Quiet! Dastardly Plans in Progress! [Private]

Kogami Ayumu

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Oct 22, 2012
So Ayumu had hit the nail on the head. The woman who had been here a moment ago was Titan. They had been trying to recruit Kouin was one of their agents. They had taken advantage of the fact that Kouin had beaten Nobuyuki and sent him to the hospital to murder him in his bed. They now had the name of a single agent of Titan, and Kouin was to meet with them again. "If you see them again... give them some payback for your new village," Ayumu said simply. It was clear that Titan was a budding threat, and one that they would have to address. Tonight was not the time to make plans, however. Suddenly, Shashu decided to to show Kouin just how she really felt about him. She picked him up and threw him down, placing a boot on his chest. Ayumu began to move to stop her, but Kahako was already working on it. Neither of them could act before she crushed the mask he seemed to hold so dear. It was a cruel act, seemingly done out of pure hatred. What was more, it completely spit in the face of the man's new authority granted by the Raikage, which subsequently also challenged his authority. Ayumu could understand her anger, but her actions were completely inappropriate for the station she held.

Ayumu stepped forward now that Shashu had departed and silently offered a hand to Kouin to help him up from the ground. He was not crazy about having this man as a new Sennin, but he was going to have to get used to it, just as Shashu would. "That is the anger you can expect... they may not be so upfront, but most will be that angry," Ayumu said as Kouin reached his feet. With that, he stepped away and allowed Kahako to put the medical ward on him. She also claimed to have a place that he would be able to sleep in relative peace without worrying too much. The Shinrya mansion came to mind, but he knew that Kitsune would be completely against it. As would he, having Susumu in such close proximity in the guest house Kahako lived in on the same premises. But where would she take him? Ayumu could track him still, but he wanted to know exactly where he would be. At least until he could be sure of Kouin's motives.

The two other Sennin bid Ayumu and Saito adieu and then left. Meanwhile, an ornery old librarian had made it into the Protected Records and begun cursing loudly at the lot of them. Clearly it was time to vacate the library. Ayumu needed to follow Kouin and Kahako, anyway. As the librarian fell asleep, Ayumu turned to Saito. "I know you understand the gravity of that decision, so I won't say anything more. I just hope you're prepared for the backlash from the ANBU and others, my friend," Ayumu said with a nod before making to follow the others at a safe distance. "Later," he said, giving a wave over his shoulder as he departed.

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