Do I really have to? [Learning Fiero]

Uchiha Asuka

Leaf Main Branch Sennin
Feb 20, 2018
"You're not going to procrastinate any further." Rayne spoke dragging Asuka through the Academy corridors towards the library. Rayne couldn't believe that Asuka hadn't learned the language yet. It was one of the few things Rayne had done once she had gained a body of her own. It was a useful skill for reading messages that weren't intended for foreign eyes. But it seemed as though Asuka wasn't really interested. But Rayne was going to make her interested.

"But learning from books is boring, it's just silence and stupid stuff like that. Why can't someone just learn it for me? Have a translator!" She exclaimed excitedly at the fact. "New set of jobs!" Rayne simply sighed and head chopped Asuka. Pretty much telling her to keep her stupid ideas to herself. They continued walking and after a while of pointless struggling they finally got to the library. Walking in Rayne immediately made Asuka sit down.

"If you get up, I'll make sure the only thing you do for a week is paperwork." Asuka pouted, but the threat was enough to make her stay seated. Rayne on the other hand went through the library corridors and took out books referring to the subject at hand and placed them in front of the Sennin. Asuka eyed them with a bit of disgust and looked up with pleading eyes. Rayne simply grabbed one of the books and placed it in front of Asuka.

The week was spent doing the normal work she had and reading about Fiero. Learning the alphabet, what each word meant. Thankfully, even though she acted like an idiot, Asuka was able to pick up on the similarities between the spoken and written quite rapidly and by the end of the second week she was able to write full letters without a flaw in it. It wasn't a complicated language for those who have been speaking it.... but it was quite a challenge


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