Whisper in the dark [SSM]

Uchiha Yukio

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May 7, 2017
It wasn’t all too often Yukio went out of the village however this was one of those times, there were two reasons behind this the first being he needed time to dust the rust of himself safe to say the man had been rather passive in recent months and that was something he wished to avoid further. The second was the mission itself, disappearances happened that was just a fact Shinobi could not be expected to be in all places at all times however if what he had heard was to be believed there was something much stranger about when those who vanished were found this time around.

It took some time to reach the small town the first thing catching his eye was the state of the place, seemed the people here were struggling in recent times the damage to the houses seeming fresh as the townsfolk did their best to maintain holes with what little timber they had. It didn’t take long for them to notice his presence a small group approaching him speaking in somber tones. “You must be the leaf Shinobi we sent for please we have no time to waste if you come with us we will show you what has been happening here.” They seemed to have little interest in wasting time a fact the Sennin understood, things must be quite serious if this was the case.

Walking into a larger building the man took a brief moment to look around as they guided him through, from the way the people within where dressed as well as the much cleaner state of the place it didn’t take Yukio long to deduct what this place was a slight whisper coming from Chinatsu under his sleeve. “The hospital, I wonder how many they have found so far.” It was a good question and one that would be answered shortly as he was guided into a room in the back of the place a man in a doctor's coat greeting him before waving the group away. “Glad you arrived so soon, please come with me, this is the morgue so respect those within if you would be so kind.”

With a nod in agreement the Uchiha was led into the room being greeted by numerous tables the covered bodies of numerous individuals layed covered on both sides as he was guided through coming to a stop as the doctor gestured to one of the bodies. “Now you will see why everyone here is so concerned.” Lifting the cover gently off the body Yukio took a moment to look over the corpse immediately finding it strange how in tact it was for a kidnapping victim. Having lived a life of combat Yukio was used to seeing the bruises and cuts that came in the aftermath of a struggle but this body showed no signs of such things in fact it was near pristine.

“I see what you mean, this narrows down the cause at least possibly mental damage from Genjutsu at least that would be my first guess. Can you tell me where they were found, as well as where they vanished from in the first place.” There was a brief pause as the body was covered once more the man guiding the Uchiha out of the room as they spoke. “That’s the next part that was strange, they all vanished from their own homes and were found in the same place days later.” Coming to a stop Yukio pondered a moment contemplating his next steps based on that information, it was a lot of ground to cover but with vigilance it may be possible to track down who was doing this.

“Thank you, though it’s not much I can work with this you have my word I will find out who is doing this to your town.” With that the man left the place looking to the sky and the position of the sun. “It will be some time before it gets dark I suspect that is most likely when events like this occur, we’re going to find a place to rest Chinatsu. Please keep watch for the time being just in case.” With that the pair began their watch Yukio spending much of the day resting in a small tavern while Chiantsu kept watch making sure to hide his presence if anyone strayed close to their room. After some time had past the sun came to rest over the Horizon the being turning to his companion. “It’s time for us to get to work.”

Stepping out of the building the Uchiha took a moment to look around the town tracking down a good vantage point in which to observe the surrounding area eyes coming to rest on the town belltower. “We’re going silent Chinatsu, time to make a move.” Activating his active camo technique the man scaled the tower with assistance from his companion coming to rest on a ledge at its top the bell to his back. “Keep an eye out hopefully it shall not be long before we see something out of the ordinary.” With that their watch began eyes glancing over the streets of alleyways between the houses Chinatsu stretching to the opposite side of the tower.

Hours past with little activity, the place almost seemed peaceful not a single person leaving their homes until something caught the man’s eye, a women almost sprinting down the street though he could not see why. “We make our move now.” Chinatsu recoiled back the the man’s side before he launched himself from the tower using gravity Jutsu to make sure he didn’t land on the nearby rooftop with a crash moving silently from rooftop to rooftop to catch up with the women. “She’s fast you have to give her that, Perhaps spooked by something?”

A good question and one the Sennin would get answers for coming to a stop as she turned into another street slumping against the wall of a nearby home attempting to catch her breath. Jumping down the man diminished the camo, Chinatsu moving once more to hide beneath Yukio’s jacket, holding up his hands to show he was no threat. “Before you scream and attempt to run again be aware I am now here to cause harm simply to help.” Words we’re not helping, clearly in shock as she pushed herself against the wall almost as if hoping to escape through it as Yukio walked closer. “Just tell me your name. Let’s start there.”

