End of an Era, Start of an Era [Official Start to Chaos Event]


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Mar 16, 2013
Chapter 1: Villains
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Godsfall, the land of such prominence and history, but in these modern times it lays forgotten and undisturbed. Except for today. Today, two parties embarked on journey's starting from different locations but seemed to be on a collision course. Both sides, within moments, would be upon the other, in this vast desert graveyard.

Within one party, there were simply two individuals. One, a tall figure wrapped in a black hooded cloak. Next to this figure would be a smaller figure with a large leatherbound tome clutched in their arms. The smaller figure would glance up to the larger one.

"Are you ready, Grand Master?"

"Everything is as it should be."

The smaller figure would nod as they would continue onward.

The other party would be a much larger procession. One figure would march at the forefront, a man who carried himself with pride and purpose. Behind him would be a row of seven figures of various sizes and appearances. This party, if an outside observer were to spy them, would be of much more notoriety than the party of two. The seven lined up behind the primary figure would be those figures who had been highlighted within Sunagakure no Sato as the remaining members of The Sovereign. Seven individuals who alone possessed otherworldly powers. At their head, the lone figure leading their group was none other than the Daimyo of Wind Country, Ishii Shiro.

""Why did it require all of us for this meeting?""

"Silence, Ni. This was a request of our master. Comply, that is all you need to know."

"What a foreboding moment, do you feel a little rattled yourself, Ichi-san?"

"Silence yourself, Nao."

Nao would chuckle to himself as it seemed that no one else was in a playful mood.

"Got to admit, it is interesting having all of us together like this... we need more bonding moments."

These two forces would come to a stop out in the middle of this vast wasteland once they reached proximity to one another. Each group would continue until they were now merged into a little gathering, while still maintaining some degree of separation. The leaders for each party would take a few additional steps forward until getting close enough to embrace, but this was not going to be that sort of meeting.

Ishii Shiro had said little in the trek out into the desert even though he had not wanted to come in the first place. He'd known that there would be some sort of retaliation or punishment for the brazen way he'd defied the orders of his mysterious foreign benefactor from the way that the Otokage's subordinates at looked at him during the tournament following a brief staredown between Shiro and Kageoni. The typically unflappable Sound... sennin?

Was that the right word? Shiro could never be bothered to truly devote the silly names that shinobi chose for their military ranks to memory and that Otogakure bucked the trend by having completely different ones made remembering them even more challenging.

The typically unflappable Kurohane Kitai had warned him that retribution was coming in an uncharacteristically grim tone. He'd found her to be a woman that feared nothing and yet there had been a twinge of concern in her voice when she'd told himm that the "Grand Master" was cross with him. Still, what could Kageoni actually do to him at this point? The "war" -- if you could call it that, even -- had cooled to a series of brushfire conflicts and neither Sunagakure nor the Ishii Regime had managed to truly gain a solid foothold over the other since the official declaration. At this point, if the Otokage decided to try and pull his support it would only result in decades of wasted time, effort and resources.

Then there was the matter of the Regime itself. If Kageoni believed that he could simply snuff out the power base that Shiro had built for himself then he was delusional. They had become powerful enough to challenge any shinobi organization even the enigmatic Sound Village could not discount the threat they posed.

"We have traveled far, Kageoni. Perhaps now you will deign to tell us why you have brought us out to this... wasteland?"

Shiro wasted no time with pleasantries as he arrived at the coordinates that the Otokage had informed his servants that he would be expecting the Daimyo. He knew that the choice not to address Kageoni as "Grand Master" or use title was a petty jab but it was one that he was proud of. No other man in Wind or Tea Country could dare to say that they had addressed the Grand Master of Otogakure in such a way. That was the kind of power that Ishii Shiro wielded and as that thought crossed his mind the Wind Daimyo smirked to himself unconsciously.

Inscrutable as always, the feminine facial features of the Otokage betrayed nothing of Kageoni's intentions or emotions. If Shiro's passive-aggressiveness had any effect on him at all then Kageoni had masked it well. Still, small victories were victories none the less.

"Everything will become clear soon enough." Replied the Otokage, gracing Shiro with a small inclination of his head in greeting. It was more than Shiro had offered and less than he'd expected but he was the one that had set the tone of their meeting as one of passive-aggression. "I see you complied with my wishes for your abominations to be in attendance for our meeting. I was concerned that you had forgotten how to follow instructions."

Shiro bit back a surge of anger at the Otokage's brazen insult. They were less than a minute into the meeting and it was already clear that this was not to be an amicable one; not that the Daimyo had expected or intended it to be. He'd been surprised that the Otokage had requested that he bring his Sovereign with him to the meeting and suspected that it was because Kageoni had made the decision to wash his hands of the brewing civil war and wanted to rid the board of Shiro's pieces all at once but Kageoni had never seen the Sovereign in action and understimated them if he thought to do battle with all of them at once.

"But first, a history lesson. Do you know where we are?" Asked the Otokage, turning away from Shiro and indicating the rocky and cracked wasteland which lay beyond and beneath the tall dune that they stood upon.

Choosing not to rise to the Otokage's taunt so quickly, the Wind Daimyo stepped forward and cast his eyes down upon the land beneath their vantage point. Curious crags of stone wedged deeply into the desert sands among a forest of equally curious spires of stone that rose out of the sand. Between the spires and flowing into the deep crags were something which immediately caught Shiro's eye; twisting and writhing black masses of... something surged between them.

"What... is this?" Distracted by the skittering black masses that Kageoni had unveiled to him, Shiro allowed his thoughts to audibly pass his lips as he tried to ascertain what he was looking at. They were considerably high up and the distance made observing the masses challenging.

"Patience Shiro. You are getting ahead of me." Smiled the Otokage as he politely indulged Shiro's wandering thoughts. "We are in Godsfall. The place where the One King stained the sands with the only true death that has ever been dealt to an Ancient Lord in all of human history."

Thoughts of the conflict between himself and the Otokage were smothered by the deluge of questions and possibilities that this presented... if what Kageoni was saying was the truth.

"Godsfall is a story told to children to excite them. You're saying that even though every cartographer, explorer and adventurer in recorded history has never concretely found it that you-- powerful as you are --have found that place even though you have only recently come to our country? How did you ever grow to be so fortunate, Kageoni?"

"Because I was there you impetuous child."

There was still no anger or emotion to speak of in Kageoni's words but the confidence with which the Otokage's made his claim caused the Daimyo's sulfurous blood run cold for a moment and sent an involuntary shiver down his back. The implications alone of those words were stunning but Ishii Shiro had not risen above men and monster to rule both by cowering in the face of relevations such as these. He opened his mouth to speak again but was instead cut off by the words of the squat, hooded figure that had stood alongside Kageoni at the crest of the sand dune which overlooked the valley of stones and writhing masses beneath them.

