Dancing With Lightning [Contract Search]

Shouyu Hoshi

Dec 22, 2016
The boy was winded from climbing mountains with his bare hands, somewhat scarred and bruised from running low on chakra and not having enough to distribute through his hands and feet to overcome his obstacle. But still even then, the eight year old kid made it and used a last push to lift his body up and over, rolling onto his back gasping deeply for breath. This rocky terrain was unforgiving, uncomfortable and it seemed the clouds in the sky stirred together becoming a dark ominous grey. Still heaving on the floor, eyes closed shut tightly he was slowly catching his breath, inhaling slower and deeper. His heart rate was calming, even though a massive storm was brewing. He needed his energy back immediately, he wasn't worn out at all, but that trip up here was more than he bargained for. The pitter patter of tears from the saddened group of clouds above lightly fell tingling the young boy's face. It felt revitalizing, almost life-saving. Such a refreshing feel, he even stuck his tongue out to taste a drip of water to soothe his sore throat. The wind blew a chilly breeze and he wanted to shiver but fought it back by shaking it off. His breathing was composed now, eyes opening slowly to face the oncoming storm. That was when his mouth closed shut, jaw clenched.

"What is your reason here... Why have you come to this village? Is this where your loyalty has brought you? A village to seek an extended family? Something more, to live and to die for? To mean something special to someone yet again?"

He was such a sensitive and young boy at heart. How could his ambitions have brought him to the life of a shinobi? True, chakra had always ran rampant in the junior ninja since a baby. His father seen this and trained him young, was it that he wanted to be like him? A feared shinobi in the Taijutsu arts, armed or unarmed. But he held something his Father or Mother did not expect... A natural affinity to the lightning element. He showed early promise with this elemental ninjutsu, that he did. That is what brought him here. To test his limits... To find him a companion to not only undergo the most brutal and enduring of battles, but to reach enlightenment with, a friendship, a brotherhood. The boy wanted a bond, and to find himself. With all this, he desired to be renowned a great shinobi.

He rose to a sitting position, the falling sprinkles now became heavier and poured down as droplets, rather frequently, soaking up the thirsty dry mountain rock he had once climbed. The first layer evaporated swiftly before becoming showered with the skies downpour. He stood at his feet, head down, now rising until he met the skies, the raindrops softly splashing against his baby face. Could've been tears, it could've been rain. He was secured by two blades, equipped across his back, one at the hip and one that would lie adjacent. The dark expansion above churned even more and sung a hymn of loud silence-cracking music that boomed across the land. Thunder... It sounded as if Raiden himself welcomed the challenge of the young shinobi and wished to do combat. Totally overthinking things as usual, but still he maintained his seriousness, narrow eyes burning with a fiery ambition.

It now seemed, his chakra at the ready and surging, that he wasn't even fatigued to begin with. BOOM! CRACK! A bolt of lightning struck from the skies seeking to impale the shinobi with its collision path. His eyes caught it at the last moment, and with his nimble reactions was able to leap back twenty some yards away into safety. He was still fearless, no emotion at all painted on his adolescent face. His left hand, at his left hip, unsheathing his smaller Kodaci, he took stance. Now his right hand reaching over head to his Katana, relieving the blade from its scabbard. He stood, more lightning struck down pounding the mountain top and dispersing into smaller bolts that grounded themselves into a rocks. His blades flashed and instantly were coated with the same electric current as lightning. His affinity taking place within his blades.


Several streams of lightning were headed his way and fast!. He stepped forward, leaping now towards a stream with his Kodaci swiping in front of him to meet the stream with steel and current. His blade was able to absorb some energy from the bolt, channel it back out, and deflect the bolt back into the sky successfully. He spun one hundred and eighty degrees around to face another bolt that he defended by rotating and slashing the stream, redirecting its path forty five degrees to his right. A third bolt was coming directly above him that he dodged by somersaulting with extreme agility. After completing his roll, he was swinging both blades in a fluid motion of two opposite rotating circles to deflect the small branch lightning bolts resulting from impact.

This training was extremely dangerous and costly. One false move could mean death by electrocution and nobody would know being so far from the inner village zone. He had to test his speed and power, his reaction time. He had to push the limits of the ability of his all seeing eye. More streams were coming, and even more frequent now as the thunder storm was becoming more ferocious. He was now dodging, leaping from different positions around the mountain, it seemed at almost every landing his was jumping again to avoid the next bolt. It was seemingly endless, he may not make it out alive.

His last jump came to a sliding stop, one bolt came from above flanking to the right. He maneuvered with an acrobatic back flip, and deflected the stray aftermath. He was breathing heavy, but his powerful eyes were picking up on more attacks, one coming now above his head! He gritted his teeth and knelt down, both his blades crossing as a shield above his head. The blade met the lightning bolt but with so much force it caused a crater upon impact with Shouyu fighting for his life to not lose strength in his grip and allow the current to ground itself into his body. Struggling, and yelling at the top of his lungs he mustered up the strength to rise and stab his swords into the ground.

Just after the boy would have coughed and fell forward face first unconscious. His chakra was exhausted and he took more of the aftershock than he had thought. He breathing was light, that of a coma or could be easily confused with said state. His fingers were slightly twitching, showings signs of life and that he was still fighting on the inside, mentally and spiritually. He was not going to give up... But these zzzz's were needed, but who knew, would this kid ever wake up here?

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Oct 23, 2012
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