Akujin v Junko [Finals]


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Oct 23, 2012
Sighing heavily, I would see that he would not speak a word nor show an action to signal that he was going to step down from this fight as he continued to bleed out. It was rather sad as I wanted to at least allow him to walk out of this standing instead of needing the medical staff to attend to his unconscious body. But it seemed that Fate was allowing me to make the final frontal attack and I would not wait as I looked over at my Lord Byakko nodding to him that it was time to officially end this contest.

Taking a casual walk over to the bloodied Medical Sennin, I would swing my sword once at him missing accidentally possibly because of being anxious or nervous. However after Lord Byakko punched him approximately 11 times in his abdomen, I would close my eyes momentarily before opening them to swing at him and connecting eight times with my blade watching his life essence fall to the ground around him before watching him collapse to the ground himself. Standing there for a moment, I would wait to see if he would try to make one last effort to continue, but he would not as the medical units would rush the battlefield and one of them would give the signal that he was knocked out.

Taking a few steps back, I would see Lord Byakko poof from the battlefield in a cloud of smoke likely back to his home and my sword would de-materialize at my side. Taking another deep sigh, I would allow myself to deactivate all chakra sources that I had used in this battle and reverted back to my normal form letting my lord's life essence rest within me. However, I knew that any external means of damage sustained by my opponent would need to be treated by the medics attending to him right now or myself when I got back to my room where Hinoka and I were staying. But considering that it was non-lethal, it could wait until later.

But this victory was a great one for Sand, for the Byakko Clan, and for myself. Yes, this was good civilization and would be a fun story to tell to future generations of the village and the Byakko Clan. For now though, it was time to finish up business here and head on my way.

For now, the announcer from earlier had reappeared in front of the roaring crowd that was either cheering or booing depending on the side of the coin that they were a part of or gambled on. If one thing could be said about the crowd, they certainly received a contest that they wanted to see the whole tournament that was bloody, hard-fought and kept them on the edge until the last moments without any interruptions or time limits. When the crowd would hopefully die down, the announcer would speak once more while raising my hand: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner. Please congratulate the winner of this World Martial Arts Tournament, Byaaaaaaaako Kyujiiiiii!" As the words left his mouth, I would give a smile to the crowd as I stood there mentally exhausted and physically bruised before bowing to them all in a show of respect for their time today.

The announcer would ask in my ear to say a few words to them and then place the microphone in front of me as I pondered for a moment, but then nodded and began to speak. "Thank you all for coming out to this match and all the other ones before it. I am happy to be the winner of this contest and it has been my pleasure to visit this country and bask in its sights and sounds. It truly is a wonderful country and one that would be an excellent place for the next World Martial Arts Tournament when that occurs. For me now, I will go back to my home country of Wind and have a quiet celebration with my family and friends. But do not fret, I will visit this fine country in the future sometime!" I would say before giving another bow and then proceeding to the designated exit for myself. The cheers and boos would continue the whole way to the exit, but I was too happy and proud of myself to worry about them all and besides, I know had some other matters to attend to in Earth Country before heading back to Wind Country.OOC:
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Mar 16, 2013
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No need to moderate the announcer as that was already done. Indeed the Byakko was the winner of the World Martial Arts Tournament. There was both celebration as well as lamenting from the crowd, great sums of money were waged in favor as well as against the young woman. Fortunes were indeed made today as well as lost. The roar of the crowd was deafening all the same, the display of martial prowess that every single participant in the tournament displayed was nothing short of exceptional and for many non-chakra capable men and women this was their first exposure to the destructive power of a shinobi. It was something many previously believed to be dramatized for the sake of making a good story, that the power and brutality that some employed left their jaws agape. Seen as heroes, entertaining spectacles and by the more prudent as monsters, this tournament was an awesome revelation for many.

Of note, there were a few above all others that were interested in this tournament. There was of course a reason for inviting the shinobi of the great nations here to Tea, on the doorstep of Otogakure. Simply put: they wanted to see what their "best" could do. The potential of others was an important part of their process, in fact it was the first step -- assessment. Byakko Kyuji had caught the eye of more than a few interested wealthy men when she accomplished the feat of defeating the best from around the world, from even fighting a few of their own. It was not an envy but rather a want, something that the denizens and upper echelon of Otogakure would never get their hands on. She was gone shortly after the battle was done and some stories simply take too long to weave.

The nights and the weeks that follow the woman's victory would likely be filled with offers, both of a personal and a professional nature. A happy ending for her it would seem.

Good job Akujin and Junko -- remember the mission reward and contract payout.