The small member of the larger cloaked figure's party would now take a step forward. From behind the Daimyo, an intense pressure would be felt like the seven members of the Sovereign reacted to this sign of aggression with flooding of bloodlust. The small figure would pluck out an assortment of pages and toss them up into the air. Instead of the gentle, slow breeze rolling through the area picking up these sheets and pushing them away, they would seem to come to life and float their way towards the Daimyo and his group. The pages would turn themselves in way that they could be clearly seen and read as the seemed to hover before the Sovereign.

""I am the Oracle of Chaos. I have been appointed by our Grand Master to oversee the Calamity that is about to befall this country. Originally, our Grand Master selected another Oracle to record your efforts, Daimyo Shiro, but the Oracle of Ruin is no longer needed. Instead, a new event will be washing over this land. I will remain to ensure that it is all recorded... for the sake of posterity and for the enjoyment of our Grand Master. To allow such a historic event to go unrecorded, anyways, would be a horrible oversight.""

"'What is this pissant saying, Ka--"

The Daiymo would be cut off as the ground would begin to rumble. It would be a small tremor at first but would slowly start to increase in frequency until it felt like the world was about to start shaking apart. Instead, the rumbling would stop and in the distance the quivering black mass halted its skittering movements for a moment before exploding in a geyser of what looked like ichor and blood and expelling two subjects high into the air that rapidly fell to earth again only paces away from where the conjoined party of the Otokage and the Daimyo's retinue stood. Both figures dripped with a translucent fluid and would have their faces covered but each would be dressed differently. One, wore a white mask and the clothing of a business person. Formally dressed with hammers and nails bulging from his pockets. The other was a figure whose face was covered in a metallic helmet, their body covered in armor, and the appeared as if their style of clothing was ancient, from a time long ago. They knelt before the Otokage and stayed unmoving as he silently regarded them.

"And who the hell is this?""

"Allow me, Daimyo Shiro, to explain... although I am merely a pissant to you, I am a pissant who has been recording the work of our guest for over the last two centuries. Before I explain who this is, please grant me the opportunity to tell you about a history lesson..."

The Oracle of Chaos would place their hand down upon their book as chakra began to be expelled from their palm into the blank page they touched. Upon the page, it would be noticeable that something was starting to form, words and an image.

As the self-proclaimed "Oracle of Chaos" finished its story the Wind Daimyo opened his mouth to speak but found himself interrupted again as Kageoni began to speak over the words that Shiro managed to conjure in response to the sight that was before him.

"Let me start with the first of your questions. Beneath us, you behold a marvel of man's ingenuity though they have turned far from the path that I had set for them. They are the Unbent; children that are begotten of regretable misapplication of my work. Still, they are beautiful in their own way, aren't they?" There was a genuine fondness in the way that the Otokage spoke of the hideous flood of chitin and inchor that the Daimyo now understood to be a budding swarm of unbent.

The unbent were mostly a nuisance to the frontier towns; horrors spawned by the desert which occasionally descended on small communities on the fringe of civilization and butchering them to use the life energy of the living creatures there to procreate more of their loathsome kind. It was rare that an unbent swarm managed to grow terribly large for they weren't remarkably dangerous on an individual level but if the all of what Shiro was looking upon were a single swarm there were hundreds of thousands of creatures slithering between the crags of Godsfall before them.

"So that's it. You brought us out here to feed us to your monstrous pets; is that it?" Growled the Daimyo, flames gathering at his lips as he seethed each word. The conclusion that he'd arrived at had not been terribly difficult to come to. He'd already come her expecting a battle and that the fight he'd come looking for was to be against the Otokage's alien pet monsters instead of Otogakure shinobi made no difference. His Sovereigns had slain plenty of inhuman beasts before and this would be no different.

For his sake, the Otokage made no movement other than to turn back to attend to the glowering Daimyo with an expression that one might reserve for a tantruming child. Shiro hated that look. The look of control; of arrogance. This day was long overdue, he resolved.

After all Ishii Shiro feared no man, monster or god.

"Did you expect that I would cower before this? Me? Even if your profane beasts could overcome my Sovereign; did you forget that I am immortal in the glory of Ja--"

The words caught in his throat as Kageoni's expression twisted into one of disdain for a moment and he stepped forward, grasping something in the air which Shiro realized half a moment too late was a glimmering cord of red-orange light that snaked its way into his chest just where his heart was housed. Then with a jerk of his arm, Kageoni tore the cord from Shiro and the world blurred as though he'd been struck over the head with a club. Each of the Sovereign began to move to protect their leader but suddenly found their limbs refusing to respond in a similar fashion as Nao-- no, the Otokage's apprentice --revealed his own duplicitous role in this moment through a rapid series of handseals and a single seal that he held before him that caused each of the Sovereign'ss bodies to tense and freeze. Much in the same way that the Otokage had been the one that had given Shiro much of his power, Nao had been the one that had created the Sovereign. He understood the grim alchemy that animated their malformed and twisted bodies better than anyone else in the world... except perhaps the Otokage himself, Shiro belatedly realized. Stumbling for a moment before tumbling to his knees as the color drained from his vision, the Wind Daimyo craned his neck up at Kageoni struggling to understand what was happening to him as the Otokage loomed huge in his vision like a terrible thunderstorm of ominous black clouds.

"Who was it that arranged for that immortality? For all of the knowledge and power you have? For everything that you have become? Was it not I?" Hissed the Grand Master as he brought his face close to Shiro's. "I made you, Ishii Shiro. And somewhere along this path, you seemed to forget that I can unmake you."

"But... the plan..." Shiro managed, his words coming out as wheezes as he turned his head over his shoulder to look at Nao-- the man that he'd regarded as a brother for most of his life. Nao had once confided in Shiro that he hated the Otokage and if... no when things came to a conflict between them that he would choose his brother over his master. At this moment as Shiro struggled to even lift his head high enough to see Nao and behold the callous, almost bored expression on the Sound-nin's face Shiro painfully realized that all of their years of friendship and everything they had shared together had been a lie. A lifetime long lie to entrap him for this moment. "Why..."

He couldn't rationalize it. It felt wrong. Had he truly gone so far in disobeying the Otokage and offering him some small disrespect as to deserve this? To throw away decades of preparation and action to achieve a goal over... a bruised ego?

"Alas, I should not blame you, Shiro. You were the opening stroke of a master's brush that became so caught up in the brilliance of its creation that it mistook itself for the sum total of the masterpiece. You were only ever a means to an end." Kageoni ran the back of one of his fingers down the side of Shiro's cheek as the warmth continued to fade from it. "Now you are going to take your place in history as the first casualty in the next chapter of Wind Country. You should be honored."

"Grand Master, it is time." Croaked the Oracle of Chaos quietly so as to avoid rousing its master's ire in the moment.

Kageoni spared one last pitying look at Shiro before rising and turning back to the valley below that still crawled with unbent endlessly dying and being reborn as they waited to be unleashed into the world at large.

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Mar 16, 2013
Re: The Start of An Event [When this thread ends, Wind Country will be changed]

Chapter 2: Heroes
"My Lord, it is time."

