Out on a walk [Entering Country]


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Oct 22, 2012
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Step after step after step, she had lost count of how many she had taken so far. The sun came up and then went down, quickly becoming a blur. Hunger was a common companion these days, but things were... progressing? Things were still hazy and unknown, far too unknown for someone to really be able to blend in. Everywhere she went she stood out completely. At times people were nice and helpful, but at others... well things had gone rather poorly. It was one of those times that she figured out that she wasn't normal as Shizuka had said. She didn't even want to think about that time anymore. The stares she had seen on the faces of the other people that had attacked her were enough to tell her all she needed even if she only understood out of pure instinct.

It wasn't all bad however. A couple of nice people had kept her company for a lot of rotations of the sun and had taught her a lot, given her food and clothes. If only... no matter.

Step after step the journey continued as river lands gave way to forests.

[Country Entered]