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Yamiyo Keiko

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Jun 12, 2018
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"Sedative at 7%, preparing the instruments for extraction of the Akimichi gene."
"This is going to make us a killing. They are so rare here, and the elite would love to get a hold of the ability to grow big and strong. At the very least, the last buyer might want it for their cage fighter, I am to understand they have a big match coming up soon with a Kaguya, so this would give the advantage he needs."
"That's none of my concern, I need you to shut up so I can concentrate on the task at hand, if this girl dies or goes missing, we'll have the ANBU breathing down our throats, and I'm going to throw you to them."

A scream echoed through the empty, dilapidated building, the scream of a small girl we all know as Shiho. She was strapped to a chair, with an opening under the head rest, a long needle shoved into her spine, gentle to the person doing it, but excruciating to her. She could feel it inside her, ripping her apart, her nerves on fire in a way she'd never felt before, and probably never would again. She had been walking the streets at night above ground, when she was abducted and brought to an undisclosed location, surrounded by grime and rust, with oddly clean medical equipment in comparison, and bright lights shining in her eyes. It was some kind of abandoned building, it had a draft that made her cold, but then again she was in a medical gown. She couldn't make out the faces of her attackers, but she knew she was in big trouble and something bad was happening.

"Sir, the sedative isn't working."
"Then turn it up, you know what the girls genetic makeup is capable of!"
"Y-yes sir, turning the sedative up to 17%."
"Great, she's fading fast now. It'll only be another few minutes baby girl, and it'll be like none of this ever happened." The figure stroked her hair lightly, tears running down her face as her vision began to change and her eyes got heavy.

Her screams almost immediately subsided, and as her vision got blurry her brain shut off. It was like a switch was flipped, and as if time hadn't passed, she was back in her home, waking up groggily asking herself if it was all a dream. When her father was young, something similar had happened, it's how he got his abilities and now she had undergone the same thing, her bloodline being stripped from her for a profit. How would her body react? She was an amalgam of science in her own right, so it would be unclear for the time being. Her father had sprouted a whole new bloodline, what would happen to her? That question being posed, one noticeable thing was that she wasn't hungry, a thing she hadn't felt ever. Looking at the clock, she realized she would have to go to school soon, so she ran with candy in her mouth toward her goal, chalking it all up to a bad nightmare. She'd never notice the scar on the back of her neck, signifying the loss of something great.

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