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Jan 15, 2013

RPGRating 2 1 2
The RPGRating system is used to rate RPG maturity levels on violence, language and sex. NC follows the 2 1 2, which is detailed below:
  • Language 2: Swearing is generally permitted. However, the language cannot be used to severely abuse.
  • Sexual Content 1: Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted. No explicit representations or references to genitalia or sex acts.
  • Violence 2: Graphic violence is permitted. Explicit description or in-game narration violence is allowed.
There are also some minor things to take note of below:
- Medicinal drugs may be used. However, none of them have any addicting effects or any effects that would let them be used for recreational purposes. The only exception is if the drug was used in the Naruto manga/anime it can be used in the way it was portrayed.
- The only hallucinogens or non-medicinal drugs are listed in the [Apocothary]. Please do not use any non-medicinal, non-shop drugs.
- Current drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, acid, etc etc, may not be used in this game.
- This rule does not apply to alcohol and tobacco products.

- Please refrain from showing outright gore. Something that can be shown on tv is fine, something you only find on a late night cinemax thriller is not.

Sex and Nudity:
- Please draw the line between erotic and comedic. An erotic post would be two characters doing nasty things, and comedic would be a character tripping, with their face landing between a woman's breasts.
- Comments/statements containing sexual innuendos (ie alluding to any sort of sexual situations) are not allowed in OOC sections.

- Ninpocho allows the use of as many swear word in IC post. Though, keep in mind, there are other alternatives.
- Ninpocho does not allow the use of swear words in OOC posts or OOC portions of posts.
- The use of any slurs is not allowed, period.

Safety Tips
Don't supply any personal information to another user on NC
  • Any information that you release to any user(s) on NC is on your own accord -- you are responsible for your own actions. Should anyone threaten harmful actions against you because of the information you willingly gave out, you may direct your issue to any Admin. The only way we can help you is with permanent bans, however whatever he/she does outside NC, is out of our control.
  • Regardless of your age/gender, do try to keep your private information private. Other NCers do not need to know your phone number, where you live, your IM address, or where you go to school. Â Also, you do not need to post/show personal pictures of you and your family if you don't want to.

Don't ever give out your password to anyone
  • If anything was done to the NC site under your account, you will have to answer for it. Admins have heard excuses ranging from "my brother/sister/stupidfriend was behind my account's acts of utter stupidity" to "I accidentally left myself logged in on the library computer and someone must have gotten to it" -- Admins may ban your account/IP permanently depending on the damage inflicted to the site. Do not let this happen to you. If you can avoid using the auto-save password option, please do that.

Be careful who you talk to on the web
  • If anybody says something to you / sends you something / asks you to do something you don't feel comfortable doing / links you to an image or website that makes you feel uncomfortable / etc, don't keep quiet about it... tell an Admin especially if they've repeatedly harassed you. There are generally two types of internet predators to be wary of:
    • (1) Rapists -- They're generally considered 'two minute men', because when they confront a teen/child it is relatively obvious what they are in two minutes or less. These are the people that parents warn about, because you've all heard the stories before.
    • (2) Groomers -- They'll pass themselves off as your friends, and will chat about completely normal things. Often, they become rather respected in the community, which makes it even more difficult. A groomer will compliment the person they have chosen as their victim, and will slowly make advances as your 'friend'. They will, eventually, ask to meet offline, which is where the trouble comes in. A groomer will not rape a teen/child, they will instead convince you that you are the one who wants it.

Be careful about in-person meetings
  • Meeting up with people you meet online is not always a great idea but if you want to, there are 4 important rules you should stick to:
    • (1) Meet only people you feel you know well, have known for a long time, and please let your parents know
    • (2) Meet in a public place, such as a mall
    • (3) Go with an adult you trust or 18+ sibling / friend
    • (4) Avoid taking rides alone with your internet friend(s)

Remember, we are not the police. Be careful what you do on IRC, MSN, or other mediums. Stay safe, have fun!
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