Upon this utterance, one of the figures who had risen from the sands earlier would raise up from his kneeling position. The one clad head to toe in armor, the one who looked as if he was plucked out of a long forgotten page of history, would turn his attention to the Otokage, although his face would not be discernable through his masked helmet.

"I... I... I am..."

The words started faint and soft and would slowly start to grow in intensity but would remain tinged in uncertainty. It would then when the other masked individual, the one dressed in a suit with a solid white mask, would finally make his voice heard.

"Fret not, you've been buried for some time, but you are back..."

Through the eyesocket of the white mask, the figure's eyes would begin to stare intently at Kageoni. The Grand Master in all black would merely nod to the white masked man, the Journeymen of Chaos, who would smile a crooked smile that would not be seen by anyone.


The name would resonate. Maybe not for all those present, but for the one person it was supposed to resonate with it would. The armor clad figure, upon hearing the name, would suddenly let forth a wave of chakra. A chakra that felt both natural and dark. A chakra that felt different but old. An overwhelming foul feeling chakra that would wash over the area and those in it. The swarming mass of unbent that could be heard would suddenly grow quiet.
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"Dominus? I am... Dominus."

Through the metal grating of the armor figure's helmet, while his face could still not be made out, a burning red eye would appear.

"I will not fail."

His words loomed large and boomed throughout the land. Below them, the swarming unbent had seemingly come to attention.

"My Children will not fail."

From the sand would rise a series of figures wrapped in darkness. Emitting a chakra that felt similar to Dominus but still different. Their figures would look twisted and inhuman but would still retain humanity and a humanoid appearance. These would be the generals of Dominus. His First Children. Those he had utilized the technique Kageoni had taught him centuries ago upon but had done so with precision and care. Unlike the swarming masses under them, these First Children were closer to the hybrids of the Sovereign but their design a purer method, not meddled with by the tamperings of Nao. There was also something different about them than simply being just the same as the Sovereign. accompanying them would be several impatient members of The Swarm, naughty little Unbent that could not wait their turn. The seemingly mindless creatures who had managed to scale up to this point would take off rushing upon the surface with no seeming real purpose.

"Our Swarm will wash over this land."

The swarming Unbent, The Swarm, would once more grow excited and frantic as they could be heard below, especially with the howls of some of their recently escaped brethren letting them know that there was a whole new world for them to roam above.

"This is one fuuuuuuuucked up little tea party."

The voice would come off from the distance as a new figure would once more appear at this scene. This figure would instantly become wrapped in blazing flames.

"It seems my intel was right, that there was to be a family get together... and y'all didn't even invite lil ole me!"

The Sovereign, the faction from Sound, the Daimyo, and Dominus would all turn their attention to the figure. For some, he would be discerned as a failed ex-member of the Sovereign, for others he would merely be a Sennin of Suna, while for at least one he was something different and then for Dominus he was merely an intruder. His "name" was Roku and he seemed to have a vested interest in those gathered here.

"Now... the hell is going on..."

The Sennin had come looking to take advantage of this group being gathered but he was not expecting some of the unknown faces. Nor was he expecting the echoing chatter of the mass that was swarming below them. It would seem that while his intelligence was correct that the Daimyo and Sovereign would be out and exposed, they did not fully know the extent of what their gathering would consist of, and now seeing the other members of the Sovereign, minus Nao, in quivering clumps upon the sand he was even more perplexed.

"Well... I guess that isn't important. Came here for a different reason myself anyways...right, boss?"

The sound of metal scraping would echo throughout the night sky, while not as loud as the noise of the swarm but still audible. Suddenly a figure completely wrapped in armor would appear next to the Sennin draped in flames. The figure would quickly snap the sword in his grasp back into the sheath upon his back. While no one could truly see his eyes, those present knew that the person within the suit was glaring at them all. As the blade sheathed, several of the unbent within the emerging Swarm would suddenly find themselves diced into several pieces. The Kazekage and his blade, it was something many had not heard of because when he utilized it, none remained.

"I am the Kazekage of Sunagakure no Sato. I am the last of the Sunahoshi. I am here to put an end to this war, once and for all. Prepare to feel the wrath of not only our village... but of my family. I am Sunahoshi Katsuo."

Roku would give a small clap at the impressive sight of the Kazekage, something he hadn't seen since their fight with Shouki.

""Su... Suna.... Sunahoshi.""

Dominus would take a step forward as his chakra would pulsate outwards. From the ground, and the wake of his chakra surge, Unbent from The Swarm would begin to tear through to the surface and begin to recklessly charge at both of the Sunan.

"What the shit did you do to that guy?!"

"He wasn't in the files Fuu gave us. I literally have no idea who that is... but Ishii is right before us. We stick with the plan. We strike him down here and now, and while it may not win the war it changes everything drastically. "

There was a sound of trailing concern in the voice of the Kazekage. The Sennin not only picked up on it but was probably feeling it as well.

"Yea, there is just so much going on that we didn't plan for. Like who is the creeper in the mask, the helmet, the pale creeper in all black, the freaky monster people, the freaky monster monsters... I feel like we didn't walk into a trap... but it kind of feels like a trap. "

"At least not a trap intended for us..."

There would not be much more time to chat as the charging horde of The Swarm would be upon the two Sunan Shinobi.

"I won't be taking this... this will not be how my story ends... ICHI!" the Daimyo would croak.

The bandaged covered Sovereign member, his face and body struggling to stand, would slowly unsheath his sword and from his gritted teeth would howl.


It wasn't a fair trick to play as now the Sovereign, even though their bodies were failing them, would start to move with much more conviction. Against even their own failing bodies, they would now start to push through with faces that showed they were being pushed to their uttermost limits. The traitorous Nao would look on with a smirk.

"I see, so you were intended to be a sort of semi-counterbalance to me? Not the most effective, but it will give you all some time. I've always admired that spirit of yours, Number 1."

Ichi's chakra would begin to flare wildly, along with the rest of the Sovereign. Unlike them, his eyes were solely upon one figure; Nao. While the rest of the Sovereign was not fixated on just Nao, they would begin to take on The Swarm that was closing in on them. The sheer numbers of The Swarm would not keep them concentrated to just the Sovereign camp, dozens, maybe hundreds, would also be rushing towards the two shinobi of Suna. Utilizing the power he had stolen from Juu, an explosion of fire-based chakra would erupt from Roku, engulfing the first wave of Unbent to come upon him and Katsuo. Under the guise of the explosion, the Kazekage would blur out of sight as the flickering of steel in the moonlight would flint in and out of the area as Unbent would go from a frenzied state to pause, and then from pausing to collapsing into pieces. It was a truly chaotic scene as the waves of Unbent crashed into the two different opposing forces. The combined, but limited, might of the Sovereign, and the duo of Sennin and Kazekage. Explosions, spikes of chakra signatures, rumblings of the very ground itself, all of this seemed to serve as the backdrop, the ambiance, of this battle that was taking place. The Sovereign and the Sunan groups both fair well originally, the continuous onslaught of The Swarm would soon begin to set in. These creatures were not like them, they did not care about their limitations, nor their life, they only cared about devouring, satisfying their body's beckoning to consume the life force of another to sustain their own. They were a pack of wild animals... no, they were a multiplying virus. Cutting one down did not slow them. The did not share comradery. They did not hold bonds. They merely kept swarming.


