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Oct 23, 2012
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A thick plume of steamy breath slowly rose skyward as Mizu exhaled. Her expression was wayward and her mission derailed. She was hunting a creature, something flow, something old, she did so with her companion, Xaiyu the bold. This one’s interesting so listen to this tale, a story of Mizu and Xaiyu, little monsters who prevailed.

The thing she was hunting had gone and slipped away. But Mizu was a tracker and would not let it get away. Her search would end in an unfamiliar town, she had to turn in as the sun had gone down. Of the land as it was the most opportune time, for a creature of darkness to be on the grind. It would be to dangerous to be caught of guard, so the two turned in, searching at night was just to hard.

The crisp night air was refreshing and comforting, as one might expect from a mother that is loving and smothering. Such as nature her rules she would lay, you follow them closely if you wanted to survive the day. Stars twinkled with a shiny shimmering spark, bedazzling light across the metaphysical dark. This was the time most looked forward to see, the day finally ending so they can just be. Work had ended and so some would rest, while others went out looking their best. They drink and they sing and all was merry, not knowing at all that in the shadows lurked something scary. For people weren’t the only thing roaming around, something dark and ugly had come to town. To hunt under cover of darkness and safety from the sun, was the creature’s MO, it found this fun. In fact the night primarily belonged to the beasts, little did they know it was here to feast.

From the balcony of her room our hero would sit, breaking the dark was her cigarette that was lit. She’d watch the town from up above, the streets were dark well kind of. Walking alone was a woman in blue, who strolled the streets at night without a clue. From up above she could be seen, until she turned from sight and then a scream. Mizu jumped up and slips a curse word, for she was startled by what she had heard. Xaiyu’s ears perked and Mizu would nod, they’d ban together as a squad. They’d leap from the balcony with sword in one hand, bouncing on beams the ground they would land. Drawing their blades they would swiftly cut a corner, lucky to say the woman in blue was still a loner. She had not been eaten, cut or died, simply backed into a corner and their she cried. She pointed onward saying it went that way, Mizu scurried ahead without delay. A sudden and quick blur of movement caught her attention. The tip of a white tail whipping a corner I think I should mention. Over a nearby alley was all the proof that she had, that something was lurking angry and mad. With a raised eyebrow she thought to herself, I finally found you and your head belongs on my shelf. She approached with caution, a slow pace walk. Not a minute to soon, a race against the clock. With blade in one hand she would finally make her stand.

She would face the monster and what she would find, something smelly, something old and something grime. It had eight great legs and wide red eyes, with fangs this big, bigger than mine. A formless creature scramble about. It leaped right at them with an open spout. Now this is the part that is interesting you see, because they were in trouble and the hero is me! This creature was from a realm of mythical creatures, a world I call home with mystical features. Their eyes would widen when I appeared, they had never before seen a fox so great and revered. The great white coat so silky and smooth, I stood on all fours and made my move. I said stand back humans this is not your fight, this creature won’t go silently into the night. They would hear me this I can tell, but follow my instructions, this they did unwell. They plunged into the monster and I was in shock, for what humans could stand against a creature from my block. I stepped back from their way and watched them work, they were doing just fine which made me smirk. The creature would howl with all its might. It grew angry and was ready to fight. I feared for the humans they were in my way, but then I noticed something odd and I’m happy to say. They were not as human as I once thought, I could tell by their appearance as they fought. The one named Mizu fierce and fair, lead the charge with long red hair. She had two sets of ears, one human on fox. She had the strength of ten men, as strong as an ox.Her partner and companion I learned was Xaiyu, this one was familiar, a kitsune I knew. She was from my world and like me she was here, this made me comfortable as I was among my peers. But then I noticed the creature strike back, and Xaiyu would fall flat on her back. I raised an eyebrow as Xaiyu was strong, but to be pushed so hard I knew something was wrong. She had lost her power, she had lost her might, so I lended my aid and I joined the fight. The three of us would make short work of are foe, would combined out a attack and landed a mighty blow. The creature went down and we knew it was over, but people were coming like that game red rover. We had to leave or we would be goners, because people were blind, all they would see is monsters. So I leaned real low so they could hop on my back, then I shuttled them off on horseback. We made it safe, we were out of town, but instead of heading back to my world, I stuck around. I had questions that needed to be asked, they happily obliged as fellow outcast. I wondered what happened to Xaiyu’s power, and who was Mizu the girl of the hour.

