Head of Staff Rules

Ninpocho Admin

Staff member
Jan 15, 2013
The Heads of various teams have long gone without a set limit on their powers. Admin has seen this oversight and rectified it. The follow rules apply to those who head the staff teams of NC:
  • The heads cannot simply override their team except in extreme situations. Admin reserves any and all right to review said situations and poor judgement on the part of said Head could result in loss of position.
  • They cannot ignore the team when making decisions except in extreme situations. Same deal, but this means they can't just release new things or make decisions and leave their team just as surprised as anyone else. This includes adding to the team.
  • The team will vote on a replacement Head should the current Head step down. The Heads do not pick their own replacement.
  • If someone is not working up to standard, a Head may remove them without a vote. Abuse of this power will not be tolerated. Period.
  • The Head is to provide guidance to the teams, but not order which things are to be approved or denied. Similarly, they can discontinue discussion on an idea. Similar to 1, good judgement will be needed as admin can and will look into such situations as they arise.