[site update] UPGRADES INCOMING!

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[site update] UPGRADES INCOMING!

Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:04 am


Hey everyone, been sometime.
I bring you great news! Some of you may be aware that I've wanted to upgrade and with said upgrade fix a number of issues that's lingered with us for a great many years, there's been countless issues and problems attached with using phpBB which we kind of had to swallow and accept, work around, or build on top of an already flimsy base.

So, we're finally upgrading, we're finally going through with a project I've worked on for literally years.
We're upgrading to a software named "xenForo" Now, what is xenForo? xenForo, much like phpBB is a bulletin board software, just like what NC is running off on right now. It's not free though, to much of our dismay, but it is functionally and visually better for users and moderators. It's built on modern tools, and uses modern ideals and design principles, which is a much better alternative to much of what phpBB has to offer, even though it is open source and free to use. One of the greatest benefits is that, due to the software not being free, the dedicated staff and support teams are dedicated, trained, and effective and providing better tools for the forums themselves.

It is thanks to our Patreon and those wonderful and amazingly dedicated individuals that I was even able to make this purchase, and commit to this software upgrades. So please give a huge applause to the lot of them, each and every one of them has my utmost respect.

And when does this upgrade hit NC? First weekend of October, 5th-6th of October.
We'll most likely start the process on the 5th, and then hopefully everything will be up and running on the 6th.
I'm super excited to finally be bringing this up to everyone here, it will bring NC some much needed respite in these trying times!
So get hyped! (and continue reading on..)

I'll first go through the benefits we gain once this goes through, and then the unfortunate side effects.

The positives
  • A SHOP!
    • Yes, finally, a shop is returning! A better functional one with all sorts of benefits and great categorization, (we've even talked about removing our entire library-like section of the battle rules section because all descriptions and details can be written right into the shop itself easy peasy.)
  • More security and log in options!
    • This might mostly be exciting for the more techy folks, but with our add-ons we'll be able to sync Discord accounts, google, and more with your account, enabling much better account safety and enables some you to take some great precautions in the name of safety.
  • Different designs and functionalities
    • New things tend to be fun, same-ness can make things stale and boring, we've already picked up some great styles which we can easily customize and build themes specifically for many different purposes while maintaining readability. On top of this, buttons will be located in different places, so it will take some getting used to, for everyone, admins and moderators included.
  • Posting and using BBcodes will be tremendously easier!
    • you'll be able to get live updates to how your posts will look with certain BBcodes and such, (built in tables! Woohoo!) So building your profile will be vastly easier and way more accessible to everyone to make it look good!
Now onto the less fortunate notes.
  • Avatars that currently is using URLs as their way of displaying avatars (i.e not uploading the picture itself) is going to reset!
    • Meaning if you're currently using a URL, be sure to save it! Or make sure you're able to get access to it before we do the transfer! There is no way for it to be saved after the transfer.
  • BBcodes will again be slightly different. (but only the more unique ones, we put in ourselves)
    • This Includes tables (feel free to queue the stone throwing from the countless hours people have spent learning and re-learning it over and over again, trust me, I'm right there with you..), anchors, center, float, fimg, fontface, spoiler, highlight, divbox and divboxgradient, etc. so be prepared to fix your profiles again once the transfer is complete. (I do apologize for this a lot, but this is the last time this happens, in many years hopefully) And as a side note, I am hoping that a lot of these can be re-added, and will work exactly as theu currently do, but the current table codes are definitely non-functioning from the getgo.
  • The shop won't be up and running from day 1.
    • It'll come in a few days, maybe a week or two, and then we can start transferring the funds from your current library of jutsus to the ones listed in the shop itself. It'll be a long process but hopefully everything can be handled smoothly once we're up and running in that department.
If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts on this matter, do please hit me up on Discord or here on on-site with a PM, I will happily answer any inquiry. And if people are up for it, I could even do a live stream before the great move for those wanting to ask questions or maybe play some games.

Remember, first weekend of October: 5th-6th of October!

Your's truly.
Keiji, aka David.
Site Owner and Administrator.

~Head Admin & Owner - PM if you need anything~

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