Dust and Knowledge

Hachiashi Haji

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Oct 22, 2012
Haji walked into the private section of the library and looked around for anyone else. His sigh of relief echoed lightly around him as he urged himself inside; if anyone else was there, they were about their own business so he could focus on his own. Haji didn't like the library very much, in fact he didn't like being inside anywhere for very long, but he knew that this was necessary. Despite his dislike of being in the library, it wasn't his first time either, in fact he had been something of a regular here for some time now. Deep, complicated studies left to their dark corners.

Haji moved through the stacks, occasionally one of his six arms would rise up and pluck a book off of the shelf, another of his hands rubbing his eyes which were sore and had dark circles beneath them; he hadn't gotten much sleep lately. Finally, Haji arrived at a table hidden away in an alcove behind some ancient historical texts, mostly about Kumo and its founding or about the many wars that had been waged on behalf of the cloud. Tossing the books he had collected onto the table in a messy pile, Haji selected two that he had not seen until today. The library was massive and full of information that Haji probably couldn't sift through in half of his own life if he tried, so finding new books for his study wasn't an uncommon occurrence, he welcomed it in fact, anything for progress.

The first book Haji opened turned out to be unrelated to what he was looking for and he tossed it aside with an annoyed snort. “Must have grabbed that one by mistake…” Haji said under his breath as he reached for the second of the two. This book was dusty; it obviously hadn’t had any attention in some time. This was a good sign for Haji, because what he sought wasn’t anything that had been around in cloud for a while. In fact it was so absent that he couldn’t find himself a teacher willing to show him, thus why he resorted to lurking in the dusty library stacks until the dead of night. It was starting to effect his training, which annoyed him because if he could find what he wanted it could further his training to a point that would make all of the time he had spent reading worth it.

The binding of the book groaned as Haji opened it, swiping a hand across each page as he turned them to remove some of the dust. He turned his head away to sneeze and shot some of his mucus onto a nearby shelf of books. Grumbling he got up to remove it before it hardened and got him into trouble with one of the librarians who wandered through like ghosts haunting the shelves at times. The last thing he needed was to get banned from coming in here again.

Returning to the book Haji’s tired eyes widened as he turned the page to reveal this diagram

Haji's breath caught in his throat as he turned the pages at a rapid pace. A tired smile spread across his face and he hugged the book to his chest. This was it. This was what he had been searching for.

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