Riku's Reflection [Open!]

Kuru Naohiro

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Apr 19, 2018
The rogue looked upwards at the Hokage monument with a quiet stare, the white-haired boy playfully throwing his headband between his hands as he sat lazily atop one of the evacuated buildings in thought. He had work to do he suspected, but he wanted a moment to sit back. He felt like all he did was run about doing things, why can’t he sit around? So, that’s what he wants to do. He’s going sit back and relax.

“To hell with you, world,” Riku mumbled with a yawn, “It’s never just a quiet day with you, is it?”

Soon after the rogue had gotten out of jail, he had discovered they were in a war. Then he promptly winded up asking for a rank that he couldn’t care for and now he’s loaded himself with more work then he wanted to do in a lifetime. Everything was just becoming one big mess. He couldn’t love it more. The white-haired scoundrel grinned at the thought, he enjoyed the chaos, the pressure; these days were what he lived for. He never really gave it much thought himself, he never really thought about much beside the next big move. There was nothing wrong with that, there couldn’t be. However, the thoughts continued to make Riku’s chest tighten, questioning his own choices for only a moment. This type of feeling just showed why he didn’t think inwards all that much, it causes nothing but problems.

“I need to try a hobby,” Riku said aloud, mainly to escape his thoughts, “I did mention I wanted to try reading …”

The rogue looked at the satchel on his side, he found the leather of it unseemly however it wasn’t his own choice. He wasn’t entirely sure who the satchel belonged too, but the owner clearly didn’t care enough for it to bring it along. It was Riku’s unseemly satchel now. Opening the satchel, Riku pulled out the small book that he’d stored inside. Again, he wasn’t entirely sure of the owner. That made it his. It had an entertaining signed front cover, and who didn’t judge by covers? If anything, else, he could sell it at the bunker if it was horrible.

With a flick to the first page, the rogue placed a finger on the words as he began to speak. Honestly, the academy really needed more language classes, he barely knew some of the bigger words.

“Chapter … one.” He said, raising an eyebrow, “One… that seems a little early. Thought four came first…”