Once more the foul chakra from Dominus would begin to surge as if a tidal wave of pressure and malice was starting to overtake the area. The Sovereign would continue to struggle against the horde and this now mounting metaphysical energy as the ground would seemingly start to give out from under them. Another tremor, like the one that preceded the appearance of Dominus, would shake the very foundation of the desert once more. This time, however, it would not be localized to just Godsfall. It would be like the whole country was starting to shake. Cracks would begin to appear all over the landscape, from Sora to Soons, from Suna to the Northern Lands, and even the coastline and all those who lived around, or maybe within, the waterside would be impacted by this surge. Those uninitiated in chakra would not feel anything aside from the vibrations. Those chakra attuned or sensitive to chakra would feel the dark, malice chakra that would travel with this earthquake. Buildings would topple, people would panic, the earth would continue to open until finally, the moment would subside.

"It is time. Time for Godsfall to embrace it's new destiny... the place where a devil will ascend.""

Dominus would raise his arms as his chakra that had coated the area in a dense foreboding feeling would gather back together and form into two physical chakra arms. These arms would slam into the ground around them as Godsfall would rupture and open up. The frozen looks upon the faces of The Sovereign and the two members of Suna, would not tell the full story of the sudden descent. The two Sunan warriors, not hindered by what was affecting The Sovereign would begin to struggle across the upturning debris to make it to safe ground, while the floor was literally falling out underneath their feet.

Whether it was by luck or sheer skill, Katsuo and Roku would make it to seemingly solid ground while the Sovereign would fall into the darkness below, along with various Unbent. Both would let out a slight chuckle, having survived what would have surely been death, until their attention turned to those also on solid ground; The Otokage, the Daimyo, Nao, the Journeymen and Oracle of Chaos, The First Children, and Dominus.

"Rock paper scissors for who goes first?"

The First Children, a mixture of monster-like appearances to those fairly humanoid, would finally begin to make their move. They felt similar to the Sovereign, large imposing forces, and much like the Sovereign were built in similar methods. The true difference would be like concerning a diamond from moissanite. The First Children, despite several looking less human, were the diamonds. They were some of the closest purity Fatalist created still roaming this country, but in the world at large were not the only... but that was a story for a slightly different day. The Children, unlike The Swam, were calculating and intelligent. They would approach the two Sunans with caution, while one would turn its attention to the Daimyo, who was on his knees trying to grasp this new reality.

"Listen... Katsuo... I should be able to free up enough time for you to escape. The village needs you a lot more than it ever needed me... so when I say so... I want you to make a break for it."

"I'm sorry, but I cannot do that. There is something I have to do. For me. For my family. I cannot leave this place without it."

Roku would let out a sigh as he would know the sound in the voice of the Kazekage. Some would confuse it with determination or confidence, but he himself knew it all too well. It was obsession and vengeance.

"Fine, fine... I will open up some space for you to do what you need to do... but I can't promise much."

As he spoke, the Sennin would raise up his arm as chakra began to quickly collect and condense in front of his exposed palm. The chakra would be like a small star forming before the Sennin as his eyes would begin to glow with an ominous chakra. There would be a feeling deep within him, an awakening of a fragment of the Wild Hunt locked within his DNA, that would begin to stir. And with that, he would release the energy. A blast of a blue fire (Jinchuuriki - Vanishing World) would be unleashed upon the area, engulfing all in either the flames themselves or at the least the light emitted by the attack. It would be within this same moment that the Kazakage would disappear. There would be a moment as the light and noise of the blast would die down to expose what remained in the wake of the attack, but before anything could be seen or the smoke settled, one thing would be heard clearly.

"<COLOR color="#FF4000">Sunahoshi...<i></i>"
OOC: A great earthquake and a surge of sinister chakra has spread throughout the entirity of Wind Country. This is caused cave-ins, additional tremors and quakes, structural damage, sinkholes, and various other things that have now impacted the makeup and scenery of Wind Country. Additional changes may or may not be discussed in the next post.

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Mar 16, 2013
Re: The Start of An Event [When this thread ends, Wind Country will be changed]

Chapter 3: Chaos
The dust would settle on the mighty blast delivered by the Sennin, and before him would be scorched sand, burnt remains of Unbent, but the primary targets of this ordeal, The Otokage and his minions would be mostly unphased, except for the small female figure. Based on the blast radius and burn marks around her, not to mention her badly damaged and mangled body, it would seem that the little Oracle had stepped in front of Kageoni to take the brunt of the blast for him. A smirk would appear upon the face of the Otokage. It was a look of supreme confidence, and it would be a look that held merit. Before him, the tiny framed female would begin to glow with the presence of chakra as her body started to rise from the ground. The wounds upon her, the missing fingers and chucks of skin, would start to heal. The burnt and damaged clothing upon herself would also begin to return to normal. It was like she had completed negated the attack. No, it was like she had completely negated the time in which she had been attacked. The last thing to return, and probably most important for her, was her Book of Chaos. The recording of this time would continue.

"Well that shit ain't good...but I guess that wasn't my true target anyways.</COLOR><i></i>"

There would be a clank of metal as the figure of the Kazekage would blur back into focus, striking the Daimyo and sending his body flying backward. Sliding across the sand, the Daimyo would push himself back up and land upon his feet. There was still a strain on his body due to the influence of Kageoni, but he had a trump card. It was one he wished to hold on to a bit longer, but it seemed that the Kazekage might not let him.

"Are you an idiot? A child? You see the situation you are in... and yet you turn your blade to me?!"

"You are a cancer that must be dealt with."

"Personal vendettas... childish."

The eyes of the Daimyo would begin to glow as his body would start to convulse. The building pressure of chakra could be felt as his trembling body would begin to expand and grow. Within a few moments the Daimyo, who was already rather tall and large framed, would grow to now standing roughly twelve feet tall.

"Merely a fraction of the power I possess. You wish to die a meaningless death, last of the Sunahoshi? Allow me to oblige."

Katsuo would not utter a word as he would hold Caliburn out to his side. The blade would begin to glow with chakra, but not the chakra of the Kazekage. The blade was no normal blade, it was a living weapon that Katsuo had made a contract with, and through their partnership, the blade understood the foe that stood before them. It understood what it meant to his wielder to engage this man. He would aid his wielder to the very end. Katsuo would take off at full speed, causing the sand below him to explode upwards. The hulking Diamyo would do similar as he would let out a monstrous roar, charging head-on at the Kazekage. The two forces would clash, causing an explosion of opposing chakras to wash over the area.


Roku would let out two sighs. The first would be of relief, that his plan to distract long enough for Katsuo to get to Ishii worked. The second sigh was because he was no longer alone. His eyes would glance to the side as one of the First Children would appear before him. The thing was a mixture of human and animal, and the feeling it gave off was dark and disgusting. This thing was not like him, not like his siblings in the Sovereign, no, this thing was something far more wicked.

