Emotions and ideals (private)

Akane Mirai

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Oct 24, 2017
Ziren stood alone on the Hokage Rock. It was a nice sunset. But for once, he wasn't here to just reflect. But to have a small talk with someone. Someone who undoubtedly hates him. He has made a promise to himself to not be like the Hokage that now rules the Leaf Village. But in some ways, maybe he has turned out like that.

He didn't even hide who he is now. No more transformation justsu to show a blue haired man, but someone he has physically changed into. The medical Chief wrote a letter down and gave it to a clone.
Meet me at the Hokage Rock to talk. Also. I look different. You'll know I'm there by looking for a brown haired, tan looking guy.

The clone was sent out to look for Katsu, to give him the letter.