And says "Ouch" (Exiting Country)


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Aug 28, 2012
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The carriage ride was smooth thanks to the suspension system in place, something he’d come up with involving springs and padding. Maki had been taking a much keener interest in the science and engineering studies of late, and it was paying off for him. He reaches to the floor between their seats and grips a handle, lifting the mini-fridge and revealing chilled drinks. ”Drink up. There’s an electric elemental that supplies power to the electric components of this thing. So the fridge will keep working.” In truth it was just a battery that used the motion of the wheels turning to keep its charge topped up. BUt no reason to not put some mysticism into things.

He takes a bottle of cold water and leans back, taking a long drink before looking at Yukio. ”So, what’s up with the armor?”

(Leaving Country – 60 minute runtime.)

Uchiha Yukio

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May 7, 2017
The man approved of the rather smooth ride, keeping a lookout was a simple matter though doing so with clarity would have been difficult leaning his head over the side of the carriage to look at Maki. "That is not mine Maki, that would be the lady Yuki's companion if I was to play the game of deduction. Though I must admit he is a rather...unique character." It wasn't that Yukio found the armour annoying, doubtful the Sennin was even capable feeling that it was but something about the puns deterred him sending a shiver up the spine."

Turning his attention to the armour there was a slight sigh wondering if that is how it would be all trip though there was no avoiding it save his newfound spot outside the carriage.

[Leaving Country – 60 minute runtime.]

Haku Yuki

Jun 11, 2013
Yuki was impressed it turns out this carriage had everything and Maki thought of everything, she took one of the bottles of water from the cooler and twists of the lid taking a long drink, even though it was just water the coolness made it all the more better. From on top of the carriage hear Yukio shifting his weight above them, it didn’t take long before his head pop in through the door answering Mak’s question which the both knew was addressed to Yuki, if she had a yen for every time Maki called her Yukio or Yukio had been called Yuki she would be a rich women.
“Oh Yuro,” She twisted the lid back on the bottle and placed it back in the fridge for later. “Well it is a bit of a long story, I found him in a cave on one of my travels after losing Mizuke. He was just sitting there covered in binding seals, turns out he was there for some time. No idea why though, I said I would let him go if he would fight by my side.”
“Turns out folks don’t like being stabbed or dismembered. Shame really I was only a little stabby. Maybe. I forget” Yuro decided to join in on the conversation even though it wasn’t directed at him.
“Yes thank you Yuro for your fascinating input.” She looked at Yukio, “You do realize that inside would be more comfortable than outside on the roof right?”

[Leaving Country – 60 minute runtime.]