Here we are again. [Open]

Uchiha Asuka

Leaf Main Branch Sennin
Feb 20, 2018
Kill Switch
Asuka was sitting in her favorite Dango restaurant, trying to finish her plate of Dangos. Sitting in front was a girl identical to Asuka, sprawled across the seat was Rayne. Leaning against the wall, eating her own food. Not much words were spoken between them, there wasn't a need too. Rayne had lived in Asuka's head for quite a while but now that she was out and about there was not much that needed to be said between them. Although she could be someone who talked a lot and no didn't care who it hurt. I don't understand this kind of food." She spoke looking at the Dongo "It's so small... and it's weird how to cook it."

Asuka gave a small smile, looking up at her old friend. She always had a funny way to make Asuka smile, small things like that. In that sense it doesn't need much but it was nice. "It's delicious, soft and doesn't give you a stomach ache." She said ordering another round of dango's. Plus more tea. "It doesn't need much yet it's extremely delicious."

Rayne laughed, holding her hand to her mouth. "That I can get behind with. Besides, it's weird to... eat." Asuka laughed "Was never the intention."