Himemiya Kou

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Apr 26, 2018
Kou smiled lightly as she entered the library, a familiar place that she spent some of her academy time in. The smell of the vast endless knowledge excited the girl as she was engulfed by the towering bookshelves. She slowly skimmed the book, slowly reading the spines trying to find something interesting to pick up and read.

She stopped a few times on her journey, taking a book or two out of the rows and read the first few pages to see if it would interest her before she put it back and continued on. Now, she had 2 large books in her arms as she rounded the corner and into the next section of books, and continued her ritual of book finding. Once she had 5 books in her arms, she went all the way in the back and sat down. Kou took the first book off the top, Icha Icha #1, and began to read. She quickly got addicted to the plot of the steamy romance series, reading the next 3 in the series. Her cheeks flushing a bright red the whole time. She was surprised when her eyes danced across the passionate words of a love. Her heart had skipped a lot, afraid to get caught by an adult or one of her teammates. God that would be embarrassing for the young girl.

Kou cleared her throat, not at all aware at how loud she was being, she stood and gathered her books and returned them to their previous place before she left to return home.