"The fuck you want, cutie?"

The Child would let out a screech as chakra would instantly begin to clock its body. It would be in that instance that the Sennin would notice something odd. It would appear that the creature wasn't just powering up with its own chakra. From the pieces of the Unbent that laid around them, even from the very sand itself, it seemed that it was drawing forth chakra from its surroundings. At a rate that was very similar to Juu's ability.

"What the hell are you..."

And with that, the beast would charge at the Sennin at a blistering speed that was almost too fast for even his eyes to keep up with. It would seem that these Children would not be any less, if not more, of a headache than the Sovereign. Explosions and flames would spark up in the night sky as snarls and screeches would mix in with the madness as the Sennin and the Fatalist would be locked in combat. The impact of their physical attacks would ring out like thunder.

"Nao, that is the boy, correct?"

During the following moments, Nao had been checking out all of the current scenarios unfolding. He was curious about the fate of the Sovereign, the battle of Katsuo and now he turned his attention to one of his favorite toys. He would smirk and nod to the Otokage.

"Yes, Grand Master. That is the child I was grooming, yes."

"What do you wish to do with him now?"

"Same thing I have been doing... observe him. This should bring about something beautiful. Besides, I still have to take care of something."

Nao would smirk as he would turn his attention to the gaping hole where the Sovereign once stood. From out of the darkness, a figure would come leaping up and back onto the surface. A blade would be clutched tightly in its bandaged hand.


Ichi, whose bandages were not only dirty from the falling and debris associated with the fall but covered in blood from his battle with The Swarm, would take off charging to the traitorous ex-Sovereign member. Nao would merely stamp his foot on the ground as a pulse of dark purple chakra would stretch out in a radius around him. From the ground, three decomposing Sand Wolves would emerge. Nao would stamp once more as the chakra the would pulsate, this time in a more directed manner, to the three wolves. Once the energy reached them, it would begin to coat them as their mangled skeletal bodies would start to be drawn towards one another. Once connecting, the revenant animals would begin to merge and form a new ghastly figure. The monster of bone and death would take off as Ichi would charge as well. Another clash would be occurring within this chaotic night.

And while the three battles raged on, all three would be met with a climactic moment at roughly the same time. The skilled Ichi would, after a brief moment of feeling out his opponent, cleanly slice the beast's neck and send its skull-like head collapsing to the ground. Meanwhile, Katsuo and the Daimyo would trade powerful blows until finally, utilizing his uncanny accuracy and immense physical strength, coupled with the weakened state of the Daimyo, the Kazekage would drive his blade through the heart of Ishii. Lastly, the battle between the Child and Sennin would be rather deadlocked until finally, one would land a decisive blow on the other. The Sennin's vision would blur and be lessened by half, as the Child would send its claw-like hand tearing through the side of his face. Blood would erupt from the head wound of Roku as he would kick himself backward and away from the Child. The Child, amused, would like the blood from its nails and slowly, and methodically, start to make its way towards the injured Sennin.

Before the beast could get any closer, a metallic item would protrude from the ground. This random occurrence would cause the beast to be slightly confused, and what would follow would only confuse him greater as a figure would come exploding from the sands. Landing upon its feel there would be the sound of a "grrrrt---clack" as the metallic body of the newcomer would seem to settle. Between Roku and the Child, would now be the other Roku of the Sovereign. The metallic Sovereign member would open its mouth and send a stream of intense fire rocketing towards the Child, causing the beast to raise its arms up and brace for the impact. The blast would send the creature tumbling backward as the New Roku would turn to the now-injured Former Roku.

"Don't take this the wrong way... this isn't about helping you. It's about hurting them."

The Sennin would nod to his sibling as he would place his hand over his injured, and still bleeding eye. He would not have time to spend on using one of his weaker medical jutsu, so he would do the only thing he could think of at the time. Placing fire chakra into his palm, he would press it down upon the mangled side of his face, cauterizing the biggest portion of the massive wound. The shock would almost send him into blacking out, but the Sennin would fight that feeling and would remain standing. His remaining eye was now bloodshot and sunken in, his breath was heavy and slow, and his body was starting to sag. The flames that covered his body were even starting to die down. It seemed that he would not have much longer within this world.

Metal Roku would take off at full speed, a much slower speed than the Sunan Roku, but still, one that would allow him to be upon the Child without much delay. The two figures would engage in a series of tradeoffs of attacks, neither really seeming to have the upper hand. While not of the same purity, it seemed that the Sovereign had happened to punch above their weight class. They were made by Nao, but many of them had modified the modified power bestowed upon them by the mad scientist and his Academy. The Metal Roku was one of them, as his body was more of his own creation than it was Nao's by this point, and it was the very reason he was moving at the rate he was, he was not limited by Nao's underhandedness as much as the others. Yet, the Child would always be destined to overpower the Sovereign member. Their difference was finite. It was inevitable. As they continued to battle, the winged humanoid would quickly start to take advantage, and it would realize it. A joyful expression would be upon its face as he started to slam his fist into the metallic body of Number 6. The punches being delivered with such a force that they would start to dent in the artificial body of the Sovereign. The metallic Roku would embrace the next punch, and then quickly take hold of the fist. Like a trap being sprung, his grip would tighten around the beast's hand. Like a cornered animal, it would start to flail about in hopes of gaining freedom, instead, it would only find shade. The shade of a body being directly behind it.

"Took you long enough..."

The Sennin Roku, standing behind the Child, would have both of his hands, palms exposed towards the head of the beast, would release two streams of a blue fire that would engulf the head of the beast. The energy of the blast would be something that was infused with not only more of the chakra stolen from Juu but also with his raw emotion, his own soul. The intensity was so strong, even the Metal Roku's skin started to melt, but within a few moments, it would be all over. The headless Child would fall to the ground as silence would sweep over the area. Roku, with his one remaining eye, would look around, along with the Metal Roku, as they would notice the eyes of the remaining First Children would be affixed to them. Unlike The Swarm, the Children seemed to carry bonds. They seemed to feel the loss of a comrade.


Dominus would finally make his next move as he burst forth from his position with a beeline towards the Kazekage, who still had his sword plunged into the heart of the Daimyo. Within an instant, an ax would manifest within his grasp and then would tear through the Daimyo, tearing the chunk of his body from his heart over to his left arm cleanly off. Caliburn would remain lodged in the body as Katsuo would jump back away from the armored foe. The Daimyo, with blood erupting from his body, would let out a wicked scream as his chakra began to swell up once more. Dominus would ignore Ishii as his eyes would turn only to Katsuo.

