Rock Climbing [Private Training]

Uchiha Zen

New Member
Dec 14, 2019
Zen woke up today with one thought on his mind, he wanted to climb the famous mountain that overlooked the village. Since unlocking his sharingan, Zen has been feeling more adventurous. He was feeling worried that it was a one-off event, since he has not been able to reactivate his sharingan at will since it has happened. Maybe if he continued to push his body to its limits he would grow strong enough to gain more control over his sharingan. Zen had been mostly a book worm up until he experienced the trauma that lit a spark under his butt. Zen jumped out of bed and was greeted by the trauma that helped him unlock his sharingan, Hope. Hope had heard Zen get out of bed and ran up to his room, eagerly waving her tail. Zen grew a big smile and gave the good doggo some belly pats. Zen decided that he would take his dog with him to see the great monument that overlooked the village.

Zen donned some jogging clothes and left his house with his dog. He and the dog jogged all the way up towards Hokage Rock, where Zen breathed deeply, and sat down on the ground. He entered into a state of meditation, attempting to visualize chakra like he did that day he unlocked his sharingan. Just as Zen was reaching his inner Zen, he was interrupted by a lick to the face from Hope. Zen laughed and cuddled his dog. He was not able to visualize his chakra yet, where he was confident to rock climb but he believe he has made some progress. He jogged back home with his dog.

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