Uchiha Hinata

Uchiha Hinata

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Jul 26, 2020
Name: Uchiha Hinata

Age: 10
Gender Male
Rank Academy student

Physical Description:
Hinata Is a young male youth, His usual attire was a red T-shirt with a black collar under a style of hooded jacked that resembles a kimono, Liking the feel of the loose clothing, His hair was Black with a somewhat lighter hue. Being an Uchiha he was born with the usual Uchiha eyes, pitch-black as the night without stars. He had always been told he has soft feminine features, his skin smooth, and gave off a sort of doll-like look. The kimono-like jacket he always wears was a style of dark grey that resembled coal, having the Uchiha symbol on the back of the Overcoat.

Mental Description:
Hinata's mentality has always been to shrug things that bother him off, stay out of the spotlight, and stay hidden within the shadows, The truth however he is just too shy to even stand up for himself, too nervous to stand in the spotlight or come out of the shadows.
No matter what happened to himself, he wouldn't care what people did to himself, they can push him around, bully him in all sorts of ways. He would always just ignore what happened however if he was to witness to it happening to someone other then himself, someone in trouble, he wouldn't hesitate to stand up for them. His motto is to carry the weight of everyone else's problems, not worrying about himself.


As a tyke, he had loving parental figures, always knowing his parents were never his actual parents. He could tell from how their looks, his appearance, and his parents differed so much anyone could make the distinction. He loved his parents dearly being a sort of momma's boy, spending time with her was one of his favorite moments, learning how to sew from her and cook basic meals from her. That, however, was short-lived as he tragically lost his parents at the tender age of eight. That point on Hinata had become distant and cold to those around him, after suffering such a deep-hearted loss.

Bloodline Awakening

Hinata used to live in a remote village within the land of fire, that morning his world came collapsing around him. All he could see was crimson when he awoke, the window of his room stained red.
He got up and ran out, searching the rest of the house for his parents. Unable to find them he wandered outside to see a horrifying scene. Bodies littered everywhere, bodies bleeding out, dismembered, burning to a crisp Everywhere he can look all he saw was the death of the people he knew. the kids he played with, the neighbors he helped out, the adult that scolded him when he did wrong.

He began running through the village, trying to find just a single soul alive, his bare feet stepping and splashing in pools of fresh blood.
Collapsing over his own two feet, coming down before two bodies.
The bodies belong to his parents, unable to say a single word as some of the houses are on fire, he couldn't help but stare at them, tears running down his chubby cheeks. His fist-clenching down into the dirt as he saw what seemed like Bandits fleeing from the village, taking all they could pillage that wasn't nailed down. Once he saw them gone after a few moments, he had finally realized at to what had happened to him before. he let out a trembling scream, crying as his innate bloodline ability activated. His eyes turning a crimson red as he screamed to the heavens. Rain soon pouring down as he got up slowly he wandered into the forest filled with rage. yearning on the hope of getting vengeance against the bandits but knowing he will never be able to take them as he is. He heads to the leaf village, hoping to become stronger and stand on his own two feet.

YI-scbL7_400x400.jpgThe current Hinata


And this is what he would look like as and adult

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Nov 7, 2012
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