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Custom Contract Expectations

Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:27 pm


With the recent guideline changes that are being made to the contracts. We want to allow all of you to know what is expected when you are submitting a contract and the things that will get you denied. These are the first parts to a contract that we look at and what is expected when you are putting in a request for a contract. The following is what we are looking for in every custom contract that comes before the team.

Custom Contract Expectations:

Naming of Contracts:
- Contract Names can be Non-Japanese names
- Contract names cannot be cannon names from the Naruto Universe
- Contract names cannot have BL/CA affinity with them.

Normal Contract Creation:
- Contract must have the standard three abilities that is given to that specific contract.
- Contracts can be flavored into a different form if a history explains why this has happened upon the creation of that contract.
- Contracts cannot have any human form to them at all, this means that birds cannot have arms, slugs cannot have legs etc. (Hybrids will be accepted if they do not break the rule of becoming humanoid in the process)
- Custom Contracts upon creation need to be specified on the History (300 Words), Physical Description, and Mental Description of the contract (100 words easch). These things are set in stone upon creation and would require a re-vote from the Contract Team if they were to change.
- Contract size must represent the ability upon the creation of the contract, if it exceeds what would be considered large size then the contract would need to be represented with the gigantic ability.
- If a contract summon is related to an animal or aspect of the player's respective council, you will also need to obtain permission from them. i.e. Sandworm and Sand Council
- Contracts cannot be undead, spirits or anything that can only be done by the three contracts below.
- The contract must represent what it is originally supposed to be in some shape or form, to give a few examples of this you can find them below:
1) Slug contract could be represented as something like a Sand Worm, Slug, Wyrm that follow the similar traits to that contract.
2) Dog contract could be represented by such things as a Wolf, Canine anything that could represent that breed of animal if it has the features of the contract.
3) Feline Contract could be represented by such animals like a jaguar, cat, cougar, lynx anything that represents that breed of animal.

Youkai, Kami or Tsukumogami:
- Can represent a humanoid-like contract as there is no set example for these three contracts.
- Cannot change form during its time of creation. If you create something at a certain size, it must remain at that size.
- Contract size must represent the ability upon the creation of the contract, if it exceeds what would be considered large size, then the contract would need to be represented with the gigantic ability.
- Contracts of this type still must be put to a vote with history, physical and mental descriptions upon being completed.

Updated Custom Contract Request Form:

Name: Reminder: Can be Japanese/Non-Japanese name. Cannot be from Naruto-verse, offensive, or BL/CA-related.
Physical Appearance: What does your contract look like? Cannot be humanoid unless Youkai/Kami/Tsukumogami. 100 Word Count minimum.
Personality: What is your contract inherent traits and quirks? Must be 100 Word Count minimum.
History: What is your contract's past story? Must be 300 Word Count minimum.
Other info: State here whether your contract is taking the Gigantic or Hivemind ability.

These things must be in your application, if you fail to adhere to this, it will see your custom contract request denied by a member of the Contract Team, with the reasons and the edits that we would be looking to see completed. Remember that all the contracts have to still have the detail to them, any that are just an I want my contract 50 words to each will more than likely get denied. That said we look forward to seeing all your new concepts with us shortly. Expect more updated on the changes that are coming soon.


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