Private Just Another Night


Feb 7, 2013
Kill Switch

Uziuke looked towards the sky, the view of the stars were amazing. A few clouds were carried by the wind eastward, revealing a crescent moon in the sky. Uziuke looked down to the small pup that was causing all that commotion back on the dance floor. The boy gave a quick chuckle as the pup continued to happily wag it's tail and bark at the boy. "It's tough to hear you over the music." Uziuke bent down and tied the pup to a post. He placed the bowl of dog food before the pup as it went face first into it's food. Uziuke gently pet the dog on the head. "I'll talk to Jim and see if he'll let you be our mascot. What do you say?"

[ Flashback ]

"Aww, come on. They're eating him up out there. I'm sure a special guest for the night wouldn't hurt much." The light hearted Uchiha kind of brushed off the situation at hand.

"Yeah, but it isn't supposed to be in the building. Make sure you get it out of here before the darn thing steals the show."

"Orders are orders." Uziuke shrugged and gave a quick salute.

[ /Flashback ]

Uziuke looked back to the pup that was now tied to a night light near the entrance of the night club. It tuckered itself out barking, challenging the loud music flooding from the club to a "Who's louder" contest. He looked to the crowded streets of The Silver District. The hustle and bustle of the night life always surprised the boy. The night life of the Mist Village wasn't as entertaining. If Uziuke wasn't out training, he'd patrol the village.

As the boy continued his shift and watched over the sleeping pup he got a few waves and smiles from civilians passing through the area. He never expected to become a Suna Shinobi, but the shinobi life was something that he couldn't stray away from.

[ MFT | WC: +300 ]​