make the same mistake as she did, he could not just let her sleep and think she was done.

Pondering how to deal with her he modified the chair to a cage. One that would randomly change the spikes, so she could not get used to them.

It seemed his life just got a bit more interesting.

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Path of Darkness
Takahashi Seras
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Re: Manzo --> Hisakawa Saito

Tue Aug 07, 2018 11:23 pm

Before we get started with this can I get a couple of pieces added to this application:

-Character physical description
-Character mental description
-Character history (covering your progression to Genin rank)

There is no word requirement for the length for any of these but we do need them included in the app! Just update and make a new post so we can be alerted on when you’re ready for us to fully review.
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Re: Manzo --> Hisakawa Saito

Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:15 pm

Sorry, I missed that.

Character's Physical Description: Saito stands approx 5’2” weighing 130lbs. He has a face that looks like it was chiseled out of stone, with a square jaw. He has short cropped black hair and his eyes were blue before they were transformed into the Rinnegan.
Character's Mental Description: Saito is a person that is driven by honor and following his family tradition of stopping those that would raise the dead for their own evil deads.
Multiple Personality Application: Each path has a different personality. They are not quite dead but controlled by using a special spike that is driven into their hearts. They are controlled and kept in line by sheer force of will. The first path, his path of darkness: Seras is a person that driven by greed and self interest. Without the forceable will of Saito she would never do anything to lift a finger to help someone else.
Character History: Saito was born to a small shinobi family. It was a family that never held a position of power nor did they strive to. It was almost as if they worked to stay as unnoticed as possible. It was never spoken about why no one had achieved the rank of Jounin but seemed to be understood that you were not supposed to. Saito struggled to make it through the academy not having a bloodline or any special abilities to compete with the other students. To make up for this he strove to push his swordsmanship to a level of perfection. He could perform ninjutsu and genjutsu but he loved his swordsmanship. His test to gennin was a test that sent his class into the desert and sent to retrieve a stolen item. The group was able to quickly able to find the thief and Saito was able to convince the group to not simply execute him but instead give him a chance to defend himself. It didn’t help the thief but Saito felt that at least it did not make the murderers.
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Re: Manzo --> Hisakawa Saito

Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:41 pm

Taken to council for review! Hold tight =]
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Re: Manzo --> Hisakawa Saito

Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:53 pm

Artist soon-to-be-formally-known-as-Manzo,

So far we are squared away on everything except for one piece; the mental description/split personality.

In the past Admin has denied using RS bodies in that fashion, where each one takes on its own specific personality, as it has been used in an abusive manner and it toes very close to an area of "do this effectively give a player more than one statted main character". Based on that we cannot approve that aspect of this character.
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Re: Manzo --> Hisakawa Saito

Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:12 pm

Can I have the personality in the back of my head? more of a voice in my head.

Either way not going to redo the char based on the answer so do if that is the ruling than that is the ruling
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Re: Manzo --> Hisakawa Saito

Fri Aug 10, 2018 7:11 pm

An acceptable use that we have approved/seen with a split personality paired with RS is something along these lines;

Ninja A as X Personality for their primary personality and Y Personality due to Split; sometimes Y takes over Ninja A, other times Ninja A is at their default personality of X

Ninja A gets Path 1, Path 1 and Ninja share the same personality so on occasion Y personality manifests in either Ninja or Path 1, but Path 1 and Ninja still have X as their primary personality.

So its not so much that split personality can't work with RS, its just that you cannot make that personality the sole personality of an individual path as you and your path share your singular mind.

EDIT - Realized I didn't necessarily answer your question; but yes the concept of having an ever present voice in the back of your head would be acceptable, and again, it could take over from time to time, but just can't approve it to be the sole personality of the a body unless it complete takes over the whole personality of the character; if that makes sense!
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Re: Manzo --> Hisakawa Saito

Sat Aug 11, 2018 2:30 pm

Sold -- the honor bound do gooder has the self serving narcissist stuck in his head. hopefully for Saito she doesn't come out too often.
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Re: Manzo --> Hisakawa Saito

Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:57 am

With that change agreed upon, I believe we are all set;

Swaps Approved
Jutsu Ranks Approved
CA Approved
Stats and Custom Class Approved
IC Rank of Genin Approved
Kinjutsu of RS Approved

With all of that and the power invested in me by the Council of Sand I now pronounce you a Sandie, you may proceed to the Admin Request area to get your name and banner changed!

If you are sharing this link, and for the Admin reading this, please remove his Leaf usergroup access (as I have no idea if I have that power lol)!
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