Located in the rocky, temperate southern region of Wind Country, Babylos served as a fortified trading outpost that serviced miners in the far south that sought their fortune in the vast mountain ranges that bordered the country. Under a century ago, this land was cultivated by the formally thriving Oracle Order of the Country and turned from a wasteland into a utopia. The Oracles became self-sufficient and sealed themselves away within their own city and erected a large tower to purvey all around them. Because of their self-isolation, it was not noticed that their city was destroyed and The Oracles seemingly vanished nearly five decades ago, prior to the start of the Diamond Maelstrom. While the Tower of Babylos still stands, no one is sure how to breach its walls. As for the ruins of the city of Babylos, most who come to explore it are rarely heard from again. The Tower of Babylos is a Special Event Zone within this area (more info inside): please contact Sand Council if you wish to try and explore!
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