A Deal with a Devil [Akkuma]

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Re: A Deal with a Devil [Akkuma]

Fri Jan 25, 2019 3:00 am

She was a master manipulator, not that the demon realized it but she had already gotten something out of him. Akkuma exposed his tongue and she saw it, a seal. There was something about fūinjutsu that made her uncomfortable. She would never forget what Nao did to her and in time, hopefully soon, he would pay for his sins. Her stomach churned and the bitter taste of bile could be sampled in the back of her mouth, but she swallowed the fire that crept up her throat. "Nope" her head declared, it was not a plead but a command. She was not going to allow any ink to touch any part of her body ever again. She believed that she would never volunteer to tether her will to an external force. Little did she know that Kazuki would demand just that in a few weeks time. A price to pay if she wanted his compliance, the only truly essential part of this farce. There was a difference: she would not live long enough for Kazuki's demand to become relevant to her. The same could not be said of Akkuma's request.

"I think we can both agree trust is for fools. My staff & the clansmen who are apart of my projects are all sealed with a Binding Fūinjutsu of my own creation. A compact if you will. Should the terms of the agreement be breached, the party who does so pays the price."

"What Price?" She almost instinctively asked but another word popped into her head. "Nope!" The word seemed to echo in her mind. Akkuma's expression was unsettling. That mischievous smirk. She could not control how she felt but she could control how she reacted. Be it pain, fear, anger, or something else entirely she could maintain a clinical facade. There was a safety in the measured reactions, it hid the truth of what could hurt her and what she feared. She might be compelled to speak only the truth, however honesty was a luxury she would never be able to afford.

"This works both ways...I'm not blind to my nature. This is a means of ensuring I don't break my compact. It usually quells most doubts in both parties minds, why worry about trust when a compact can be enforced. One just has to ensure they're specific..."

He continued to explain, but he really did not explain anything. How would the seal ensure compliance, fidelity, or in her case veracity? The demon failed to say. Nope. She had no assurance regarding that fact beyond his word that he would be tethered in any way, or exactly what the seal would do to her if she acquiesced. In both her extensive studies as well as personal experience, she knew full well what seals could do and how will alone was not enough to betray the nature a seal could manifest. He extended his hand when she stated specifically that service for knowledge would be acceptable terms. She was not going to touch him. Nope!

"Specifics must be stated while the seal is placed, after the terms are established & set it will complete the process."

She smiled, this one not like her usual awkward expressions where she forced a social platitude. There was something wrong with the expression all the same, there was no mirth or warmth in the expression. "There is no way in the nine hells, the dunes of Godsfall or the celestial spaces of Fuujin that you could convince me to accept a seal." There was a bit of a chuckle. Did she find this funny? No, not at all. "I have no reason to believe that seal will do what you claimed," she added. She could simply tell him the truth, that she could not lie but there was no way for him to know that for certain. This would mean that they were at an impasse. There was no way for either of them to know with any level of certainty that the other was worthy of trust.

The question was -- what does a girl do now?

Nothing new, the plan had not changed. She did not expect the man to accept what would have been a suicide mission. The demon might be a fool, but he was not a complete idiot. He did however go on.

"There may be a scratch or two but he'll be fine. I have trained medics on my staff, my own Summon also has quite the vast Medical skillset. You do understand who it is you're asking me to detain? I can only gather that their company will be of the same caliber...the request might require some force if they are...determined to depart."

He went on to mention that there might be some minor injuries but that her supposed paramour would be in the end intact. "I have every expectation of that," Michi admitted. "Which is why I wanted the incarceration to occur there," she admitted. Was he selling her or was she selling him? A lady always lets the man lead.

"Earlier you accepted the terms of information for my services. Specifics must be set for today's business the subject of Ancients...show me & tell me everything you know of them."

"Indeed," she replied.

"In order to ensure that my parameters of security will be enough I need a detailed list of all who will be attending."

"But I will not agree to a seal," she announced her limit. "However," she had more to say on the matter. "You will be compliant regardless," a cocky statement from a woman that was likely half the demon's size with no known fighting abilities beyond a sizeable knowledge of the varied means of war. "Because, you are going to figure something out... all by yourself," she knew he was not capable of thinking very hard, she could almost see the hollow space behind his eyes. "And you will have a sudden need to be in the right place at the right time, because for once you are going to play the hero." and this is when a smile emerged. A real smile came over her face, "and you are going to either stop me now or seek me out in a few weeks... requesting that I use your service for this celebration." This was something that she could not bottle feed the man, he was not an infant.

She put down her fork, the salad was half-consumed and attempted to stand up. "Dinner is paid for, enjoy your meal. I know it is already cold, but the scene will be a familiar one," she was leaving and his meal would be alone. Alone like so many other meals. "Your roots are too deep in this community for you to play the disreputable demon any longer," she had identified his weakness years ago on the day they met. The day he forced her to have a meal with him. The day she met his 'son.' The years between that meeting and next painted an image of him that he had all but proved to her. "You are an incredibly lonesome creature, you remain in Sunagakure by choice and... you'll probably be getting me killed soon. Just not today." He did not know she could not lie, so it might have sounded melodramatic but there was a terrible truth hidden in those words. "And when you are ready to make this deal, without a seal," she wont ever trust a seal. "We will have an exchange, a book waiting for you at your venue the night of the celebration with more than you ever needed to know about those topics of interest as well as a few tidbits I feel you might benefit from," how sweet a freebie. "Your job," one she knew he would not actually do but oddly enough that did not matter because it would happen regardless of his intentions. "Keep them occupied until 901 the next morning. I don't care if it is with sex, drugs and rock 'n roll or with chains. Simple."

She would lean over the table and do one more thing. Attempt to kiss Akkuma on the lips before she departed. Yes, she was leaving. Yes, she was attempting to achieve physical contact of what would appear to be of a mildly intimate nature in... a public venue. Yes, she was doing something to the demon, something terrible. Success or not, it did not matter, she would not assail the man for a kiss. A rejection would be almost as good as the real thing. "Have a good evening."
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