We started fire, we potted a stew, and a small pepper flake made Mizu aaaachew! I roared and I rumbled and then I side with delight. And we spun tall tales through the breezy night. As it turned out Mizu wasn’t a being like me, she was of this world as it happens to be. Through experimentation against her will, the stuff of nightmares could cause you to go mentally ill. I gave my condolences to be polite and we spoke more of it through the blustering night. I gave her a compliment for being so strong, especially for a human though perhaps that was wrong. She didn’t identify as one of them, for the prejudice she endures makes her glum. I too can identify with a perspective as such, for the same reason I was not liked much. Are appearance is different from the non mystical of this realm, and humans were ignorant, scared, and to easily overwhelmed. I turned my attention to my old friend Xaiyu, who grew quieter and pretended to season the stew. I asked what was wrong and sorry I did, for what the humans did to her I strictly forbid. She was more than a friend, in a way my kin. So the damage they’ve done stirred a hatred within. They cut her open and removed what was inside, her mystical powers had went bye bye. The humans depraved they did to her what they will, unspeakable things until they had their fill. They hated the humans and it began to show. They would have their vengeance and rightfully so. I did not play the fool I knew what they were planning. A war against the humans I knew it was coming.

So I listened well and paid close attention, to the two little creatures who plotted their ascension. I laughed and I cried and I said well done. The path you’ve have chosen is filled with much fun. If you are planning to fight then I wanted in, to take back the world from the devils within. So their war against the humans had already begun. It was about time the humans hid from the sun. Though I am late to join the party, know that I’m here those bastards will be sorry. I told them both to hold out their hand. They’d form a pact with me, United we’d stand. For their was strength in numbers and they would need all the help they can get, to defeat the humans... are biggest threat. So they did as I asked and a covenant was formed, I’m on your team you aren’t alone anymore. So fret not and call upon me anytime, any enemy of yours is an enemy of mine!

[wc: 1507]
[Contract Search - Using Discovery of Contract of Your Choice card (Fox)]
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tGMSeT9.pngMaru whistled as he walked up the mountain path, a long day at slaving away himself for community service hours. Now it was time for him to get a quick rest before going about his night as a youkai leader which was an easy enough task for him. He decided to walk home instead of calling his Oni to pick him up because he wanted to get the exercise. Walking up these parts he might encounter a monster if the fox was lucky and a blizzard if he wasn't. The fun of being independent was what he wanted, couldn't get that quality time with two strong ogres carrying him around. Especially since he has 13 demonic officers, a few demons who just live with him, a couple children, frogs, living items, and all sorts of unsavory horrors living with him so privacy wasn't an option at his place.

As he walked down the lonely path, his ears perked up after hearing a familiar noise coming off from the distance. Maru stopped, then listened in carefully making sure that what he was hearing was correct and the sound came again. A high pitched fox scream which was something that he wasn't expecting to hear around these parts, he's heard a few screams but not like this one. Maru cupped his hands over his then answered the call with a fox scream of his own. "WAAAAAAAOW!" he yelled back, his voice echoing across the mountains. The fox waited, then he heard a scream in reply to his scream. 'Perfect!' he thought to himself, walking in the direction that he believed the scream was coming from before stopping to scream again. The reply sounded just a little far away now so Maru moved back to where he was since the reply sounded louder where he was. Him and this fox kept screaming into the mountains to find each other. Maru found it weird that the fox he was trading screams with didn't seem to make an attempt at moving towards him. Perhaps it was a fox girl waiting in her home calling to him from the window. A half naked fox girl waiting for him in a cave? Maybe the fox girl was trapped and was likely chased by the dreaded poachers that are after foxtails. Regardless he was going to find this fox no matter what.

A few fox calls later, Maru could hear the reply very close now. So close that the fox figured that he didn't need to do any more calls, but instead he slowly approached a box like figure that he saw sitting on a hill next to a large boulder. Maru smirked at the realization that whatever was calling out to him was trapped in a cage, poor thing. He could even smell the faint smell of an Inari fried tofu which was their favorite meal. As he approached the cage, there in the cage was… a reddish brown and black fox who was standing on his hind legs grappling with the bars. Though the fox wasn't what Maru wanted, the animals weren't at all bad looking. He had a fancy looking black eye mask over its face, black leather glove like.. socks or something over it's paws. It also had a mustache which made the clever animal look sneaky. The animals looking up to Maru cleared it's throat and then spoke.

