And the Winner is . . . [Spectating Finals]


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Oct 8, 2012
The last . . .

A “Who’s Who” of people showed up for the Grand Finals of the Tea tournament, businessmen and women, warlords and Kage alike. One couldn’t get away with throwing a stone too far before they hit somebody who could, with a snap of their fingers, issue a declaration of war and misery on the poor soul who dared such a feat. Security was tight, and despite the festive atmosphere, everyone was prepared for something to scratch the proverbial record. Whether something did or didn’t, no truer fact was this, that Umashi, Yomi and their family came to slay the runway. Hypebeast need not try to compete, the First Family of Konoha looked flawless and unbothered as they entered the arena.

Of the sort of news that mattered to the Fire Country, word had leaked to LMZ, a popular media conglomerate in the Fire Country, about the Nidaime Hokage retiring from active shinobi duty with his wife, the Sandaime Hokage. In a word, the media sphere within the powerful country was going bonkers. Questions such as “Was he forced out?”, “Was there a scandal?” and “Has the old War Dog lost his bite?” were all over the place. Once they got wind of his successor being the ever active Uchiha Takeshi though, the rumor mill really started churning.

“Hostile takeover!” and “The Hokage who looked too deeply into the Uchiha’s eyes!” wanted to imply that perhaps, Umashi wasn’t in his right mind to appoint the man. They were wrong of course, but the tabloids would spin any little thing into a story. Attempting to allay their fears by means of number of pointed statements, Umashi put the rumors to rest as best as he could, Takeshi had earned the position by very legal means and he hadn’t zapped their brains. That was just ridiculous. Besides that, as far as Umashi was concerned, one didn’t have to like their workmate in order to work well with them. Umashi would probably always distrust the Uchiha as a whole but they were rich and powerful in their own right and peace with them kept stability in Konoha.

By the time that it was time to make an appearance for the final round, Umashi was more than ready for the distraction. Nestled between allies such as Iwagakure and Kumogakure, Umashi made sure that he was seen with members of the Uchiha clan sitting very close to his own family. Lots of smiling, lots of picture posing and one especially dapper family photo, Umashi made sure that things were nigh perfect for the moment. Word had been sent to all the Sennin, that attendance was mandatory. Yomi would already be there but there was Tamashii, Kenshin and Mikasa, even Takeshi . . . most especially Takeshi. Along with their families and close friends, Konoha would put on the perfect display of a community at peace both internally and externally.

Most of the world would never see them all assembled in one place again like this. At least, not until the coronation. Behind the smiling, hand shaking and picture taking, Umashi’s mind was a blur with all the plans that he had in place for it. It had been nearly two generations since there was a peaceful transfer of power within Konoha that didn’t involve somebody dying or the like. Kami to Umashi was via war and Umashi to Yomi was due to a presumed MIA. For Takeshi, Umashi wanted things to be beyond perfect. So much in fact, that he was willing to hire Santaru from Kumogakure in order to insure that even the weather would cooperate.

Finally somewhat settling down to listen to the announcer, Umashi beamed with pride. While he’d certainly somewhat cooked the books by making sure that Okada Kaji was involved in the tournament , he was just as pleased to see that Junko was in the finals as well. Not a triple banner wearing Hero but a medic that he’d once managed to test. As long as someone in the alliance won, that would be swell but ultimately a good fight was all that he expected. Holding Michiko in his lap, the baby girl certainly couldn’t know that she was a part of history today, but history she would be. Facing her towards the action, he beamed with pride as he softly spoke to her.
“See there, baby girl! Even the meekest of medic-nin can be the greatest of warriors!”

OOC: Spectating the fight from between the Iwagakure and Kumogakure leader's area's since they're the oldest allies to Konohagakure. This is based on the following excerpt.
The lords of several great nations were adjacent, not quite among the unwashed masses. A barrier of glass about their seat as well as several feet on either side housed the dignitaries and in some cases their guests. With a stern expression and a discerning eye they would watch the arena floor below.

OOC #2: Being that this topic takes ICly about 4ish (maybe 5) from the present, the following people would have been heading Konoha and thus expected to be in attendance.
Umashi (now Musashi) = Nidaime Hokage.
Yomi = Sandaime Hokage
Kenshin = MB Sennin and Kage Guard
Mikasa = Medic Sennin
Uchiha Takeshi = ANBU Sennin/ Yondaime Hokage-elect
Tamashii = Advisor to the Hokage

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Dec 14, 2012
Kill Switch
NPC Yuu Kenshin

Kenshin had enjoyed his time at tea although he was busy working. He saw some of the fights but was too busy following Yomi and Umashi around to do much or watch much.

Still, it was a relief that they were going to the final. Kenshin would be able to watch the match and do his duty. They were protected but you never knew.

Kenshin would be one of the first to arrive to make sure that the protections were in place. He made sure the glass was reinforced correctly and that there were no cracks.

Seeing that everything was in place and set, he would wait for the other arrivals and nod towards all who entered. He would be keeping an eye out for any troublemakers. A small smile would come to his lips as he saw Umashi talk to his daughter. Looking into the ring, he would see the combatants getting readying. It was a shame to see that Leaf did not make it to the finals. Still, it was a fair fight even if Mikasa did give up.

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