The One Mistake. [Kinjutsu]

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Aug 28, 2012
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[fontsize="11"]'Gotta watch these guys and make sure they dont have any developing issues.', he'd walk down the silent halls in the middle of the day this was an easy enough task. He was dawned again in his all black attire and would begin working himself further and deeper into the INstitute. There were doctors monitoring some of the people here some just crazy... some killers... some worse... Kage Killers. Strong beings that knew their way around chakra but were far too unstable to discern themselves from society. 'Hm... These people are not to be toyed with...' however there were always dark sides to these people. The doctors ran tests and experimented as they should... but methods were often opinionated as inhumane in some cases.

There would come a room that Zo would find the man he was assigned to watch. One of those Religious freaks. How quaint. It was a good thing he'd left that book home... however the ring being in his pocket would come to the front of Zo's mind. He wondered though they needed to transport him from one side of the institute to the other for medication and to monitor his reactions to it. Simple enough. The pestilence of this place seemed to be settled in the hearts of all the inmates and prisoners of these iniquities.

"Mori? You were assigned to Masa Fuudo Hengi... We call him 'Pastor' because all he talks about is his lord... or whatever...", Mori, aka Zo would look up at the elderly man as he approached the room.

It seemed all too real. He wore a necklace that seemed to shine a silver resemblance to the symbol on the ring he had just in his pocket. It was definitely something that would intrigue him. However, if this was where the followers of Jashin ended up... He wanted no part of it. Well or so he thought... 'The hell... What is the damn coincidence...', "There is no coincidence young boy... We are all in this life and world for a reason... All pieces in this chess game of life... but what will you be? A pawn or a Knight?", it staggered Zo to no end that he felt the man inside his mind as the air in the room shifted a bit.

"I think its time for your medication old man..." Zo would retort with, '...Can he really hear my thoughts or am I going crazy...', "Alittle bit of both... And No doctor, I do not want the pancakes today... I want fucking waffles!" the elderly man would chime out as he rose from his seat and rushed toward Zo. Note the old man was wearing a full stray jacket, sitting in a white room... and the last fun fact was that he was indeed chained to the wall. As he got close to Zo he would yank himself back down to the floor not before Zo nearly drew his Needle blade.

"Dont let him rattle you. He can read your mind. However, he is unable to manipulate chakra anylonger we suppressed and completely deactivated his coils and such. So this power of reading minds... is something beyond anything we know. We called you here because you have mental fortitude to deal with such people.", the doctor would chime in after watching and chuckling at the antics. "Our lord Jashin... Will return me to my glory...", but with that Zo would frown and using the moisture in the air to make a wooden seal over the man's mouth.

"That should keep him for now..." frowning under his mask he'd be seen as a man who just didnt care about that stuff right now. Internally however he did. So as the day went on... Hours passed and Zo woudl transport the man back to his cell once everything was done finally releasing him from his wooden mouth seal. However, making the mistake this time he forgot to chain him back to the wall... and as he would venture out the door the man would pounce on him. Somehow the elderly man had gotten out of his jacket and would press his hands down against the shoulders of Zo, who was now seen face first in the padded room floor. Wooden Tendrils would come up from the ground attempting to strike the man but before they would do so. He would call out...

"OUR LORD WILL NOT BE DENIED!", but as he would continue the wooden spikes would strike throughout the mans body causing him to collapse on Zo's body giving him one last whispering verbage to leave him with as he passed on to the next life. The doctors didnt hear the words but but Zo heard it loud and clear. " cannot deny your destiny... you are already stricken with his presence....", and instantly Zo would flip himself back pushing the man off him. "Sorry... I didnt mean to kill him.", but the doctor would nod.

"Its fine. He was set for execution soon anyways.", with a smirk over his face he would finish with, "We're done here... you can go home. Check out on the way out.", "Yeah... Thanks for the extra work. Let me know if you ever need more help." moving back to his house back in the Ancient forest hours later he would find himself feeling things he never felt before. The tendrils of his wood around him would begin turning and even the house he'd built would seemingly begin to look corrupt and line itself with blackness.

'The fuck is going on.'

And then it happened the ghostly figure would appear out of thin air...

"Hyazo~ Lord Jashin is ready for you to accept... As you took the life of one of his servants you no longer have a choice. You are henceforth... His." and everything around Zo would collapse upon him. His house and everything falling down some fifty feet down unto the forest below. Though with wake up hours later...

In his house... As if nothing had ever happened. 'The fuck?', the only change was the book was laid upon his chest and the ring was on his pinky finger. He tried to remove it but from the finger seemed to be black veins stretching out from its position. And on his chest, his body had chakra burns on them... "Ugh...What?", shaking his head he'd move to stand to his feet, moving the book to the floor next to his position. Huffing he'd wonder what would come of this. Though there was something that he had to figure from this... looking to the floor below he'd see the page the book had fallen upon.

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