Turn towards the Sky [Lunar Event Topic]

A famous tourist spot and one of the many wonders of the modern world, Hokage Rock overlooks all of Konohagakure. The famed mountain is a monument to Hokage of the past and although it was damaged in the Fire Country civil war, the monument was one of the first structures rebuilt during the new era of peace. At the top of the mountain sits a large observation deck and park with vender kiosk and picture perfect spots for observing the surrounding country or having a nice picnic.

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Re: Turn towards the Sky [Lunar Event Topic]

Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:37 pm

Takeshi allowed himself to look at the sky for a few moments, he allowed time to slow almost to what would be considered a stop as he watched the other lights join his on the way upwards, without any issues, without any hesitation it seemed that they where a glowing beacon inside of Konaha, and he couldn’t say that he disapproved of the message, this time of the year was a special one to most people involved and he could see the benefits of allowing everyone to come and enjoy the time that they had with him. He was sure that the future was a bright one and, in the darkness, it seemed that light always stood out. As he turned to see where the voice was coming from.

“Thank you, it is the pleasure of the village to host this festival and to celebrate another year that has passed before all of us, of course like every year it has it ups and downs but it is another year gone and of course another year to look forward to, so with all this in mind its clear that great things will be coming. But enjoy the festival take your time and have fun”

With that it seemed that Takeshi turned on his heels in the blink of an eye and left the woman to her own devices. He had done what was required of him and it was back to work as always though the smell of the trees and the gentle breeze in the air. He smiled to himself before walking away from Hokage rock, leaving those that where up there to enjoy themselves, his hand coming up and waving a short and easy good bye to everyone. It was clear that he was still that busy man that he always had been.

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Re: Turn towards the Sky [Lunar Event Topic]

Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:17 pm

He too had left something behind in these days, something of which his heart would be able to ache over. "..." Turning back to who he once was, a voiceless male. Looking back up towards the sky he would leave a soft sigh. So many had let up a few lanterns already, and he was one to do the same. Seeing his father walking away from the scene.. and thinking he was amazing on the work of line.
Slowly he walked up to where the lanterns were, picking one out that had a good feeling by him. While he picked it up he thought for a moment. 'What would he be doing right now... Will he remain away from me..? Or what if I can get him back with doing this... Or should I go to the place where we first met...?' So many more thoughts were going through his mind as he slowly bit down on his tongue. 'Stay strong... love isn't over... right?' He would start to place the paper lantern together, tie a message onto it also as a message towards where ever he was. And let the lantern go.

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