Finding his place [Requesting the Hokage]

These are the personal business rooms of the Kage and Sennin of Konohagakure. If you need to speak to any of them, the polite thing to do is to request a meeting with the receptionist and wait for them to have open time.

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Finding his place [Requesting the Hokage]

Thu Sep 12, 2019 3:05 am

Manzo walked the halls of the Hokage’s Mansion. As he did, he could not help but walking down memory lane. He used to spend quite a bit of time here but since he had left, it felt a little strange here again. Truth be told much of the village felt strange. He had spent too much time alone out in the wilderness that just being around so many people.

He needed to see the Hokage now and try and figure out what his place was going to be though. He could not see himself going back to his old position. There were several reasons but chief of them was he was sure that the position had been taken.

He glanced down at his new clothes. The ones that he had worn coming into the village were thrown away. There was no way that the smells and dirt would ever get out of those threadbare fabrics. But spending the money on new clothes had once again placed him in the destitute category. He might have to go hunting for dinner a few days but now that he was back amongst civilization he couldn’t bring himself to wear those clothes anymore.

Before he knew it he stood before the door. He had not been able to get much information on what had changed since he left, so he was a little unsure on what to expect. As he raised his fist and knocked on the door he realized he was about to find out.


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