"Descendant of the Sunahoshi. I have waited centuries to see to the end of your line... a line "Blessed" while others were forsaken! I wished to have your line witness as I brought this land to ruin... but it seems you will die, your line will end, well before I get to have my fun with this country.<i></i>"

As this was playing out, three separate other instances had once yet again unfolded upon this scene. First, Ichi would raise his blade to an unbudging Nao. There would not be fear in the eyes of Nao, there would not be remorse, there would no sweat covering his face, there was nothing but his smirk. The smirk that irritated Ichi to no end. His blade would thrust forward and the sound of flesh being toward would be heard. The eyes of Ichi would remain locked on the gaze of now, whose expression had finally changed. It had changed to that of pure delight. From the mouth of Ichi, blood would begin to sputter out as his eyes looked down towards the bone spear that was jutting through his chest. His blade would fall.

"Don't worry #1... I will make sure not to waste any of you... you still have a purpose in my eyes."

The second thing that seemed to happen at almost the same time would be the Sennin from Sand appear before Kageoni, his Journeyman and his Oracle. The flame cloaked Sennin would smirk as he would glance at the three of them, not immediately knowing who Kageoni was or his affiliation with Tea Country and their Sound Village.

"A mask, a girl, and a big pale guy... what a trio...<i></i>" his words held some of his normal swagger, but there was also heavy overtones of strain and stress. It was clear that his body, even running on the power stolen from Juu, was starting to run out.

Before the Journeyman of Chaos could react, the Sennin would erupt into a series of birds as he would utilize Flock of Shadows to remove himself from the oncoming attack. Kageoni's expression would not change for the most part, except for one brow would arch upward. What was the point of that, would seem to be the question lingering upon his mind.

The last thing to happen would be Roku, the metallic Sovereign member, letting out a howl as he witnessed the impaling of his mentor, Ichi. His eyes would begin glow as heat could be felt coming off his body. The intensity would rise so fast that not only would his body take on a glowing red tint, but the very ground below him would turn into glass where he happened to step. As he would seemingly be gearing up to rush forward at the bone golem that had injured the man he looked up to, another would approach him. He would not have noticed had it not been for the tapping of a blade upon his shoulder. His eyes would focus on the figure next to him; Number 8 stood there, covered in dirt and sand, with a weary smirk upon his face. It seemed that another had survived the fall. The two of them would nod before taking off towards Nao.

As those three random moments ended, Dominus would send his ax tearing down in an attempt to cleave Katsuo in two. Without his Caliburn, the Kazekage would have to think fast as he would parry they attack and then with great speed would appear next to the metal-clad enemy. Without another word, the leader of Suna would fire off a punch with such a high level of precision and speed that it would almost sound like a cannon firing (Precision Strike/Fist of Sin: Pride). The strike would not take Dominus off of his feet, as it would have for almost any other opponent, but it would cause a crack to form in his helmet. Quickly, the head of the armored enemy would snap towards Katsuo and would instantaneously follow with a swipe of his ax. The Kage would avoid the attack but would find himself losing his footing slightly as Dominus, using a speed that seemed to defy his appearance, would appear upon the Sunahoshi. His ax would not only be raised, but it would also already be in a swinging motion.

<COLOR color="#FF0000">There would only be the sound of flesh tearing, bone cracking and blood splurting...
To Be Concluded in Chapter 4


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Mar 16, 2013
Chapter 4: A New Era
The ax would lower with a tremendous amount of force. It would make contact, there would be absolutely no doubt in that as blood would immediately splatter across the sands. Flesh would be torn and bone would perish from the blade colliding with it. It would be a devastating blow.

The day Roku was given the title of Sennin was one in which he played off cool, but it was honestly the happiest day in his life, that he could remember. It was more than just an appointment, it was an acknowledgment that all of the work he had been putting in for the village. The efforts during the Cabal invasion, the literal killing himself to attempt to save the village, and then all of the effort and time he had put into his dealing with the Sovereign. Sure, he wasn't the primary hero for any of that, and maybe that is how his story would be, never the hero but always helpful. It was a strange thing. There was always an emptiness about it. Yet, being assigned as Sennin by the village was the first time, in a time when he was learning about his mysterious upbringing, that he truly felt accepted and valued by not just the village, but by another. Sousuke was someone he would have given his life for, he always saw himself as the right hand of the Steward-Kazekage. When Katsuo took over the mantle, he wasn't as sure... but he did know that in an effort to support the wishes and belief of the man who believed in him, Sousuke, he would reward it by becoming an asset of the new Kazekage. Even if most of his work was done in secret, he would remain loyal to the place that he finally felt like was home. He wasn't sure if he would ever hold the same loyalty that he held for Sousuke with Katsuo, that he would ever serve as his right hand, but he would do his best. To serve two Kage's in such a short amount of time, it was a whirlwind.
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The ax of Dominus would slam into the ground as its momentum finally stopped. The scene before him would be a rather peculiar one as Sunahoshi Katsuo stood before him, albeit further away than originally, still completely whole. The eyes of Dominus, hidden behind the grated mask he wore, would glance over to the other figure now next to him, the Sennin Roku. Within the moment that Roku had used his body-switching technique, Flock of Shadows, to escape the attempted attack of the Chaos Journeyman, he would reappear between Katsuo and Dominus. Reacting as quick as he could, he would send his right arm thrusting outwards to push the Kage as hard as he could away from the area. There would not be time for any further reactions, aside from merely watching the events unfold. The ax would tear into his appendage, his exposed arm, and easily tear through it from just above the elbow joint. The arm would come crashing down to the ground with a sickening thud, as the blood of the Sennin would continue to rush out of his body. His would remaining eye would turn to the Kazekage, seeing to it that he had been saved before turning itself to the severed arm of his below. He had sacrificed his right arm for the Kazekage. The blood loss, the chakra loss, the loss of parts of his own body, would all finally catch up to Roku, as he would slowly slump over before finally collapsing to the ground.

Dominus' attention would return to Katsuo. Katsuo's attention would remain on the fallen Sennin. It would not be certain, behind his mask, what the Kazekage was expressing until he began to make his next set of moves. Holding his arm out to his side, as if trying to grasp at an invisible force, he would take off running towards Dominus.

"That is the spirit, Sunahoshi Successor."

The ax of the mad relic of the First Men would rise up out of the sand and once more be hoisted up into the air.

"Rush towards your demise."

At the moment that Katsuo was nearing Dominus, the armored menace would once more send his ax swinging downward. From the exposed outstretched hand of the Kazekage Caliburn would suddenly manifest itself, as if being supernaturally beckoned back to his side. The blade would appear just in time to catch the head of the ax. The two opposing forces, not just the sword vs the ax but Katsuo vs Dominus, would once more cause pulsing of clashing chakra. This time, however, it would be a much stronger and more violent experience than when Katsuo and Ishii clashed. The putrid chakra of Dominus battled with the royal chakra of the Sunahoshi. The impact was so great, that it seemed like the very environment around them was changing, as the night sky seemed to light up and the clouds overhead of them seemed to part.

While this standoff was occurring, Metal Roku and Hachi would find themselves still approaching the collection of Nao, the body of Ichi, the remains of a bone-based golem, and Kageoni's group.

"Do you have a plan?"

"Kill them all."

