Endeavours Towards Enlightenment [NPC Passport Request]

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May 28, 2019
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aizen_gisei.jpgKumogakure’s medical team was led by the finest practitioner in the land. The village was in such good hands it was time Gisei took a leave of absence from his busy life. Slowly venturing away from the path of a Harvester he decided to focus on more experimental ideologies. Long fingers coiled around the knob into the office that dealt with passports. A slow creak of the door echoed throughout the office. The lack of bodies within the room was a stroke of sheer luck. Brown hues eyed the room up and down. Noticing thin layers of dust piling on the shelves and untouched books. It must have been a slow few months for issuing travel visas to ninja and travellers alike.

The towering man sauntered over towards the receptionist desk. With a smile and leaning inward he confessed his intentions. “Hello, I’d like to request a passport to travel please.” Slipping a free hand into his chest pocket on his white kimono Gisei pulled out a form he previously filled out before arriving. “I intend to venture far outward to gain scientific research. A wide variety from botany to ecology as well as Genjutsu and clan research. I’ll be gone for a while but won’t hesitate to check in.” Placing the form on the table that friendly smile remained on his lips.

Passport Form
Name: Chihiro Gisei
Rank: Chuunin+ (Medical Branch)
Reason: Scientific Research
Destination(s): Small villages, Fire Country, Wind Country
Expected Duration: 2+ years. Will check in Semi Annually.
Companions: None.
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