Reporting on Leaf Behavior in Tea [Report]

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Apr 25, 2017
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Kyo finds himself in ANBU Headquarters, the Sileo Tempestas, with his ANBU mask and cloak on. He is being accompanied by a large white wolf also wearing a gray mask over it's face. Kyo plugged himself into the machine that was supposed to draw out snapshots from his head and lets the footage play. He displayed the events that happened, capturing all of the Leafies present. Kyo cleared his throat and stated. [lb][/lb]
"The wooden shinobi is known as Maru. He displayed hostile behavior towards some of the students present. Not only were his words hostile in nature, but his actions were also very hostile," Kyo stated before the view panned over to the boy in the white hair. [lb][/lb]
"This individual is the child of the current Hokage. He displayed hostile behavior and believed himself to be able to command the students of Cloud. After using myself as a shield between the wooden shinobi and the children of Kumogakure, the white-haired shinobi displayed pompous behavior, finding nothing wrong with the one named Maru's behavior. I had asked him if he knew of a man named Uchiha Izura, one of the prime suspects of the camera plant all over Kumogakure. The question was ignored. It is my belief that he may know information in regards to this Uchiha Izura individual; it felt as if he was dodging the subject entirely. Though, it could be entirely possible that the question was ignored due to how inflated his ego was. I couldn't discern the difference between the two," he said before the footage panned to a man in the Hokage hat.[lb][/lb]
"This man is the current Hokage, going by the name of Takeshi. I could have sworn that Konohagakure had a different Hokage as per past reports. He ignored everything I said; then again so did all of the children, but that isn't important," Kyo said before clearing his throat and ripping the cords and stuff out of his head, lifting the device up and away from him. He didn't particularly like being hooked up to strange mechanical devices. [lb][/lb]
"It is my impression that Konoha shinobi are relatively aggressive to Kumogakure shinobi and it is also my impression that the students lack discipline. That's all I have to report," Kyo said before grumbling and walking out of the reporting room.
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