Ninpocho Admin

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Jan 15, 2013
Ninpocho Chronicles is an online role-playing game. The two key things to that description are role-playing and game. People come here to have fun taking on the personas of others and playing out a varied cast of people on this website. To handle the fact that fights come up but few people would willingly let their character die, we made a battle system.

Most of our players use this as it was meant to be. They play their roles and enjoy their time here and never have an admin even look twice at them. Some might have trouble doing the game right but they try and we do our best to help. Some do not, however, have any intention of playing out a role but instead simply wait until they have enough power to fight. If they seem to enjoy fighting then usually they're left alone.

A small group goes past the point of reason. They do their best to make other people's time on this game less enjoyable. They hide behind a high power and attack only those against whom victory is assured. These people are known as griefers because of the problems that they cause.

Ninpocho Chronicles has had its share of griefers, and they have left or been banned for various reasons along the way. It was now decided that such people are not acceptable as they are bad for the game itself. To make an evil character is fine, but to make a dozen evil characters and never get in a fair role play unless you're trying to fight someone to the death is not.

Please note that players have already been banned for this kind of behavior. When the level of griefing done by one person causes the game to lose players, then the administrative team can and will take the necessary precautions to ensure new players are not being constantly preyed upon. It is our job to do so.

To the remaining bad boys of NC, It is fine if you RP your characters. Just don't make every single one around the basis of killing people who have not even been here for months.

~The Administrative Team