BINGO: E-Rank Mai


Sand Event NPC
Mar 16, 2013

Name: Watanabe Mai[lb][/lb]
Village Affiliation: Sand[lb][/lb]
Current Status: In town someplace...[lb][/lb]

Threat Level: E[lb][/lb]
Known Aliases: Streaker[lb][/lb]

Not much to say about this young woman in her late teens. She has long teal hair and large clay-colored eyes. She is rather short, barely standing at five feet with very pale skin. Her most defining characteristic is her attire, or rather her lack thereof. She has a terrible problem with streaking. [lb][/lb]

Type of Fighter:
It is unlikely that she is a fighter but she does appear to be naturally skilled in manipulating ice. It is theorized that this is in part why she streaks (she is too warm).[lb][/lb]

Last Seen:
This morning. She is usually found running through the streets lacking clothes somewhere but she is too fast for the average civilian to catch.[lb][/lb]

Indecent exposure. [lb][/lb]

Description of Charges:
Not know as a violent offender of any sort, Mai simply cannot keep her clothes on. She has been found multiple times in the past running through the streets with barely a stitch of cloth. Please just make the young woman cover up, we have children on these streets.
This is Considered to be a Self-Modded Solo Mission

Important: Self-modded missions may be done twice in a week, however the second mission done yields half normal rewards. Players may also perform one mission with 2x the word count in order to gain the rewards of having completed two missions. This still only yields half the rewards for the second mission.[lb2][/lb2]

What Rank of Self-Modded Solo Missions can I perform?
  • A user may only perform a mission of their current OOC Rank or lower. This mission is considered to be E Rank, so if you are E Rank or above, you may do this mission.

What are the rewards for Solo Missions?
  • This is an E Rank Mission, for completing an E Rank Mission you will earn 1,500 Yen.

What is the required word count for this mission?
  • This is an E-Rank mission, the word-count requirement is 500 Words.

Someone else has already caught this BINGO Book entry, what now?
  • This entry is considered to be a repetitive entry, meaning that when she is caught and asked to cover-up that she will go right back to doing this again within a matter of days in-character. If she were sent to jail, she would be released on her own recognizance because we have bigger fish to fry than her dislike for clothes. If she was killed, it would be considered a FAILED mission for the killer because we do not kill people because they have no sense of modesty and if she was killed she will stay dead. Please let us know if you discover this so we can remove her from the BINGO book an replace her with someone else.

I have completed my mission, what now?
  • Drop you mission off in character (IC) HERE.

I am not from Sunagakure but I am visiting and I would like to perform a solo mission listed, is that OK?
  • YES! While you are always welcome to join our community (and we do encourage it), leaving people out of the fun goes against the out of character spirit of this community. You can serve as a mercenary or a helpful foreigner and complete these missions as well, just keep it in character and drop your mission off at the office as listed above but re-linked HERE. Just be sure that you have gotten permission from your primary community.