The Learner's Curve [Study Post]


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Oct 14, 2012
"Alright you sorry sack of horse turds. Today is your first day of learning Vulgar and in my class I don't allow any cookie cutting. Now how you managed to make it to your age without learning Vulgar, makes me wonder what kind of household you were raised in. Heathen, barbarian, idiot are a few words that come to mind. So we're gonna rectify that and by the end of my lessons you'll be speaking Vulgar like it was nothing." A boarish woman known as Ms. Narugaku stood in front of a black chalkboard speaking down to them as if they were uneducated pigs. Almost everyone in here had learned some form of Vulgar but it just wasn't enough, if anything these were some's final classes before they were certified.

The horrible woman began with basic sentence structure as if they couldn't do that before. "Είμαι ο καλύτερος σε αυτό το χωριό, είστε χοίρων." Some of the class wrote what she said while others only stared at her. Yuuto being one of those people. She just called them swine and declared herself as the best. At the point some of the students got up and left the classroom not wishing to deal with her any longer. "Ανθρωπάκια η αλήθεια είναι ένα σκληρό χάπι που καταπίνει." This lady was going too far and one of the veins on Yuuto's forehead began to pulse clearly annoyed with her at this point.

"Δεν θέλουν να ακούσουν ένα αγριογούρουνο ίσως" He snapped back finally hopefully striking a nerve. The woman would stare at him before sneering. "Good attempt boy, but that maybe is in the wrong place. You have spine, maybe you're not an oafish heathen like the rest." A chuckle would escape her lips as Yuuto only clenched his fist. She was right though, he wasn't as proper as he wanted but he was close. It wasn't uncommon for people to have learned a bit Vulgar here and there but not everyone regarded it as something special. Personally Yuuto felt that every shinobi at the very least should take the time to learn it. It's why he had taken the time over the last year to do such, but this woman was going to make the last few months hell.

Now you sorry turds repeat after me but fill in the blanks with proper information. The goal is to explain a simple sentence introducing yourself, and how long you've lived in Kumogakure. I will say it in common tongue you will say it in Vulgar. "I ____ have _____ here in Kumogakure for _____ years." One by one people spoke following what she said. "I Masaru Yuuto έχουν ζήσει σε Kumogakure για είκοσι μία χρόνια." The teacher approached Yuuto and stared at him like her eyes were burrowing into his soul. "Not bad boy but you need to have more base. Vulgar accents are strong and confident. Learn to do that much and you'll be closer to passing my certification class. The instructor walked away pleased as she listened to others speech.

Pay it forward to the man, because Yuuto had just earned himself a compliment from one of the meanest instructors he had encountered yet. Clearly this woman wasn't all that bad right? No she was still pretty horrid but she could teach. For the next few hours the lessons would further explaining the grammatical structure to each was extremely important and she would verbally beat it into him if at all possible. Even though this was the first lesson with Ms. Narugaku it would not be the last. There would be plenty of more to come until he was a true expert in Vulgar the ancient language of Kumo.

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