"*Sigh*...that isn't much of a plan. I'm not big on "no-win" situations."

The still battered metallic Roku would shrug off the pessimism of his fellow Sovereign member. Number 8 was generally quiet within group situations, in one-on-one scenarios he could be talkative. He, however, kept to himself and just sort of playing his role in Soon's. Yet, when you did work with him, his work ethic could rub you the wrong way. He wanted to plan and be meticulous. Roku clashed with him, as he wanted to improvise and destory. He was demolition and Hachi was an assassin, and as such, he would do as a demolition man would do. As he approached the group, Metal Roku would inhale deeply before opening his mouth and unleashing a torrent of flames.

The Journeyman of Oracles of Chaos would quickly move to in front of Kageoni as they would quickly construct chakra barriers to block the incoming wave of fire. Kageoni would not react to this, but he would react.

"Quit playing these games. I've grown tired."

Metal Roku was not necessarily interested in the words of the Otokage, so he continued to unleash his flames. His eyes were firmly on the downed body of his mentor, Ichi. His focus was to kill everyone and anyone that stood in his way to get his revenge. This was a very personal matter. Maybe that was another thing he didn't like about Hachi. Hachi never seemed to take anything personal. He was detached, it's part of the reason he was a good assassin. Another reason he was a good assassin was because his targets never saw him coming. Like Metal Roku. He never saw the arms of Hachi sliding past his outstretched neck and producing a ninja wire. He never saw the arms pull back, cutting the slack in the wire, pulling not only his neck shut but his head back, but once all these things happened he would be very aware as the flames spewing from him would now get backed up in his neck. If his reaction had been a bit quicker he might have been able to stop the jutsu sooner, but he would not be fast enough this time and the fire caught inside him would cause his neck to expand. Smoke would begin to bellow from his ear holes and eye socket as his eyes would turn solid white and his body would slump to the ground as Hachi released the ninja wire.

"Apologies, Grand Master. I wasn't sure the best means to kill someone like him." Kageoni would wave off the apology as he would turn his eyes back to Dominus and Katsuo.

The clashing of the chakra would continue as not only did Katsuo's energy begin to pour out, but Caliburn was also pouring their own chakra into this duel. It would probably be the reason that Katsuo had not already been overpowered, or it might have also had something to do with Dominus not being at full strength. Either way, the Kazekage was putting up more of a fight than Dominus was expecting, more than the onlooking Kageoni was expecting. Yet, the longer the conflict went on, the more Dominus would take control. The push from the dark figure would cause Katsuo begin to get pushed back, his feet would start to drag and dig into the sand. Things would continue to head in the wrong direction for the Kazekage, momentum was clearly going towards Dominus at breakneck speed.

And then it would finally happen, Dominus' ax would finally break through. First, Caliburn, under the weight of armored villain's might would shatter. From there, the ax would travel unimpeded and slash across the armored chest of Katsuo. The gash would be deep enough to tear into the actual flesh of the Kazekage as blood would begin to splatter and leak to the ground below the him. Dominus would not waste another moment talking as he would raise his ax once more, this time high above his head with both hands grasped upon it. Katsuo would look up, still clasping the hilt of the now broken Caliburn, and begin to cough violently as blood would start to erupt from his mouth and fill his lungs. It would not be much longer before this was all over for the leader of Sand. It would take a miracle to reverse this... and then something would hit Dominus from behind cause him to turn his head.

Through the grates in his helmet, he would notice what had hit him. It hadn't been a weapon or a jutsu, no, it was a severed arm. Dominus' eyes would leave the arm and then push further back to the now standing Sennin Roku would would be smirking and holding an item in his left hand he would quickly slip onto his ring finger.

"Right hand of the Kazekage... bitch."

Dominus would not be amused at the abominations gumption, but he would be taken off guard. Not merely by the act of a severed arm being thrown at him, but by the pierce sensation he felt plunging into his left side. His head would snap back around and look down to see the remaining blade of Caliburn stabbed into his side, cutting into just below, if not slightly on, where one of his kidney's would be located. A putrid black blood would begin to ooze out from around the blade caught within his body and from the openings in his helmet. Katsuo would begin to twist the hilt of the blade as Dominus would merely grunt but would offer no further sounds of pain.

"You think this will be enough to extinguish the flame of hatred that burns within me... Last of the Sunahoshi?"

Katsuo would rip the metallic helmet that was covering his own head so he could look upon Dominus with his own eyes.

"Doesn't matter. I have landed the first blow... my village... Sunagakure no Sato... will finish the job. I am staking my life on it."

Dominus, who still held the ax above his head, would readjust his positioning of the ax and prepare to once more bring it down upon Katsuo to finish off the Kazekage. Instead, he would once more be interrupted, but this time it would not be a severed limb, it would actually be a jutsu. The backside of Dominus would erupt in blue flames, a combination of the "Eyes" of Roku and his attunement to fire. This would cause Dominus to break away from the Kage and attempt to get the literal flames upon extinguished.

"Well... I will go ahead and say it... this was a really shitty idea, boss." Roku would say this words with a chuckle that would only exemplify the pain he was probably feeling as he stood before Katsuo covered in dirt and blood, missing an arm and an eye. "But it is time for you to get the hell outta here. Go prepare the village."

Katsuo would place the broken Caliburn back into its hilt. "I cannot do that... you know that... I have to finish this. Head back, I can hold them off. Let Sousuke know that I am sorry I won't be able to hold up the mantle like he was hoping" and with that, Katsuo would grasp the collar of Roku. A chakra, a mixture of the Kazekage's own chakra and a remenant of Mikaboshi's chakra would start to be expelled from Katsuo's body. His left eye would turn inverted in color as he would smile to his Sennin. "Also, this was your damn idea..."

He would then use his newfound strength to throw the Sennin away from him and give him some distance, as Dominus, now without a fire upon his body, would slowly start to make his way towards him. The two would once more lock themselves into a clash as Godsfall would tremble in their presence. With each attack, the environment would react violently until finally the ground would give out and the two warriors, Katsuo and Dominus, would go sinking into the darkness below, back into the Devil's Ascent.

Kageoni would sneer at the sight. "A thorn in the side until the very end. Yuji, go retrieve Dominus for me."

A group of human-like to monstrous figures would appear before the Otokage. One of the more human looking members would approach Kageoni.

"We will claim our Father."

The Grand Master of Sound would nod to the initiative. "Yuji, collect the Kazekage instead. The rest of you, you know what my wishes are, so see to it that it is done. Burn this country to the ground and let me know when it is ready to be remade anew. I look forward to your success."

"I will be traveling to the fabled 'Hammerfall', once I find its location. I will use their 'hope' against them" the masked Journeymen of Chaos would say.

"I will head to Babylos to find out if the Tower still holds their 'secret'. If it does, I will secure it. I will continue my watching from there" would be the words that came from the small frame of the Oracle of Chaos.

Kageoni would nod to them as he would turn his attention to Nao. Nao would merely smirk.