After a slight stutter the words finally escaped her trembling voice giving the impression she had just been in a rather dangerous situation. “K-Kanae.” It was a start at least a name was better than nothing showing an air of trust between the two or at least the impression she was able to trust what he had to say. “Now, take a breath, tell me what happened to you.” Before she was able to speak Kanae’s eyes seemed to lock on something further up the street her face going pale as Chiantsu’s voice rang out. “Someone new Yukio, to our right.” Spinning on his feet Yukio’s reaction was almost instant eye’s locking onto a robed figure walking up the street towards them the man moving to stand between this newcomer and Kanae.

There were no words for a moment the Uchiha attempting to find any distinguishing features behind the cloak as the individual tilted their head to the ground hiding their face from Yukio’s line of sight. “Your not stupid I’ll give you that but walking around in the open like this you must be confident.” Coming to a stop the figure paused when the spoke it was a man’s voice tilting his head up as a slight grin appeared through the shadows. “Well of course, this was easier than we thought.” For the first time in a long time Yukio paused in confusion and in that moment it was already too late to realise his mistake.

What happened next was quick, the man barely had enough time to react a state of shock taking over him starting with the sharp pain running up his back Kanae’s voice whispering in his ear. “You may be a little too trusting there, I expected more from one of our own.” With only a second to look down Yukio caught a glimpse of his own gut a large red mass piercing through him a mass that instantly reminded him of Chinatsu. “W..wait..” Those were the only words that the Uchiha managed to get out of his lungs before the fist connected with his cheek a long sweeping motion that caused him to crash into the wall of the house breaking through it before coming to rest against a table.

The world seemed to spin, Yukio knew he only had a few seconds to act before they came for him against looking down to the wound in his gut the world around him spinning feeling somewhat concussed from the impact against his face. “Chinatsu, block the wound for now, we have to act.” Rising to his feet, his gaze moved to the now open wall the two standing in the opening the same masses of ooze moving across their bodies as he had. “Well we certainly weren’t expecting to meet one of our own here, but a good surprise all the same.” Chinatsu’s form shifted forming a long blade over his arm.

“You still wish to fight, well you have endurance I’ll give you that much.” Kanae gave him credit where it was due in a mocking respect. “However I do wonder if you will be able to fight without collateral damage.” In that split second Yukio realised how much on the back foot he was a door into the dinning room opening as the family of the home entered the room stopping in shock at the sight that greeted them. “So tell me this Shinobi, will you protect yourself and finish your little quest, Or…..” Flicking his wrist the man's arm extended towards the family.

Yukio didn’t need to think in fact it seemed as if no thought went into his actions bolting in a single motion as the bladed form of Chinatsu slashing the arm at the wrist the ooze forming into tendrils that quivered and waved from the open wound though his assailant didn’t seem to flinch or even care all that much Kanae moving to Yukio in the same instant as a similar blade formed at her fingertips. “Interesting choice, we’ll see you in the future I assume maybe you’ll come to see our ways by then.”

Turning his head to the side to see what she had done the cut was clean arm severed from the shoulder as it sprawled across the floor, the pain was indescribable to him the sudden separation of limb from body causing him to crash to his knees Chiantsu’s form slipping away to move across covering the open wound as best it could but stretched too thin to create any kind of weapon. “See you later.” With that an impact on the back of his neck the world going dark before he collapsed into the floor.

There was no way of knowing how much time had passed since that moment, when his eyes opened there was light blazing in the sky above, taking a moment to catch his bearings he felt weak pushing himself up finding himself surrounded by trees a roadway to his right as he spoke to Chinatsu. “What happened, where…..are we.” There was nothing from the being for a moment a mouth eventually forming where his arm had once been. “We lost, completely, after that they dumped us here and left we are not too far from the village. Seems they meant what they said when they wanted to meet us again.” Pushing himself forward Yukio stepped through the break in the treeline turning his head to see the leaf village in the distance.

The journey felt long, longer than it ever had before, for the first time in a long time the man felt a weight on his shoulders. He had failed for all he had discovered the identity of those involved and they would more than likely move on from the village the Sennin had been completely defeated and that thought stayed in his mind as he entered the village once more.

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