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Raijin Jirou

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Oct 2, 2020
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Name: Raijin Jirou​
Age: 10​
Gender: Male​
Rank: Academy Student​

Physical Description: Jirou is fair skinned with a mop of messy sandy brown hair atop his head. His eyes are bright blue and his gaze can at times be intense. At present he is four feet ten inches tall. He is lanky and wears a coat that seems to be too large for his frame. That is because it had belonged to his father and he has yet to grow into it. There is a symbol of Raijin embossed on the back which is the symbol of his father’s clan. He wears loose fitting light brown pants and sturdy brown ninja style boots that cover his ankles. His mother was from the Inuzuka clan and she gave Jirou his wolf cub who is always by his side and is named Kashikoi.​

Mental Description: Jirou is alert and highly observant of his surroundings. He has a very keen intelligence and is highly intuitive to the world of animals. He has exceptional hearing and his sense of smell rivals that of a dog. Jirou is fiercely loyal to those he would consider as friends. Since he is still a newcomer to the village he has yet to make many friends and is not really talking much due to several events in his past. This makes him seem like he is aloof and the others keep their distance still unsure what to make of him. At times he has a ferocity about him. This stems from a deep anger and pain over what happened to his parents. He does not express his emotions well and prefers to take it out through training and honing his skills.​

History: Raijin Jirou was born to parents Raijin Haruto and Raijin (Inuzuka) Yua during the middle of one of the fiercest monsoons in recorded history. Thunder and lightning raged and floods ruined many crops in the lands surrounding the village Hidden in the Clouds. It is rumored that at the moment when Raijin Jirou entered the world lightning struck the lightning rod on top of their home. The villagers saw this and became afraid, seeing it as a dire omen. Raijin Jirou had a relatively happy childhood where they lived in one of the numerous small villages located outside of the village Hidden in the Clouds. That is until one fateful day when Raijin Jirou was six years old. It was his birthday and his mother had just brought him his barely weaned wolf cub. Raijin Jirou had already named him and was getting to know his black cub with white markings named Kashikoi. They went out behind the village to play when bandits arrived and attacked the village. He watched as his father fought valiantly and was cut down before his eyes. His mother fought alongside her husband and was also cut down. The bandit that drove the sword through Raijin Haruto’s heart looked cruelly at the small boy bearing witness to the terrible scene. Raijin Jirou knew that he had to run as fast as his small legs would carry him, since he had been seen. He had an advantage in that he knew the woods better than the bandit did. Still he was chased until he came to a fast moving river. He took his chances and leaped in the pup now zipped up safely in his jacket. Like he had any other choice. They were both swept downstream and the bandit turned back to rejoin the other bandits. He would never forget that face. The pup whimpered within his coat and Raijin Jirou managed to keep his head above the raging waters until they both washed up on the river bank now at least several kilometers downstream. Raijin Jirou and his pup were alive albeit completely exhausted as they stayed there on the riverbank unsure if they should even move. Raijin Jirou finally looked around and did not recognize where he was at all. He unzipped his jacket and smiled at Kashikoi. It looked like it was just the two of them. He didn’t dare try to follow the river back for fear of running into those bandits.​

Instead he would follow the river for a ways and take the woods hoping they would at least find a village where he could get some food. His stomach was already rumbling. For several days they wandered, stopping only when they could walk no further. They were both in need of food badly and as they emerged from the woods they found themselves at least on a road. Having no idea where it led to they both started walking. Raijin Jirou had been traveling for five days at least, though to him he very likely seemed like much longer. Try as he might his legs gave out and he collapsed onto the ground. Would they die here? His eyes closed and he lost consciousness. Raijin Jirou had given his pup what food they managed to find and gone without himself. Still they were both malnourished and exhausted. At this point they were found by a team of Leaf ninja returning from a mission. The team scooped them up and delivered them to the Leaf’s hospital where they would remain until they were sufficiently recovered to see the Hokage.​

Once Raijin Jirou and Kashikoi recovered enough to see the Hokage, they were visited by the Hokage of the Leaf Village. However Raijin Jirou refused to speak, still too traumatized from the events. The Hokage could see that this was the case and gave his permission for them to remain in the village. It would be some time later, nearly a year, that Raijin Jirou would tell the Hokage what had happened to his parents and his village. Three years passed since he had first arrived in the village and Raijin Jirou spent his days preparing for the day that he would be able to enter the academy. He could scarcely wait and like any small boy with his dog he spent his time in the company of Kashikoi. He preferred the company of his pup and the animals to people. When he was nine years old Raijin Jirou began his training at the academy wanting to become strong and able to fight bandits like those who killed his parents and destroyed his village. At this point he is ten years old and has been at the academy for one year.​
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