1605855458592.png"Well well… Took you long enough to find meh my dear friend. So let's cut to the chase" said the mustache-having fox who spoke like a english gentleman but more from the throat which made most of his words sound like 'Arugh.' Very cartoony sounding fox if you asked Maru. "As you can see, from my current situation I am trapped. You get me out of here, you get a pact and I get protection. Sounds good, yes?"

"I would but…. I was expecting a fox girl. Plus you're using my theme song without my permission. I can take you to court for that." Maru complained. Like he got that his fox theme song was the stuff of legends, but to use his song for his own introduction was just plain rude.

"Excuse me! That song is public domain! I read The Fox's Theme, not whatever your nayme's theme!" the caged fox complained. "Besides if you let me out you'll see more fawx lasses than your puny mind could even dream of! Oh did I mention sacred saki?"

Maru thought for a moment, looking at the animal not really knowing if it was telling the truth. It could have known some places where to get some sacred saki from, maybe even knew of some places to meet some fox girls but he just looked sneaky. He thought about it for a moment rubbing his chin trying to come to a decision. "Also I think you should let me name you too. All my pacts have a special name and I know just what I'll call you." Maru offered the fox, leaning over to press the nose of the creature which made a loud squeak when he did. "You allow me to name you, then I'll think about letting you out to… be free and keep your tail." Maru demanded of the caged creature, not really giving him any choice in the matter since it only has two options. Be free and be named something while having to be a familiar to this kyuubi or wait on someone else to come along. The mustache-having fox considered his options but before he had a chance to think Maru again spoke up. "You know, a real bad blizzard is expected to happen sometime today. Nice warm home with deep-fried tofu could be prepared for us in no time."

The fox gave in, mumbling something along the lines of whatever before backing up to let the kyuubi do his thing. Maru, using his enhanced strength, bent the bars of the cage to make a large opening for the fox to crawl through then stood aside. The mustache-having fox crawled out of the cage then once he was out he gave himself a quick shake before turning around then bowed. “Thank you kind sir, Tata!” the fox said before he started to book it so fast that it was kicking up snow! It would’ve gotten away too if Maru hadn't sent out a wave of his evil spirits chakra to paralyze the creature with fear by showing the fox images that would terrify just about anyone. Visions of a large beast of pure white fur and a birdlike head with razor sharp fangs. The breath of the monster seemed to made this silent spiraling infrasound that could drain the color from anyone who wasn’t fearless enough to resist the overall strangeness of the creature. But the worse thing was the way it looked at him…. The horrible yellow veiny sclera, red irises that glowed like hellfire showing the souls of the damned, and black pupils that were locked onto the smaller animal. It’s head was crooked to the side, as if daring the mustache-having fox to-


Maru had picked up then hugged the fox, nuzzling his cheek against its fur. This snapped the animal out of it’s trance, looking back to see if that giant bird fox thing was still there, seeing just snow and darkness was there. Nothing more. It glared before wiggling itself out of the foxes grasp, then dropped down to the ground. Shaking himself again when he recomposed himself. “You know I could’ve accepted a ‘hey stop’ or at least a chase.” complained the animal. “That was completely unnecessary.”

Maru thought for a moment, then shrugged. ”Didn’t feel like the whole chasing thing today, needed you here Marstache” he stated snapping his fingers when the new name of his new companion came to mind. ”Thats your new name! Marstache Marfu. Now common lets go introduce you to your new family, get you something to eat, then get that pact going.” With that Maru tucked Marstache underneath his armpit then went off to the spine of the world to his thunder mountain where he did exactly what he said he would do.

Marstache was given a meal prepared by youkai servants, introduced to some of the officers, even was offered a job to become a lieutenant since he already had 13 officers and since he was a fox Maru didn’t see any harm in making Marstache a rank above the officers despite a little pushback from certain members who’s been around longer. Even his succubus Kawaii threatened him with psychological and biological harm but he dealt with Kawaii by just saying that he and her were equals so she doesn’t have to answer to Marstache. Just the other 12 officers gotta answer to him since, well he seemed responsible like that. He should really start making a hierarchy chart to show the difference of rank in this… Clan? Gang? Uhhh support group?

Of course, in exchange for his position in whatever Maru was doing Marstache brought a few of his fox girls home and one goth human girl he found around the village for Maru’s entertainment as he did some long ass quest on signing a pact with the fox overlord to prove his worth. It was a long grueling journey that would probably have taken 3 or four pages on this website if the great gods of contract land didn’t made getting contracts easier on their poor gods who have to write like hell to get just one contract. Eventually they made it, he signed the pact. And now that the price have been paid Marstache was now his!!!!!!!

WC: 1603