A breach of peace [Solo post]

Otani Ryuichi

Mar 25, 2018
Ryuichi walked down the halls of the Sileo, as he usually did whenever he wanted to get a job in. Behind him was his trusted ally-ghost Yoya who was partaking in the act of counting the wooden floor boards beneath her.

"3-4-6, 3-4-7, 3-4-8. 3-4-9" She said as Ryu simply walked forward, shoes clicking on the hard floor.

"How often do you just...count?" He asked in passing.

"More than you would think! It's boring being a spirit who can't interact with the physical world."

"Have you tried reading?" He asked, raising a brow.

"Have you tried turning a page without doing anything to it?" She answered in a bit of a sarcastic tone.

"If that's your problem, just get me...I can easily turn the pages for you." He said as he got to the counter that handled missions.

Times like this were cherished by Ryu. Just being able to enjoy his spare time with people he cared about. It helped him keep his mind off of...
Uchiha Kona said:
Thought to be responsible for murder, attempted murder, and illegal ownership of a kinjutsu. Wanted dead or alive.

Last known location: The spine of the world. Reports have claimed to see her for moments at a time before she vanishes from sight. She most likely has a location to shelter herself from the harsh conditions.
Reward: To be determined based on a future evaluation.
Ryu froze as he saw that name in the bingo books. He just....stared at it. Yoya looked over his shoulder when she noticed his tensing form, and gasped. Before she could tell him not to freak out, he simply closed the book and handed it back to the lady at the counter before walking towards the storage unit...Yoya following after him with a worried expression.

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