Leaf Lunar Festival!

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Valentine's Event 2018

Leaf Lunar Festival!

Sun Dec 16, 2018 9:01 pm



It is that time of year to allow the festivities to start and for everyone to enjoy themselves as such the gates of Konoha have been opened for everyone to come and visit the nation to enjoy the fun topics and the events that we have waiting for you all. We have a selection of events for you to get involved in which you can find below. Please take the time to read the opening ceremony post, then jump on in and enjoy yourselves inside of the village. Here are the following events that we will be running:

Opening Ceremony


Event 1: Paper lanterns.
These are lanterns you can either design and build yourself or completely build bought. These are specially made to hold a candle in the middle and to either let it float or sit on the water to see it drift off. This is often done in thoughts of those who are deceased. Some cases people do it for the good luck but then they hold a small little ribbon on the lanterns. Because of the surrounding area, the festival persons have chosen for those who fly.

Event 2: Mask decorating.
The masks are baked where you are standing near, they are made either out of clay or out of stone. These masks are yours to decorate. Feel free to sit down at the stand where the special table is placed down with lots of stuff. Paint, glue or carve your way!

Event 3: Goldfish
This is a mini-game category. You can fish a wide arrange goldfishes. Mainly to find the normal Goldfish, the Lionhead, Veiltail, and Shubunkin. Yet one of them isn't quite what it seems. There is a golden goldfish among them and that one might even win you a price! If you are lucky to catch one!

Event 4: Marketeer
This is the event overall, what event doesn't have a food market, a game area. This here you can use as that! Here you can also gain a 'try your luck ticket' which you may get a price also at the end of this event!

Now with the event running during the period that we have the event running for, there have been a few rules put into place and I want to make sure that everyone is aware of these rules. For the time the following rules will be in place:

- No Death Rule inside of Leaf for the entire time of the Event
- No missing rule inside of Leaf for the entire time of the Event
- Removal of Travel rules for Fire Country

This means that travel to and from Fire Country will not be required during this time, so the villages can continue to do there work and you can join into the event topics with ease. Please be aware that your posting caps will still count if you have any questions please feel free to hit up one of the Leaf Council Members.

We look forward to seeing you join us for the event.


Leaf Council

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