The Pack Roleplay - Semi-Literate Wolf Roleplay




TPR has been a welcoming RP community for 9 years, and we continue to emphasize creativity and freedom in a literate roleplaying environment. Create a unique wolf character to explore a variety of rogue lands or join one of the six predominant packs. Face the fight for survival and make friends, challenge foes, have puppies, find a home and a mate... whatever your wolf aspires to do, we welcome you to The Pack Roleplay.

Roleplay Information

▻ Semi-realistic - Not a supernatural RP.
▻ Literate - 100 word minimum - Intermediate to advanced
▻ We accept beginner roleplayers who are dedicated and excited to grow!
▻ 6 unique, joinable packs
▻ 6+ rogue territories, and more special biomes on the way
▻ Optional sitewide plots such as wars, fires, famines, and more
▻ Freedom to create and develop your own plots and collaborate with other members

Other Information
▻ We are super active! Every day!
Seriously welcoming and fun community with our own Discord server
▻ Monthly events, contests, and holiday festivities - earn prizes and Bones
▻ Bones: our monetary system - get items like snazzy eye colors, special markings, and more
▻ Members can create their own shops at the Flea Market - sell or trade your items
▻ Frequent game nights! - CAH, Town of Salem,, trivia, and more more more!

Our Community
Along with an ever-changing roleplay, TPR is a warm community developed over nine years on the foundations of kindness, inclusion, equity, freedom, and family. With frequent games, events, and 24/7 conversation, TPR thrives as a member forum where staff work with utmost devotion to achieve one goal: to provide a safe, loving environment focused around your overall enjoyment. If you're looking for something even more than a gripping roleplay site, TPR is the place to be! We hope to see you here soon!

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