Taking my Leave~


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Oct 23, 2012
Ninpocho has been a part of my life for the better part of 11+ years. I have seen the site grow over the years and also seen it have its setbacks from time to time. However, there was something about the site that kept bringing me back to it all this time; possibly the RP quality, possibly the interactions with fellow nerds like myself, or maybe something else. Regardless, that something unfortunately does not exist anymore and I am going to step away from the site for now; this may be temporarily or permanently. It is not set in stone after all.

Regarding my positions on Contract Team and the Battle Moderator Team, please remove me immediately from these positions. There is truly no purpose in having me sit on these teams when I am not going to be active on the site nor even know what is going on. If I return, I can always reapply if needed or if I feel like it. But, please do not contact me asking me to return because of these positions as I would prefer to return on my own when I am ready.

If anyone would want to reach out to me to stay in touch, I will remain in the site's Discord channel so you can easily find me. I also can be looked up under †Akujin/Byakko Kyuji†#9424 unless I change it which I doubt since many of you and others know me as Akujin or Kyuji on the interwebs. I am always a DM away if you want to chat so do not be a stranger.

To Everyone that I have gotten the pleasure to talk to regardless of how we are now: It was nice getting to know you all and I hope you all have wonderful lives. Remember to go outside and smell the flowers from time to time.

To Everyone that I was RPing with: Please void our topics and I am sorry that I dropped the ball on all of you suddenly. I hope you realize that my departure is not because of any you; it was just time for me to step away from NC for some time.

To Anyone Questioning My Departure: It does not pertain to any one thing on the site or in my life. The times have been changing and NC has been put on a back-burner indefinitely as I have other interests, hobbies, and things in my life that are taking my attention currently. I am sure there will be more coming in the not-too-distant future as well.

This is not a forever goodbye. I am sure I will return someday. But for now...
See you, Space Cowboy.