The journey never ends [Leaving Country]


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Oct 22, 2012
Step after step. Strip of road after strip or road. How long had she been following this road for? She just didn't know anymore. She had lost track ages ago. It was probably still the same road she had taken away from the giant gates, away from where her mind was telling her to avoid. Her stomach had been making noises for a while, but lucky she had managed to find some tree along the way and had stuffed her pockets with the round red fruits that were growing on it. Apples. That's what it was. It was still difficult to remember a lot of words, but it was becoming slightly easier the more she interacted with others. However that was a big issues with that - she was... different. Or at least that is the conclusion that she had reached after observing the reactions of others around her.

First there had been the boy and the woman with the..spear... yes that was it. Then there had been the kind girl, Shizuka, even if she had given her a name it was clear that she had been uncomfortable around her. At least that is what her senses had told her when she had thought it over. Finally there was the situation at the rocks. In the end the choice was to continue walking forward. Nothing else to be done really.

The girl would reach into one of the pockets of the giant trench coat, taking out an apple and taking a bite out of it. A bit of juice running down the side of her mouth as she dag in, continuing her walk further down the road with no obvious goal or direction. Just walking. Step after step after step.

[Leaving Country]