"I will be collecting some old toys to make new ones... I also have a very bad child I need to pick up and teach some lessons."

And with that, one of the most chaotic nights in recent history would, over considerable amount of time, grow silent. In the wake of it, a Kazekage, a Sennin, the leader of an army of Unbent, the entirity of the Sovereign, and the Daimyo were either missing, dead, or on the verge of death. No matter the specifics, the damage had been done. The gears had been forced in motion, and there was no longer any way to stop it now. Times were changing and the world within this country would be changing with it. The events tonight would have ramifications on not only Sunagakure no Sato, but various others factions and groups within these setting...
-------------------------------------------------------------------2 hours later-------------------------------------------------------------------

The Sennin, Roku, who had carried himself much further than he thought he would have been able to do, had finally come to a stopping spot. Using his thumb to twist the ring he had saved from his severed arm, he would summon forth his bird summon. He would smirk to the bird before pulling a small chakra orb from his temple.

"Take this to Sousuke..."

The bird would let out a sadden squawk. He would smile at the bird but would only shoo it away as he would collapse to a sitting position. "They... they are almost here... so get the fuck outta here you... shitty bird..."

His words would not hold malice as the bird would reluctantly leave the scene. Roku, who had been through so much and had attempted to do so much to right the wrongs of a past he had never known, to protect the place that had accepted him even though he was an outside, and the people he had come to know as family more so than anything blood related, would finally complete his long work. It wasn't perfect, it wasn't the ending he was expecting, but he had done all he could. It was now time for a new person to take on this responsibility, a new era would be needed to save this place. But that is just how life was, and deep down, it made him happy. It was finally time to rest. His eyes would close as his body would go still.

"Go, hunt down the bird." Several zomibified soldiers would nod at the command as they would take off after the bird summon.

Nao would calmly make his way over to the fallen body of Roku.

"Don't you go sleeping now. You aren't done yet... Sensō. We are just getting started..." and ominous laugh would follow.
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-------------------------------------------------------------------A day later-------------------------------------------------------------------

A bird, covered in blood with bone like spears impaled through it would come crashing down at the front of the Kazekage tower. The Snapshot it held, one containing a recording of the entirety of the night before from Roku's persepctive would roll out of his clutches as the bird would continue it's labored breathing, awaiting someone to take on the note of its master.
-------------------------------------------------------------------A week later-------------------------------------------------------------------
In Suna:
Sousuke and Kazuki, the remaining Sennins, are now aware of what had transpired out in Godsfall. Within the village, whispers have started to circulate about the "death" of the Kazekage but no official word had been made.

Within Tea Country:
Within the Otokage Temple, Kageoni calls a meeting with the generals of his Village Hidden in Sound, the three highest figures outside of the Otokage himself, his three forbidden masters.

"My Sennin."

"Our Grand Master."
"Our Grand Master."
"Our Grand Master."

Kageoni would wave for them to remove themselves from their prostrating position and "After some considerable delay, it appears our future in our homeland is once more becoming a reality. A relic from our past will deal with the present... and we will claim the future. As I have promised you all, and your ancestors before you, since our founding. Since our exile."

There would be cheers and yelling as the Otokage would merely provide a snake-like grin upon his throne. Elsewhere within Otogakure no Sato, Nao would be working away in a lab, several human sized class contains laid sprawled around the room.

"It has been awhile, actually far too long. It is nice to be... home. Isn't that right, my little Number Six...""

In the Devil's Ascent:<i></i>
Within the Temple of Homura, a temple formed within an active volcano that lies beneath the surface of the country, Dominus would raise up from his own thrown. Beneath him a sprawling and rabid nest of Unbent, his Swarm, would fall deathly silent. A feminine figure in a mask, the Ranger of Chaos, would approach him.

"So you seemed to have recovered from your fight with the Kazekage.</COLOR><i></i>"

"The fight was not taxing, the fall was far more damaging.<i></i>"

"Oh yea, and what of that shard of his sword that still rests in your side?<i></i>"

"Whatever material, whatever cursing he did to that weapon, it has affixed itself within me and nothing we have attempted can dislodge it. It is like the tiny piece of metal has a mind of its own. Either way, in the grand scheme... it was merely a minor inconvenience. What of your task. Have you found me the Last of the Sunahoshi? <i></i>"

"You just go about destroying this place. I have one of my best men on the job for the Kazekage. Whether he is dead or alive, I firmly believe this man will find him.<i></i>"

"Very well... MY CHILDREN! MY SWARM! To the surface! It is time for this country to know us. It is time for the country to remember us! It is time for this country to pay us the debt that they owe us!!! TO THE SURFACE!<i></i>"

The monsters would let out a joint, thunderous cheer as they would become active once more and The Swarm would start to flood out of the underground temple and into the tunnels of the Underground Highway or to the surface.

Within the Diamond Ocean:

Within a meeting room in the Golden Sanctuary sat various individuals.

"It appears the Daimyo has been defeated or at least forced to retreat and go into hiding within his palace. The rumors are he has lost his Sovereign, has lost his generals, and is now desperate."

"What good is he to us weakened like that?"

"He isn't, my brother. It is time we finally step out of the shadows and take this country for ourselves. He was a good partner as we rebuilt, his influence allowed us to return to not only our height but to surpass our numbers from the past... we owe much to the Daimyo, but we owe more to ourselves. His "Network" will need new control, so give the orders: we are now in control of the "Network" and if any other gangs or organizations do not heed that warning, we will be removing them and everyone that is touched by them from this world. Or worse."

There would be a mixture of laughs and cheers.

"The San Fang will rise once more!!!"

Within The Palace of the Glorious Immortal:

A heavily bandaged Ishii Shiro begins to yell at a member of his remaining staff.

"Are we able to produce more Sovereign!?"

"Without the guidance of Master Nao.... I mean, the traitor, Nao, I fear we will only be able to create sub-optimal variants at best.... if only we had pieces of the old Sovereign to utilize..."

A smirk would appear upon the face of Shiro.

"Prep me a retrieval squad, I think there is a way to learn Nao's secrets still within this country."

Within ?????

A figure, with most of his exposed body covered in bandages, made his way through one of the countless corridors underneath the surface of Wind Country. He would come to a pause as he would jab is blade into something that he spotted upon the ground and would raise it up to inspect it. At the end of his blade would be a metallic piece of armor that looked like it had broken off of the set Sunahoshi Katsuo wore for battles. The figure would smile.

"Still alive... or dead? Guess it doesn't matter, either way we have unfinished business..."

His hunt would continue...

And with that, an era would end a new era would begin. A return to chaos would now engulf Wind Country as various factions and groups would fight not only for dominance but merely survival. Will you be able to weather this storm? Will you perish in the madness? Can you, can the village, can the country survive this second coming of the Chaos Era?!

This story is now in your hands, brave players of the Sand Community!!!

Good luck...

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With this, the Event has officially started. Welcome to Suna/Wind Country 2.0 >=)

Official Retirement thread: Sunahoshi Katsuo - Permission given in Sand Council Discord
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